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  1. Because despite @Ninja Doctor saying he would he hasn't yet Easy ones to start it off: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Went to carboot first time in ages today. Boxed NES Mini near perfect condition, £35. I passed on it but then immediately regretted that so went back but it was gone.
  3. Balloon kid for the other one then?
  4. Not sure I'll watch this, will just depress fuck out of me.
  5. I liked Tall Grass, Christmas one and the one with the giant the most. Others were ok. Apart from episode 1 which was shit.
  6. Can't wait for Roy's return to Anfield this weekend to deny us a top 4 finish. Benteke hattrick probably.
  7. Had Mitchell and Raphina both come off my bench to boost this week's points to 73. Bit flukey there.
  8. Don't care if Gini leaves now after messing that chance up Jokes obviously
  9. Thiago has been great. Shame everyone else has taken today off
  10. Jota out for rest of season then
  11. Thats a good post and I'm too drunk to break it down or reply properly in full. I know its not all Rangers fans, but unfortunately it does seem to be a large proportion of them. I say that as someone that has lived here in Scotland the majority of my life, because it is such a big club it attracts a lot of fuckwits and neds that sadly do somewhat tar the clubs image. But thats certainly not to say all Rangers fans are that way and I do certainly understand why this means so much to you all after whats happened the last decade but there's celebrating it (which you and a large amount of people d
  12. Aye, just been going through Twitter/facebook and it's just post after post of fights and chaos. Don't get it as they all appear to be Rangers fans yet are kicking the shit out of each other, well and the polis. It's supposed to be a celebration but just seems like an excuse for a large proportion of the fanbase to get pissed, fight, cause as much damage as possible and spread sectarian and/or Unionist shite.
  13. Is there a fanbase worse in the world than Rangers' fans? Obviously not all but, well, sure seems like a lot. And I know Liverpool have their fair share of bus-smashing idiots.
  14. Still don't think we'll get top 4 but beating Man United is always great so take the positives where I can.
  15. 145 points but punts on Zaha and Ward Prowse didn't work.
  16. True but there is an abundance of 2D platformer games when it comes to Nintendo consoles.
  17. It really could have if Allison wasn't on top of his game today. Southampton got through too easily a number of times but thankfully he was able to stop them from making the most of that.
  18. Never been happier to lose a bet
  19. Don't really see the point in Ox replacing Mo.
  20. Bill and his co-pilot Ben? Flobabdob Airlines
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