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  1. Just put money on the draw. It's inevitable.
  2. That first L in his name now stands for Leeds
  3. Considered putting Eze in my team, splashed out the extra dollar for Zaha instead.
  4. Gone bench boost this week to try maximising the DGW and United players. Then will wildcard next week to repair the damage
  5. Totally read this as Game Builder Carnage, which would accurately describe the disastrous attempts of games I'd fail at creating
  6. 3 Liverpool players, 2 United players Saka, Gundogan and Captain Kane. Shocker of a week.
  7. Cant wait until Nintendo show us footage of Metroid Prime 4, BoTW2, Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 and announce New F-Zero, Mario Kart 9: Featuring Wave Race + Excitebike, Mario Odyssey 2, Mother 4, Donkey Kong Country Returns Again, Switch Pro, Xbox Game Pass on Switch, Master Chief for Smash and Half Life 3.
  8. I remember quite liking the Flintstones live-action parody porn when I was younger. Doubt this will be as good.
  9. Disappointed to learn this wasn't an Eastenders spin-off
  10. Don't know about feel good or positive but It's Always Sunny and Trailer Park Boys are both on there and 2 of the best comedy series ever. Also Brooklyn 99, the latest series was recently added so I got to get up to date with that finally.
  11. Hmm, based on our performances this season i think that's doable.
  12. Tbh that's probably as good as Firmino this season. Love Bobby really.
  13. How far down the table do we need to finish to avoid Europa League?
  14. Whats with this narrative BT Sport have been trying to push all game about the possibility of Newcastle going down? They're practically guaranteed to stay up already looking at the table
  15. Oh lol ffs I raged quit and turned the TV off when Wislon scored. Noticed from messages it was disallowed, turned tv back on just in time to see them score again. Fuck off Liverpool, get in the bin the lot you
  16. I triple captained Kane so obviously he got injured in the first of Spurs' 2 games.
  17. I enjoyed it but it wasn't exactly great. It helps set up future MCU stuff I assume so that's something I guess. Plus it did have a Capatain Falcon mention.
  18. I watched the 6 episodes last night and really enjoyed it, but can see where people could complain if were watching it weekly.
  19. It's definitely not an ideal situation and I'm sure it won't be long until they do something else for us to rally against but given the resources FSG have provided us and the success that has brought I'm willing to keep on supporting the club and therefore them by association. John Henry is a business man at the end of the day. It's his job to make money so when something like this comes up it's understandable for him to want it. However business men shouldn't be running football clubs as businesses but sadly, and with the obscene amount of money available in it now, that seems to
  20. How often do we hear "scores his first goal for the club" about players scoring against us. Seems to happen a lot.
  21. MCU version obviously.
  22. I'm ok with the idea of creating a new European wide competition as a fuck you to UEFA but what has been proposed is so wrong and only benefits those founding "big clubs" If it is a Super League can the "Big 6" from England be the original Avengers: Chelsea - Iron Man, the original super rich guy. Liverpool - Captain America, recently resurfaced after being presumed dead for decades Man City - Hulk, Just a regular guy until recent transformation to a monster from nefarious means Man United - Thor, once serious but becoming more and more of a joke
  23. Didnt watch the game but why so much additional time in the Arsenal match?
  24. I'm hoping he just combines the two names and we get Captain Falcon
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