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  1. Any 4K 60fps footage will be from the PC version. If they had a definitive resolution set for the 60fps mode on the Series X|S then they'd have mentioned it.
  2. I don’t bother with the reward stuff.
  3. Are you charged for digital pre-orders straight away?
  4. Makes sense. PC users could play it over streaming. Wouldn't surprise me if they allowed it on the Xbox if you had a keyboard and mouse connected either.
  5. Halo looks a lot better on the 4K YouTube trailer. Even the Twitch stream was shit for quality this year.
  6. A 7 for Ratchet & Clank seems pretty fair. It's more of the same and there's nothing wrong with that. Reminds me that Edge giving Ratchet & Clank 3 an 8 is what sold me on giving the series a bash at the time.
  7. There's an option to pay for a Dolby Atmos licence. I'm not sure if it's for all Dolby Atmos or just headphones.
  8. You don't pay for Dolby Vision. On the Xbox One X and Series X, Dolby Vision isn't supported on UHD discs. Supposedly works fine in streaming apps though.
  9. The Series X doesn't have Dolby Vision for UHD either. Very strange.
  10. Looks like the 3080 Ti was originally supposed to be $999 according to a NVIDIA giveaway. I can definitely see me just going for a 3090 FE at this point. I've overspent on the rest of my build as is.
  11. The same thing happened with the PS4. Sony obviously aren't keen to sell hardware at a loss for long after the PS3 fiasco.
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