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  1. Nintendo won’t even let the Minecraft Mario world be on other platforms. Can’t see them doing NSO on Xbox.
  2. Mine has been shipped. Ordered on 15th November.
  3. I like Virtual Reality Oasis.
  4. Finally got around to trying my GameCube controller with the Smash Bros. adaptor. It definitely doesn't have native support. X/Y need swapped. Start/Pause brings up the map and the Z button doesn't do anything. If you load it up with another controller first, you can tweak the settings to make it work properly according to this: https://www.nintendolife.com/guides/how-to-make-metroid-prime-remastered-work-with-a-gamecube-controller
  5. I think they'll "dispatch" for the UK on Monday and then it'll actually get dispatched properly on Tuesday.
  6. I think there's only one major upgrade after that, but you should be able to do most stuff.
  7. The Super versions of the other weapons are optional. I'd definitely recommend getting the Wavebuster (assuming you're not going for 100%).
  8. Apparently it does support the GameCube controller adapter. Was going to dig it out and try it at some point.
  9. Definitely in the original. I *think* that the game tried to detect if you were lost and offer those tips.
  10. You have to pay for the numbers and they started clamping down on the leaks, presumably because people were just going to the NeoGAF/ResetEra threads for the data instead.
  11. His Metroid Prime videos were fine.
  12. Rumour is that Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD are both coming.
  13. I remember buying the game and loving it until I got stuck early on. Then it was shit obviously. I decided to give it another go with the help of the walkthrough book that came with an issue of Games TM. That’s how my Metroid fandom started. The GameCube was such an underrated console.
  14. IIRC, the rumour/leak was that that was the plan until Retro got put on Metroid Prime 4. If we get 2 and 3 they'll be more basic apparently.
  15. John from Digital Foundry reckons so. It sounds great either way.
  16. That's the US date. It's March for Europe. Add another vote to the Metroid Prime 2 is amazing pile.
  17. The original GameCube version is a bit rough in places, but still looks pretty good for a game released in 2002. The Wii version lost some of the effects to support free movement of the arm cannon, but I don't think there was much else different.
  18. The first main boss in Metroid Prime 3 was bad enough with pointer controls. I can't imagine it being practical with gyro controls.
  19. Why did they make the logbook scan icons the same colour as the rest?!?
  20. 900p 60fps locked apparently.
  21. Only way to get Skate 2 digitally in the UK as far as I know: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skate-Xbox-360-Download-Code/dp/B01IQALJY6/
  22. Yes. As I said in another post, you might need to navigate to the store on the Series X to trigger a download after buying them.
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