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  1. I think that’s the problem both Nintendo and Sony have/had. A hybrid console is obviously working amazingly for Nintendo, but I don’t think Sony can do a hybrid without compromising their ability to compete technically with Microsoft.
  2. Japan seems to be handheld land now. If Sony released another handheld they’d do pretty well. It’s just how it is.
  3. It does mostly hit 60, but drops occasionally as Uzi said. So I'll no doubt force myself into an upgrade that I don't need and can't afford. 🤫
  4. If it's just the display that's not working, you could maybe try remoting into the Xbox through the mobile/PC app?
  5. It's not just Energy Saver mode. Automatic updates just seem to be broken altogether.
  6. I've already completed it 100% on Highly Skilled. Loved what was there. Seems like the map is larger, but with not as much content to fill it out? I wouldn't say that hitting the barrier knackers the race. Maybe on the higher difficulties. Trying to get the Clean Rivals Accolades can be pretty challenging though.
  7. In some ways this feels like a semi-sequel to F-Zero GX.
  8. It's a smaller (and rarer) form factor SSD, so it's going to be more expensive than a standard M.2 before you factor in markup and the like.
  9. Supposedly something that helps with steering, but slows you down? I haven't had a chance to have a look myself yet.
  10. In the ResetEra thread, someone suggesting turning off Stunt Assist to get a bit of extra performance.
  11. I'd imagine that they've split the content across the game update (assets that anyone could see regardless of whether they own Hot Wheels or not?) and the DLC update (assets that you'd only see going to the Hot Wheels map?). Either way, it's close to 25GB total.
  12. There are 10GB+ updates for the game and the DLC, so I'd definitely make a point of turning on your Xbox and/or PC to make sure the updates are downloading/downloaded.
  13. It's been confirmed by Kevin Feige that the No Way Home spell failing was a direct result of what happened in Loki.
  14. You need to go on the PS Store and “buy” them for free. Abe’s Odyssey was the only one I could see that I could get.
  15. If Marvel had just started at Phase 3, Endgame wouldn't have meant as much as it did. It's going to take a while to get to the next Endgame.
  16. Bought an LG OLED around the time the Xbox One X came out. Want an upgrade for 120Hz, VRR etc. but waiting until the issues with amps are sorted out.
  17. TehStu's link says it could take up to 3 days for people to be given the rights to the Java version.
  18. I’d have to go and have another look, but I’m pretty sure that 32X was lumped in with Saturn and Dreamcast as an SoC issue. M2 have high standards for emulation, so maybe the standard of emulation from third-party emulators on the OG Mini wasn’t to their liking?
  19. IIRC, they were standard in Japan on the first one as well.
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