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  1. Everything seems to be working OK. I've got MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger running and Google, Hotmail, my Uni site and here seem to be working. I'll try disconnecting and reconnecting. EDIT: No joy. I'm using a NETGEAR DG834G with Tiscali 512k if it's any help.
  2. Didn't work but then I wouldn't expect it to if it can't find the server.
  3. Neither work in IE or Firefox still. I noticed that Firefox added in the www. on the first URL itself so it must be finding something.
  4. I can't get the video to work. Comes up with a "Server not found" in Firefox.
  5. That wouldn't be counting people who don't have broadband and thus can't download the updates or people who are not buying the machine because of the state of it.
  6. Microsoft advertised the 360 as being backwards compatible and it might as well not be given how useless it appears to be. The "old games" you speak of are games that are still coming out and people are still interested in playing them. Microsoft lose out as well. If the 360 had excellent compatibility, people would have no reason not to upgrade eventually. How many people owned a PSone and didn't upgrade to the PS2 at some point? Few, I'd imagine. Bringing DOS/XP compatibility into the argument is pointless. DOS came out in the 80's, XP in 2001. Games aside, is there anything that doesn't work on DOS that hasn't been superseded with a better Windows alternative/update?
  7. Didn't ATI state the Revolution GPU was built from the ground up and wasn't based on the Flipper or their PC tech. This contradicts the "extension" talk in that article. An "extension" makes more sense for backwards compatibility though unless the GC hardware is going to be included in the box as well. As JPickford has already hinted at, the Revolution specs aren't comparable to the PS3 and the 360 because of the HD factor.
  8. I think it's a combination of multiple factors. Most people didn't buy the Dreamcast because the PS2 was coming and they "knew" it was going to be better. The PS2 also had a good head start over the GC (which was going to labelled "kiddy") and the Xbox (which was expensive, ugly, huge and had the worst controller ever). The DVD capability didn't do any harm either. Then came along GTA3 which despite its faults blew (almost) everyone away. The other machines never had a chance after that. Unless Sony screws up it up in a major way, Microsoft and Nintendo don't have a chance this time either. If the Rev-mote is successful it will be copied just like any other successful innovation has been before.
  9. Surely the point is that none of us matter anyway. We'll either make an informed decision or just buy all 3 machines. The mass market love the PlayStation and they'll lap up the PS3 even if it's just a steaming turd in a box.
  10. Mr Spew's absolutely correct. The Xbox 360 is perfect in absolutely every way and the PlayStation 3 is doomed to fail.
  11. How did they have the right amount when they couldn't even fulfill the preorders?
  12. Apart from Call of Duty 2 and Live Arcade, nothing appeals to me in the 360 line-up. That doesn't mean all the other games are shit. If the 360 had 100% backwards compatibility then I would have bought a machine anyway. I'm sure plenty of other people are in the same boat.
  13. I'm surprised how many people are STILL going on about the "boomerang". From an interview with Phil Harrison in Edge 151.
  14. Funny that, because most casuals I've heard think the PlayStation 3 is going to blow the Xbox 360 out of the water. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant. At the PlayStation 2 launch there must have been some games that looked rubbish compared to Dreamcast equivalents. The Dreamcast was cheaper as well, wasn't it? Given that it's mostly the hardcore gamers who buy consoles at launch, that percentage is quite low.
  15. Having better graphics didn't help Microsoft with the original XBox so why would comparable graphics help this time round despite the price difference? Most people couldn't care less about online gaming either.
  16. The page I linked to is about solving problems you're having with the drivers. There's a tool that completely removes the driver but the page also gives you a link to an updated driver so you can play the game again.
  17. Given that the tool has been posted in anticipation of you reinstalling the driver I can't see there being anything wrong with the official tool.
  18. There's a removal tool here: http://www.star-force.com/protection/users/
  19. On the StarForce site (can't remember the exact link) they state something along the lines of "only business users use limited users and they shouldn't be playing games anyway". I've actually set up my home PC in this manner as anyone with the knowledge and common sense would. So where would that leave me if I was stupid enough to buy another PC game? It's also worth mentioning that other copy protection systems like SafeDisc install drivers on your computer.
  20. I think it would be pretty obvious that Microsoft were looking for Goldeneye/Perfect Dark caliber games when they purchased Rare. In retrospect, Ubisoft would have obviously made a better purchase. Having played both the GC and XB versions of SOT & WW I would reckon the XB versions are better. The controller is better suited and the lighting seemed to be a bit better as well. I didn't notice any FMV problems either.
  21. I've not played the game in a while and I forgot if I played easy or normal. What are the differences? I had a quick look at GameFAQs and I couldn't see anything on this.
  22. Something to do with it being shit I would imagine.
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