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  1. I bought a PSP a couple of weeks ago. I've got Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, Lumines, Daxter and Go! Sudoku for it. I'm not liking Ridge Racer and Lumines much at all. I reckon I'll get Mega Man Powered Up next. Is Burnout Legends any good in comparison to any of the console versions?
  2. I'm not privy to the standards which Microsoft enforce on developers but you would think that being consistent across all resolutions would be one of them wouldn't you especially after making a big fuss about the "HD era"? It is fairly obvious that the console was rushed to make it for Christmas and they've done gamers an incredible disservice by doing so I reckon.
  3. Yes and a console isn't going to sell without any games is it? Microsoft will not be doing it or its customers any favours by doing a Nintendo and pissing off the publishers.
  4. From what I can gather it's an inconsistent frame rate that's the problem.
  5. I agree that promises have been broken but it's clear that everyone involved is to blame, not just Microsoft.
  6. XNA costs money. Developers don't have time to muck about with the machine as they have deadlines to meet. This is why it takes a while for games to take advantage of a machine proper.
  7. Shoddy framerates bother me and most of the people on here probably. It doesn't stop people buying games like Need for Speed though does it? It's like the 30/60 fps argument. HDTV isn't going to be mainstream in the near future anyway and Sky's pathetic HD service isn't going to change that I'd reckon. It's Microsoft's fault because they said that all games would be outputted natively in 720p. They obviously haven't enforced this or people wouldn't be seeing dodgy frame rates in anything other than 480p.
  8. To be fair to Microsoft they are in no position to be demanding things from developers that didn't matter previously. Things should get better as time goes on but most people aren't likely to be bothered by it unfortunately.
  9. Ironically enough, there's a poster over there called G Man whose replies consist of Photoshops most of the time. I quite like NeoGAF (http://www.neogaf.com) as it's now known. The Media Create threads with Easter, legs, Photoshops and fanboy wars are quite amusing.
  10. I can't see the difference in price between the 360 Core and Premium packs changing much if at all.
  11. Isn't part of the negativity towards Molyneux that he promises things and then cuts them out - presumably because they don't work?
  12. I think most agree that scores are rubbish but realise that reviews are nowhere near good enough for them to be eliminated.
  13. Halo doesn't deserve a 10 and as I wasn't reading Edge at the time I don't know how they came to such a score. In the end though that is their opinion and I accept that everyone has a different opinion. If only others would do the same.
  14. Edge actually commented in an issue that RE4 was very close to a 10. As good as it is, I don't think it could justify a 10 on their scoring system.
  15. The PS3 is likely to include these things as well but it's irrelevant. The PlayStation and Xbox brands are NOT on equal footing. The 360 has to sell itself to gamers and price alone isn't going to do that unless there's an absurd price difference between them.
  16. There's a Sony conference a week before E3 apparently. But don't expect any pricing news. Like with the PSP, the PS3 pricing isn't likely to be announced until the last minute. And like a few have already predicted, the price is going to be much less than these predictions which itself will generate a buzz.
  17. Releasing the PS3 without Bluray is not an option. Bluray needs the PS3 if it's going to have any chance of becoming the next big thing and Sony know it. I reckon it will end up launching at £300 with Sony putting any price difference between it and the 360 down to the 360 being "less powerful".
  18. How is Oblivion mass-market exactly? I don't think selling well on a console where the majority of the fanbase are "hardcore" counts.
  19. Surely to get an Edge 10 a game needs to be revolutionary?
  20. Although it can make a difference on smaller screens, HD is only here to maintain image quality on large TV's that the majority of people don't own.
  21. I don't think anyone can fault the BC team for the work that they do. The higher-ups are at fault. They should have known how impractical it would be to emulate the Xbox to a satisfactory level.
  22. It may be in bad taste but you could say the same for all the war games that are set in World War II and Vietnam.
  23. I remember reading about this ages ago. Apparently, Jackson composed the music for at least the Ice Cap Zone. It was never made public because of allegations that were being made against him at the time. In the PC release the music was changed although some suggested that it was because the limitations of the MIDI format. I don't know if any of the above is true but I think that if it was it would be well known.
  24. Everything seems to be working OK. I've got MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger running and Google, Hotmail, my Uni site and here seem to be working. I'll try disconnecting and reconnecting. EDIT: No joy. I'm using a NETGEAR DG834G with Tiscali 512k if it's any help.
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