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  1. Use this number instead - 0871 200 1221. I found it on a PS3 forum and I used it to call them to fix the extra £10 fuck up they done to me.
  2. What are CEX like for taking in stuff? I've got £130 on my Game card and I want a cheap 3DS but none of my local stores have them in stock. I'm tempted to buy a preowned PS3 in Game and trade it for a 3DS in CEX. Do they stick to the pricing on their website or am I going to find £20 knocked off after I lunk a PS3 across the town. Has anyone else done this?
  3. Spoke with a Game customer services and after a bit of explaining they looked into my problem and confirmed what I suspected all along, that they only added the extra £10 to the first 3 games. All I have to do now is pop back to the shop and they'll rectify the mistake. All this could have been avoided if they hadn't fobbed me off yesterday but, oh well.
  4. Right, that's it. Armed with this nugget of information I shall stand my ground and demand my extra credit*. *go red and sheepishly walk away empty handed.
  5. 2 days ago I traded in 9 games at once and the bonus was applied to everything. Even today I went to sort the games in bunches of 3 but the woman said that wasn't necessary.
  6. The shower of shites at my local Game only applied the extra £10 to the first 3 games I traded and even after I confronted them about it they still said it was correct. I don't suppose anyone has any experience with querying this sort of thing with their head office as I'm afraid if I go in again it will fall on deaf ears and I'll tear the place up. I've tweeted them in the meantime but I doubt they'll respond.
  7. I think Notch is being rather unprofessional by not only airing his grievances in a public forum like Twitter but for doing it knowing that the Yogscast guys are in mid flight and can't give their side of the story. I sense that this some of this probably caused by some cultural wire crossing.
  8. Me and my bro like playing 2v2 against very hard computer, building a huge base on Megaton is our favourite . I'll have to convince him to play online though.
  9. I know what you mean. I've only played online twice and I still get really nervous. In my 2 practice matches so far I easily crushed my opponants making me feel they were probably total beginers but I know if I ditch the practive league I'll get my ass handed to me to the point where I'll be afraid to go online ever again.
  10. I once snapped a joystick because my brother kept beating me on Bangkok Knights on the C64. The same brother narrowly beat me at 10 pin bowling once and I stormed off home in a massive huff.
  11. I don't know why this is fun but it just is. From what I have deduced from my game spending is that I'm a bit of a tight wad but love a bargain. I've had to try and remember a lot of months old purchases and no doubt I've forgotten a few. I'm also quite ashamed at not only how many I haven't completed but at how many haven't even seen the inside of their respective machines. January Psychonauts (Steam) £1 Mass Effect 2 (360) £35 C&C The First Decade (PC) £5 February Noby Noby Boy (iPhone) £1.19 500 MS Points (360) £4.25 The Who Super Bowl S-mashup Rockband song (360) 160 points
  12. Who the fuck is this? David fucking Essex?
  13. Kaz has got that silver fox thing going for him.
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