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  1. I'll take the hit. What I lack in quality, I can at least try to make up for in quantity. Quantity, and MOVIE MAGIC. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uDETw9vdiUPTt4QA7 Had all week off work and just decided to plow through it all - Resident Evil 2 the boardgame, if it wasn't obvious. Never want to paint another tooth or giant eyeball again.
  2. Friendly notice that Servant Leader, the new Scout Rifle that drops from Gambit this season, is one of the best-feeling guns this game has ever put into our filthy little hands, and that's saying something. I honestly couldn't get over how smooth it feels, especially with how shite scouts have generally been in D2 for the most part. But do yourself a favor and cop one.
  3. Vinny, Alex and Brad are starting their own podcasting/production company together. Called Nextlander, funded through Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/nextlander Fuckin' wild.
  4. Jeff opened up a little bit more on all of this tonight on one of his (frankly incredible) garage streams. More open, honest and frankly emotional than I was expecting tbh. Really comes across like they were kicking around some very different ideas for the site, and Vinny/Brad/Alex just didn't feel like coming along for the ride this time.
  5. To be clear - Bakalar didn't join Giant Bomb East. He joined the Games Group, which includes oversight of GameSpot, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the majority of his energy will be directed. But anything's possible at this point I guess.
  6. Apparently Rorie's leaving too, but that wasn't announced? I dunno. Bleurgghh. EDIT - this is wrong, Rorie's staying I think. Probably confirmed later this week.
  7. Gutted. Both how I'm feeling, and how Giant Bomb will be after Friday. Jeff, Jan and Jason... just isn't Giant Bomb. Fucking wild, man.
  8. THIS GAME. Here are my Top Tips for snatching that no. 1 spot: - Board clears. Do them, as much as possible, preferably early on while still things are relatively calm. Each time you completely clear the board of pellets, you gain a permanent speed boost, which you're very much going to need when it gets down to the final 5 or so. I generally stop going for board clears and transition into survival mode when there's around 30-40 players left, but if I can grab an extra one during a calmer moment even after that, great. - Honestly, don't worry too much about the power ups on the left. I leave it as Standard and seem to be doing just fine. I'm sure in top-level play it'll come into its own, but for now, the trade offs for each one seem to be kind of a pain for what you get in return. If you can build up your speed enough via board clears, then the power-up that makes you go even faster isn't as worth it, and the fact that the power-up pellet time gets reduced down to 1/3 when using Stronger feels bad. - As for the right, I stick it on KOs right from the start and don't touch it. Probably a better strategy long-term, but again, it's working for now, and I don't want to have to think about it. - Speaking of power-up pellets: you pretty much want to have them active all the time, even when you're not actively hunting trains of ghosts. They keep the 4 main ghosts away from you, clear the board of blockers entirely, and pause the red pac-men too. Most of the times I've died have been when I've left it too long between picking one up - the game is very much about chaining them together. - Don't instinctively rush for the fruit as soon as you've eaten enough pellets to make it appear, at least while there's still 20-30 players left. It can be a good thing to hold off for a while, either to destroy a train that's been built up, or even to wait until someone has sent over a few more red pac-men to your board. There's nothing worse than picking up a fruit, only to have a couple of reds be dumped on you immediately after, as it makes that next clear all the trickier. - When you get down the last ten, and then five, it's just about getting from one pellet to the next, and getting that fruit on the board to clear reds. Try to get a feel for how many pellets you still need to pick up to make the fruit appear, it's something you'll start to get a read on the more you play. If you can make a beeline toward the spawn point on your way back down the board, anticipating that you'll pick up enough pellets to make it appear by the time you get there, that's a solid approach. Destroy any trains that form as you go - don't go for the ultra-long ones, just keep the board manageable. - There is a little luck involved, mostly in terms of where the blockers and red guys get placed on your board. It is what it is. I've had a red pac-man spawn right in front of me numerous times, killing me instantly. Nothing you can do about it, deep breath, Rematch. I think I might actually prefer this to Tetris. It doesn't have as long as a build-up, and even though one mistake usually means you're out, the games are quick enough for you to just jump back in and go again. Which I've been doing... all day. THIS GAME!!!
  9. Yeah, it'd work, especially cheap on Steam. The nice thing is that combat/tackling is nearly identical in both versions, so that wouldn't be a problem. It's just how they treat things like passing the ball, which is now its own stat rather than being based on Agility as before. But the fundementals are very much the same, passing dice checks to succeed (or not, as is more often the case...)
  10. Weird timing on this one. Blood Bowl 2 on Steam is based on the ruleset of Blood Bowl 2016 edition. However, the boardgame got a new release at the end of 2020 (referred to as 'Second Season Edition'), with some pretty fundamental changes to things like Agility/Passing. There is no video game equivalent of this available yet - however, Blood Bowl 3 is due for release later this year on Steam/consoles, and that will be based on the newest rules. So, if you intend to play BB2016, yes, the current video game is a pretty good introduction. The single-player mode is woeful, but there's still a very healthy online playerbase, with some friendly leagues out there. But if you intend on playing the newest version of Blood Bowl with your group, it may be worth holding out.
  11. Jump 'em in like jump rope, double dutch Then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke, subtle touch Cuddle clutch, is this thing on? One last gut punch for this complete train wreck of a year. RIP.
  12. Also, if anyone has any general recommendations on settings for: i5-3570k 8GB 1070 16GB RAM I'd love to hear them. I know my CPU's time is up - but I was kidding myself by thinking it'd be okay, especially running recent stuff like Destiny 2 and Resident Evil 2/3 Remakes on PC at 1440p with no issues. Otherwise, may just stop playing this for now and build a new desktop in the new year.
  13. Are you playing on controller? If so, doing this helped me so much with the aim settings. Stopped feeling like I was fighting against the controller whenever I tried to adjust my aim slightly:
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