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  1. 17 hours ago, And said:

    Goes to post. Nope. Not following that. 


    I'll take the hit. What I lack in quality, I can at least try to make up for in quantity.


    Quantity, and MOVIE MAGIC. 




    Had all week off work and just decided to plow through it all - Resident Evil 2 the boardgame, if it wasn't obvious. Never want to paint another tooth or giant eyeball again.

  2. Friendly notice that Servant Leader, the new Scout Rifle that drops from Gambit this season, is one of the best-feeling guns this game has ever put into our filthy little hands, and that's saying something.


    I honestly couldn't get over how smooth it feels, especially with how shite scouts have generally been in D2 for the most part. But do yourself a favor and cop one. 

  3. Jeff opened up a little bit more on all of this tonight on one of his (frankly incredible) garage streams.



    More open, honest and frankly emotional than I was expecting tbh. Really comes across like they were kicking around some very different ideas for the site, and Vinny/Brad/Alex just didn't feel like coming along for the ride this time.


  4. To be clear - Bakalar didn't join Giant Bomb East. He joined the Games Group, which includes oversight of GameSpot, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the majority of his energy will be directed. But anything's possible at this point I guess. 

  5. 54 minutes ago, Clipper said:

    timing just based on it appeariong on Steam super cheap


    Bear in mind I know nothing about BloodBowl really - is Bloodbowl 2 a good intro regardless despite it being 2016 ruleset? As in just learning the ropes or are 2020 rules so very different?





    Yeah, it'd work, especially cheap on Steam. The nice thing is that combat/tackling is nearly identical in both versions, so that wouldn't be a problem. It's just how they treat things like passing the ball, which is now its own stat rather than being based on Agility as before. But the fundementals are very much the same, passing dice checks to succeed (or not, as is more often the case...)

  6. Weird timing on this one.


    Blood Bowl 2 on Steam is based on the ruleset of Blood Bowl 2016 edition. However, the boardgame got a new release at the end of 2020 (referred to as 'Second Season Edition'), with some pretty fundamental changes to things like Agility/Passing. There is no video game equivalent of this available yet - however, Blood Bowl 3 is due for release later this year on Steam/consoles, and that will be based on the newest rules.


    So, if you intend to play BB2016, yes, the current video game is a pretty good introduction. The single-player mode is woeful, but there's still a very healthy online playerbase, with some friendly leagues out there. But if you intend on playing the newest version of Blood Bowl with your group, it may be worth holding out. 

  7. Jump 'em in like jump rope, double dutch
    Then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke, subtle touch
    Cuddle clutch, is this thing on?


    One last gut punch for this complete train wreck of a year. RIP. 

  8. Also, if anyone has any general recommendations on settings for:



    8GB 1070 

    16GB RAM


    I'd love to hear them. I know my CPU's time is up - but I was kidding myself by thinking it'd be okay, especially running recent stuff like Destiny 2 and Resident Evil 2/3 Remakes on PC at 1440p with no issues. 


    Otherwise, may just stop playing this for now and build a new desktop in the new year. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Nate Dogg III said:

    Been struggling quite a bit with this today. 2080Ti and i7-9900k, I know Task Manager isn't considered especially accurate but it has my CPU maxed and GPU sitting on like 20%, so not entirely sure what's going on.


    Have settled for now on 1440p, RT Ultra, Performance DLSS and all settings on High/Ultra except for Cascade Shadows and I'm getting around 45fps, up to 60 in bog-standard interiors. I suppose it'll do for now but it's nothing like the showcase I was hoping for. I wanted my balls blown off, like. 


    Struggling with the aim settings — I can't hit a barn door — and the driving controls too, though seems like there are fixes for those which I'll try later. If I can at least get the game feeling okay in the hands I'm tempted to just bang everything up to max and see if I can lock it to 30.


    Are you playing on controller? If so, doing this helped me so much with the aim settings. Stopped feeling like I was fighting against the controller whenever I tried to adjust my aim slightly:




  10. I just feel bad for Alex and Vinny. They're basically back to square one in terms of staffing from when they first set up the East coast. Hoping they get to fill at least one of the open positions soon, otherwise I can't see that office lasting much longer.

  11. 11 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved is a much better game than 3. The latter is far too spread out and sprawling. 2 only had 6 modes to hammer away at and getter ever better and angrier at. 


    @lewismistreated I don’t know if you’re still out there, but buried away in the depths of my soul is special hatred for you and your god damn Pacifism score.


    This pleases me far more than it rightly should. 


    Tetris 99. Loads up super snappy, and then boom, you're murdering fools right away in the best Battle Royale game out there and it's just bloody Tetris.

  12. So I guess I figured out how to do a Wrath deck with The Watcher.




    Super fun run. Start off with the 250 gold bonus in exchange some damage. Immediately pick up Molten Egg from the first shop, so I guess I'm taking Attack cards from this point. Very quickly end up with 2 x Reach Heaven, so Act 1 is now just about not taking too much damage until the 0-cost, 40 damage Wrath-boosted Through Violence cards come out. 


    Relic for the first boss is Black Star, so fuck it, now we're hunting Elites too. Somewhere along the way I pick up the relic that lets you take +2 max HP instead of taking a card, so that, plus multiple Sash Whips make it so Block is now a dirty word. Inflicting weak and healing up is my savior now.


    Four upgraded Ragnaroks and far too many useful Elite relics later, job done. Ended the run at 126 maximum health. I do like this character a lot.



  13. 9 hours ago, Nate Dogg III said:


    Yeah I'm the same. I have one A20 heart kill with Ironclad and that feels enough like finishing the game for me not to need to do it ever again, haha. I'm on A17 with Silent at the moment, I basically alternate runs at that with A1 Ironclad stomps to cleanse the palate. Had a lovely thing going last night with self-forming clay, barricade, corruption, snecko and every two-cost card I could lay hands on. 

    Really struggling with Silent though. Ironclad suits my playstyle very well, and because it's by far my most used class I'm so used to the autoheal that I struggle terribly without it. I've barely touched Defect or Watcher, but will pick one of them up once I ding A20 with Silent.


    I'm trying to complete the Ascension levels with all 3 characters before allowing myself to move up any further. I'm up to A17 or so across the three older characters. For the Silent, I'm finding that Poison stacking is really the only way to go at the higher tiers. 


    The Watcher seems really neat, and definitely the character with the most burst damage potential so far. She has two pretty reliable ways to activate a double/triple damage multiplier through Divinity and Wrath, and the A1 run with her I completed last night posed little challenge at all. Very much looking forward to the higher difficulty levels. She almost feels like the most 'tuned' character for what the game is, especially against single enemies - if you can line up the rhythm of her turns, to get her Calm and defending when needed and then bursting as much damage as possible when the enemy isn't going to be hitting you, it's powerful stuff to say the least. 

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