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  1. Is it true Celtic were the first team to be knocked out by the Countdown Conundrum.
  2. Decided to give a Series S and game pass a blast. I will be collecting my series S console on Friday and using the cdkeys for gold to convert. I have the Xbox pass app on my phone and can’t see Pga tour 2K21 listed yet I’m sure I saw it listed last week as it’s going to be one of the first games to be played. On a separate issue is the rechargeable battery and usb c cable always hard to find.
  3. bigjb

    Nintendo Switch

    My daughter wants to purchase a Switch for her hubbies birthday and is looking for me to make the purchase preferably immaculate second hand. I’m not clued up on the Switch so any model worth avoiding and anything worth looking for.
  4. bigjb

    Apple Arcade

    I don’t have any Xbox or PS4 controllers so is the best option still the Nimbus + steel series controller. I stopped gaming a while back but have a three month Apple Arcade trial which should hopefully see out the latest lockdown.
  5. Peter Liewell would never let that happen. Instead they get another few weeks preseason to bring in new players and get them settled in to the team as a punishment.
  6. Has anyone tried Movies Anywhere on the Xbox x and if so does it allow all UK iTunes movie purchases to link up. Also how good / bad is Kodi on the Xbox.
  7. It’s not been a league since the very clubs who would benefit had the vote to put Rangers down to the bottom league. Celtic were guaranteed 1st place and the champions league money by default and the rest had an slightly easier task of fighting for second place and Europe. All that has happened is that Scottish football is now a backwater with mediocre players including the Celtic squad. The teams under Tommy Burns and Martin O’Neill were vastly superior to the current Celtic squad in my opinion.
  8. My better half plays the usual iOS puzzle games. I lost interest in gaming several years ago but trying to convince myself that a Nintendo switch would reverse that decision.
  9. Considering an Xbox One S as a one box centre for downstairs as my sky contract is now finished and I recently sold on the bluray player. The plan is using the Xbox tv tuner and the one guide for downstairs but also upstairs. However I can't find conclusive proof if I can also feed the Xbox screen to an amazon fire tv upstairs to save putting an aerial feed in to the bedroom. Everything is wired through homeplugs. Assuming this is possible how would I control the Xbox to change channel etc.
  10. Not sure if this is the right section for this question. I have recently picked up a samsung note 4 to see if I can finally make the move from ios to android.So far it's a nice experience. I was wondering if getting the vr set for the note 4 would be a worthwhile purchase to experience basic vr.
  11. It's a roof aerial with line of sight to the transmitter 5 miles away. I never contemplated a faulty unit as I have seen several reports of people with the same issue.
  12. Booster makes no difference as the picture still breaks up and freezes despite the picture being fine when the aerial is plugged in to the tv.
  13. First go today with the Xbox one and the interface is clunky and a mess to navigate compared to my past experience on the 360. Also having issues with the tuner as the picture continually freezes. Aerial plugged into the TV works fine. Going to try a booster to see if that helps.
  14. Cheapest S seems to be £349.
  15. We don't have a 4K tv and have no plans to get one anytime soon so the extra hardware on the S would be overkill. So the logic was purchase the Xbox one which would see us through at least until project Scorpio is released. Of course I may convince myself otherwise before making a purchase.
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