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  1. From memory. Some might not be 80s? The Wild Geese. Tremors. Wizard of Speed and Time. Lord of the Rings, Bakshi version. Allegro Non Troppo. The Black Cauldron. So, mainly animation then I'd argue the cat sequence in ANT is one of the most emotive and emotional bits of cinema of all time. Also not guilty most of the time on that list. But some aspects have aged appallingly. Not Mannequin appallingly mind Battle beyond the stars was... Um... A formative film for me as I grew up for reasons which have been mentioned. Directed by the guy who did the Snowman of all things. Can't remember when but my family went on holiday to some friends in Wales, the adults all got drunk and my brother and I ended up watching Cronenburg's Shivers at around.... 10? 11? Again, formative in ways, and utterly inappropriate. Don't think I remember it being good or bad but was terrified on the walk up the dark staircase to bed once it had finished.
  2. personally I thought it was the most hideous, creepy, me too type line of him trying to chat someone up post battle. I'm astounded the line was left in as, surely, a percentage of the people watching must have felt uncomfortable out of the line. I asked a couple of people what they thought after the film and they all read it the older man chatting up younger woman way. I did enjoy the film but in a good Star Wars sort of way not how did the manage something that good Endgame sort of way. Better than Last Jedi anyhow, which was my lowest hoped for metric. Loads better.
  3. Saw it. Loved it. Catching up with the thread now. That said
  4. I don’t sadly. I think lol of the actors are a bit meh, Whittaker and Walsh chief among them. Capaldi, Smith and so on could elevate a bad ep through strength of will. Gomez was fantastic for example and stole the screen. Jodie just fells a bit flat by comparison. Someone, here I think, described her as a bloody good supporting actor and I think that’s it, for me. That said the principle issues are with the show runner (plus the overall look and design which again is a bit dull as - tardis -or horrendously stupid - the logo and sonic). No enthusiasm musterable at the moment but will watch ep 1 and see what happens from there. At least there isn’t a cliffhanger ending that they'll completely ignore this time. That pee'd me off from the get go in S11.
  5. Well true dat. I'd argue that the film going for the bigger better moar deathz approach negated the chop the toe off to save the body hobsons choice the original delivers. And yes. The end is ambiguous. I've always read it as Veidt trying to play Manhattan, acting the role of a man wrestling with a conciense rather than displaying one. He's as sociopathic as Rorshach just better at seeing the bigger picture. The only moment I ascribe as truthful in him is when he shouts that he was successful. Everything else I see as calculation. Am keen to see the show I think... Just going to wait until I don't have to rely on Sky.
  6. Im not overly sure I remember correctly but think I don’t agree with K on anything thematically or narratively (might be wrong. Been a long day). But: the thing which irritates me on misreading of Watchmen is of Veidt as gloriously evil war criminal who killed millions (film reading esp). The entire point of Watchmen is that all of the protagonists and antagonists are fractured, hurt people and that Veidt, seemingly, has the most logical and thought through plan of all of the characters. Giving collateral damage backstory notwithstanding 100%of the ending is that he did the maths and saved billions by sacrificing 10,000. The entire point of Watchmen is that Veidt is the equally shades of grey hero we should have been looking at, we were just looking at the wrong heroes and, by the way they weren’t Heroes. The doomsday clock blood spot moving past midnight under Rorschach’s corpse is a hell of a clue as game the world moving on .... positively being a mixed word. The film oh boy cocked that up as a narrative. Haven’t seen tv show yet. Will, but even the name Lindelof scares me so will leave it to see what this place says about the finale (that said Lost series 1-3 were ace). but, basically, Veidt is the hero of Watchmen of equal worth to the rest of them. Will be interested to see what tv show does but I just can’t see Damon getting that.
  7. I did almost exactly the same thing in Robo Recall on the Vive. Hit the side of my shed so hard everything on the slelf on that wall (approx 50 Lego Batman minifigs) hit the ground approx two seconds after I thought what the hell and one second after I wondered if I'd broken the controller.
  8. Bits of it were great. I loved the opening credits, Reynolds is fantastic, the script had more comedy moments than most comedy trilogies... but Deadpool was wondrous, 2 was just ok and I hated the beginning kill ‘em all scene, just that tiny bit too gross without any mitigating moments.
  9. Phantom Menace, Matrix 2 and 3, John Wick 2, Jurassic World didn't so much dissapoint me but they did bore me. Jworld made me angry with the ending I guess. Original Judge Dredd film was awful yet had so much potential. Covenant is a game of two halves for me. The set up wasn't great but was OK. The end and (shock) that twist were infuriatingly awful. Surely someone looked at the script and said Ridley this bit needs some work. I'd love a sequel though. Am sure I'd hate it but I rmdo really want to know how Scott would continue from that ending. Deadpool 2 I only marginally liked, absolutely loved the first one. Just seemed a little charmless in comparison. The films which I'd hold up as the worst for me are Prometheus, The Last Jedi and Watchmen. So much potential, absolutely top of their class visuals plus some excellent casting* yet absolutely bone headed in their scripted stupidity imo. Hard to pick one I hate most out of the three yet, strangely, they're possibly the films I've rewatched the most (as the imagery is so damn good). If you turn the sound off TLJ and Prometheus are masterpieces. *not aged Pierce and Silk Spectre 1.they were both terrible choices for casting/make up.
  10. Oh I could boringly go on for ages, and the worst part of the filmed Watchmen is the utter missing of the entire damn point from the scripted final third POV. Visually it's resplendent, a glorious translation of the comic to the screen, apart from the bonkers hatstand casting/make up of Silk Spectre which is utterly ludicrous. The directors cut also has possibly the single worst acted scene I've ever watched (the knot tops talking about Hollis' death). ... But the end of the film is a hateful, awful, Snyder power chord of idiocy. I can't tell if it or Prometheus are my most watched/disliked fillms... But it had and squandered so much. Ugh. BvS is.. Well... Nowhere near as terrible imo.
  11. So.... Um.... I know they're just silly social media rumours but blimey thought the thread might have been resurrected just to see what people thought about it? Imo can't imagine that Chibbers and Whittaker have walked, but the lack of official response and feedback makes me wonder if there's any truth in some of the story? That Chibnall and the BBC are at odds over an early screening and it's all gone a bit door slammy? Or is it all just made up drama?
  12. Oh i think they like each other, or used to certainly. But the banter section has morphed from the genuinely funny (bandana guy, toilet roll etc) to him saying 'this'll be crap, let's get it over with with no effort or interaction on my part...' No idea why he/they think it's better, if they do, but I find it sad/painful and a frustrating waste of the double act.
  13. I kind of like this series: Lou and Iain the stand outs for me but also I'm developing a crush on Sian (was utterly entranced by Kerry last series :)). But I've grown to alnost dislike Greg over the whole banter thing. It almost feels like bullying. Alex does the tasks, the scoring, the stage tasks and everything else. Greg just sits down and judges and can't be arsed to join in with the banter section. Drives me nuts. That said yes. Some very funny moments this year. Lou reminds me of a human version of Sackboy when she sticks her tongue out
  14. Um is it me or is that a truly terrible trailer? No flow, stutters from shot to shot, some way too short to be in as anything other than tick box addition and spoils way too much. I mean I know most people have seen the film but truly no mystery or anticipation building at all...
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