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  1. Lottie however is the best thing ever. Especially when she does her psychotic meerkat look from under the counters.
  2. Really? I'd have said Rowan was by far the worst today in at least two of the challenges if not all three of them. Last week If have preferred him going rather than Mak (although tbh I don't think Mak was destined to last that long). Who do you think was worse? Hermine? Dave? (Hermine's voice is a tiny bit grating to me so tbh wouldn't be sad to see her leave).
  3. I am, although work took over today so may try and catch up on that tomorrow. That said am feeling a bit bluesy so could equally say sod it and stop. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  4. Thought I'd have a crack at the 2000ad comp at the same time as I thought I'd see how much detail I could get into a picture drawn on my mobile phone.... Hence this
  5. I've made a noob accidental mistake I suspect. Saw the Mario x 3 games and thought fab! Son has wanted Sunshine on Switch forever. Was in a mad dash so clicked on purchase and, only afterwards realised I'd purchased download version. So a: I'm not getting that money back am I? The email confirmation pretty much says this but has anyone had any success with swapping from dl to boxed copy and b: purchased it by mistake on the account linked to my switch (which my wife has stolen to become her Animal Crossing machine). There's no way to download it and keep it on my sons machine is t
  6. I used to teach BA film and while the Snyder cut doesn't interest me in any way the concept of having two dramatically different versions of the same underlying story does* (not counting the whole Hollywood doubles thing like Ant Z and Bugs Life and Event Horizon and Pitch Black and so on). Am sure it's been mentioned and I missed it but the directors cut of Alien 3 is miles better than the TC. Personally I would like to see as much of a cut as could be put together of Lord and Miller's Solo, before it was changed. I actually like Solo loads (and don't feel the hate fo
  7. Could be wrong but I seem to remember that the intro sequence was completely outsourced to a production house (which is why it feel tonally more graceful than the rest of the film maybe?) Anyhow I both love and hate the film. Looks brilliant visually, but the script and story are charmless and idiotic. The end, imo, shows how much they misjudged the story as, arguably, Veidt was the hero (or at least the character with mission and purpose and logic on his side) where the film has him destroying half the world to save the other half. The directors cut has the single wo
  8. Just joined the stream crowd but on the creative side (which I'm ok at), rather than game playing (which I suck at). The past few weeks have been about playtesting it, camera angles and shortcuts and so on, and August will be about making a 3d printed version of the dragon drawing. Dont know of I'll keep on after Sept, I've got a number of followers in my mind (fairly low but also not 2, which is as far as I've got so far) but it's relaxing and fun to do so far at least. If anyone's got any suggestions for improvement I'm all ears though still learning loads and makin
  9. None of you have picked the April Fool exploding beer? You sicken me.
  10. Just binged the lot over past week. Loved it, although its influences are painfuly obvious at times. Do the next eps come out on particular days?
  11. ...not Disney but does Jumanji count as a franchise? Wttj was a reboot sort of but as a series it's worked? But yes I'm struggling to think of something.
  12. Hmm. He might have been talking about the other one change: taking what was a hobson's choice of a option (kill 10,000 to save billions giving the reader the thought that they might have been following the wrong hero throughout) to a damn as crap Hollywood finale (kill tens of millions to save billions, cue evil maniacal teenage laugh of the direxxxtor). Although tbh I don't know whether to blame the script writers for that or Snyder. Snyder probably. The film did look fabulous though.although arguably the best bit (the credits) were outsourced to another company.
  13. Hmm I kind of agree that tlj would have been a better ending, thematically. I still think, pound for pound, its the least satisfying of the three and prefer Rise to it. But if Johnson had brought that level of.. Completion is the wrong word. But yes. Last Jedi esque finale would have been better I think. That said, although Rise isn't good, it does at least attempt and almost manage an Avengers level of triumphant bombast to the nineology (?) whereas The Last Jedi only manages one awesome visual scene (the Holdo manouvre), one decent set piece (Crait battle) and all so
  14. Um. Prob doesn't count as illustration even have done some of that too off and on over past few weeks. (Ironically this one drawn on OnePlus One last week or so. One day I'll be able to buy myself a flagship without crippling buyers remorse.... One day....)
  15. Bit dispirited for a thousand reasons - partially lock down with autistic teen, partially complete inertia on any dream I ever had, but drew this on a 5 year old phone cos that's the sort of idiot I am. Hey Ho. Was an hour of slightly laggy therapy.
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