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  1. I'm not massively enjoying Jamali, but he's not on my list of least favourite ever. That's Roisin Connaty and Paul Chowdhary for me (both sulky little miseries) and Liza Tarbuck and whoever the dull ginger haired one is this time (just didn't entertain while doing anything). Jamali is just above them for me but only just. Mike for the win, I hope.
  2. Just finished binging the series after having slow burn watched the rest off and on over past year. no idea what the ending was about? Is it a mysterious thing, to be explained, or a thing we should get from prior cues? i think I have a theory but wondered if I’ve just missed something?
  3. ArtRage might be perfect for this. When you import a picture in it converts the pixels to move able paint and the pallette knife would blend it like a boss
  4. Thought the ep was meh, which was 100 miles better than I thought it would be after the terrible adverts. Quite liked the monotony of the space jail scenes, thought the resolution to that was cheap as chips simplistic. Everything had been done better before or at least before. Having Daleks fight was done in Manhattan but that was also TERRIBLE so... At least it was a little better than that? Since the very first scene of the first series (the solution to falling from lower earth orbit is to land on a nice, soft train) I've been astounded that no one's called Chibnall o
  5. Tragically if today's rumours are to believed Whittaker might be going and Chibnall staying. So you'll have to wait for two regens at least...
  6. (aspects of TLJ I loved: Crait battle looked amazing, the Holdo manouvre is a beautiful image (but moderately universe shattering), some of the Snoke battle looked good etc. I do wish I liked it, but so much of the script just fails to work for me that it irritates me more than, say, ROS disappointed me. Of the three films I liked Solo way more).
  7. It's become the thing I shout at any audiobook that lingers for an eternity on any one scene TLJ. Giving the fans new phrases to shout in annoyance. The Rey fingerclicking clones scene foreshadowed Tiktok too imo See? Just a big pile of crap
  8. Personally? No. I think it's terrible. It and Prometheus are up there are my most disapointing cinema seen films. Ironically I've watched both numerous times in the hopes I'll come to like them one day but no, they stay infuriating and ridiculous. Fun fact: also bought the audiobook of TLJ, again, in the hopes I'd find something good in it to like and the bombing run, the first scene/set piece, goes on for HOURS!! And is even drearier than the film. Only time I've ever shouted 'just bomb the effing Star Destroyers' at an audiobook.
  9. Loved almost everything about it. That said: I can see what the naysayers are saying. The arrival did relegate That said so much about the two series has been brilliant. Confused about: Regardless: so far the best thing to come from the Star Wars universe since ROTJ.
  10. Loving this series but if honest don't get the love for Katherine. She reminds me of Rimmer with more self awareness. Even the costume is a bit Arnold J. Mawaam is, possibly, my favourite but apart from Katherine I love all the taskers so every week is a joy. The use of teacher's silence was immaculate and I enjoyed every single second of their growing unease
  11. I'm also...well. Not out. But with next to no interest. Jodie is dull, chibnall has turned out to be the most successful bad guy of all, the new Master is ok but not a patch on Missy. And the ad for the special looked like a Sarah Jane Cbeebies ep. The new Dalek looks awful. I've had a bad day and am a bit bluesy. But can't see any joy in new Who at the moment. The fam. Ugh.
  12. Fab. I love the idea of following a comic character through Inktober (and maybe have a similar idea in my brain for Inkvent but not quite the same). Mine ended happily, although I cocked up the last Inktopus which irritates me but as always a fun inky challenge to set myself.
  13. I'd forgetten this existed. Might watch it over next couple of days. But... For me the greatest loss of the film is that Michael isn't Laurie's brother. As the parent of a neural typical daughter and an autistic (fortunately generally non-violent but occasionally unknowingly strong and clumsy) son I can completely get the utter sadness of a sibling caught in an abusive relationship and processing that amidst the drive to survive. I dare say the films ok in places but in taking out this part of the relationship - the moment if poignancey of Laurie's tears at the end of H20 - I just
  14. Fab stuff. Mine is plodding along ok, but it needs a bit of cohesion at the end. Some of the inktopi are a bit bluer than others as the purple ink is a monster to work with...
  15. Lottie however is the best thing ever. Especially when she does her psychotic meerkat look from under the counters.
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