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  1. Directed by Corman and a pre-The Snowman Jimmy Murukami We're all remembering it for... um... a stand out performance though aren't we?
  2. Hallo lovely Unity aware humans. As some will know I'm a games art teacher for most of the week - and have recently started a new role (which is fab) which also sees me working with students in a more relational/encouraging role across a wider games dev process. So far so good, I worked in the games industry for a decade so through osmosis have picked up a bit across the board but I've got a couple of students struggling with a couple of Unity needs that I can't help them with currently and need some wisdom. So if anyone's around at the moment (or between today and tomorrow) and able to point me in the direction of how to add the animation frames from a 3d model to a Unity game scene (some aren't working, some are playing frame 1 throughout interaction). or, more importantly at the moment, navigation/AI pathfinding. Any help on either MUCH appreciated.
  3. ... Long story short: custom toys are probably my mid life crisis moment. I've been a huge fan of custom vinyl figures for a while now (rarely buying as crippling buyers remorse often but certainly in the making of them). Fast forward to two years ago and the students and I were going to Toycon with a table full of 3d models, tutorials and so on to sell. And then, since it was March, it all got cancelled. (well it didn't but the college refused the trip assessment forms that had previously been agreed and we cancelled). This year? We're hopefully back at Toycon and the students are making awesome model designs now. Our plan last time was to 3d print everything..... But this time? Am experimenting with silicon moulds. Just done my first one (the resin has just gone in my first mould woo) and while I made loads of mistakes I'm excited to see how first one comes out. Anyone make silicon moulds (is it molds or moulds. Google gives me both) and custom figures? In which case keen to learn from any suggestions etc
  4. (at work I've got a Da Vinci - it's OK but no better than that, an Up Mini 2 and a Dremel 3D 45. The Mini 2 and Dremel are my two top picks. Creality Next. Flash forge after that. Ultimaker good but utterly nowhere near worth prices quoted).
  5. I've got a couple of 3d printers. A Creality se 6 and a Tiertime Up mini 2. The mini 2 I adore. The industrial design is the best of any printer I've used and it comes up with very good quality prints. Negative is that its now expensive (I bought it way cheaper than is now) and slightly small build plate. I'd argue slightly better for beginners. That said another negative is that it says it prints pla but I've never found the right settings for it. The Abs outcomes are awesome though. The creality I'm starting to use now. Good levelling, good interface. Dislike Cura (Tiertime slicer miles better). First few prints have been good though. Haven't played with resin but want to some day. I've got a student who runs both types and he says both are as easy to get into. Can ask him which resin one he uses if you want
  6. Hurrah. Routine first word comes good finally Although obvs would have been better if the first word had been the correct word ...
  7. Does anyone have a line one word they go for every time? I go for chair but in retrospect it's not been spectacularly helpful...
  8. It's Internet fanfic become Canon. Tbh am 1000% unsurprised but wouldn't say its because of pepper corn character growth. Tbh enjoyed the ep far more than I anticipated. I assumed it would be normal Chibnall rubbish with a bit of Aisling Bea being wasted in a role but still worth watching. Instead I got (imo) a much better story with fewer of the normal plot holes (still a draft 3 lot of them though. But normally Chibbers throws draft 1 on the table and says 'that's good enough'). I still maintain that someone somewhere did a LOT of uncredited script refinement after he'd said it was done. Nothing prior to this has been remotely as not terrible.
  9. Halfway through it at the moment.... So far it's ok.... I'd almost say it's good in fact. Don't believe for a second that Chibnall wrote it. Loads of logic leaps as normal but even so ... It's not terrible which is a massive surprise.
  10. Bought a lovely Diamine Inkvent calendar and have been working through the inks by drawing a mouse having a lovely Christmas I've been nagged a couple of times to make them into NFTs but don't know that I'll get that sorted. But I'm certainly enjoying the ink drawing
  11. And while on triple post duty.... One of my questions from Dlux - not a spoiler I don't think - is, is there any reason why the weird pig snout skull dull bad guy with, I suppose at least a nice coat, was called Swarm? In ep 1 I assumed there would be some tie in with the flux - literally a Swarm of particles - but.... Was there ever any link?
  12. Oh boo!! Yes. Those covers are and we're awesome. Definite things of beauty.
  13. ... I'm ambivilent. I think Chibnall's writing has been SO bad its easy to lay blame there but to me the best actors steal the screen and Whittaker just doesn't do that. Her character seems to be: moves around like a sped up Dave Gahan and pulls Mr Bean faces and whenever a moment has to be delivered it feels very intangible and unexciting. If she had come up against Brenda Blethyn, Miriam Margoyles, Michelle Gomez etc as Dr vs whoever she'd come off incredibly poorly I think. She strikes me as a very good background character who's never communicated the charisma needed to be a show lead imo. That said have skipped a few episodes and might have missed a couple of mind changing moments. I just find her really dull.
  14. Utter rubbish. And as with everything Chibnall writes, an unsatisfying riff on other things (in this case the TNG All Good Things finale was obviously a huge inspiration). Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it was utter bilge. Was surprised to see Paul Cornell say he loved it. Strangest thing of the series to me, that.
  15. Love Ardal. Ambivalent towards Dukar -she's sassy and funny at times but incredibly one note imo. Not much idea of the others but am allergic to Judi Love. Everything about her delivery sets my teeth on edge. Can see this being the first series I skip if she's as she is in everything else. The entire 'right, I'm not being funny right. But...' stuff just. Ugh. Sad that the new years one has some fabulous people who'll only get one ep to shine. Can Warsi and Winkleman being an utter joy.
  16. Well... Not a food related one, but can't wait to play with this (have also bought the brewdog one too...but this is the one looking forward to most. )
  17. Ahhhh one day I'll get onto the audiobooks for sure
  18. It's Chibnall. I feel 99% secure in guessing the final ep will have 72 generally ok sci Fi ideas thrown at a wall, will make a frenetic fever dream look drowsy, will answer 6 of the 22 questions it poses, contain one huge series swivelling idea that angers 52% of the audience (current guess is that Dan's a passenger containing Gallifrey for hand wavey reasons), will redo things done before and done far better and will be one more tick of the clock until, hopefully, better things happen. But it'll end on a cliffhanger that sets up the specials and the cliffhanger will be resolved in a terrible way. (That said tbh I've pretty low expectations of RTD refresh if honest but not Chibnall low).
  19. Sigh. I still maintain if they'd gone for a two series current, one series previous Dr, structure leading to a fifth or sixth series combination it would have kept some of the current actors in role as they'd get time off the treadmill. I think it'd only be confusing for a little bit and there could be a fair bit of lead in with webisodes, Radio Times comic strips etc. I'd even love to see a series from the pov of one of the antagonists. Am entire series of Missy setting something up and then realising she's been played and going after the Daleks or something would have been fab. Hey ho.
  20. Interesting thoughts plus enjoyed the comments But I've no idea why so many people are team Bel. Literally no idea whatsoever. She seems as pantomime bubble depth as most of the characters in Chib era (with the exception of Jericho who I liked a lot). She's not far off Ace in terms of character, dual wields pistols like a five year old with their first nerf guns, spun across the floor with the grace of Starsky over a bonnet and, oh, is she pregnant? That bits so subtly done I hadn't noticed. Flux as a series is... Okish to me. But some aspects (pacing, Bel, Swarm and Azure design, script) are getting a lot of love online and I just totally don't get it. See also: I've seen a LOT of people say the cliffhanger is awesome But a cliffhanger imo HAS to be viewed alongside the resolution. I'm happy to be proven wrong but that's one of Chibs biggest weaknesses. Anyone can write 'the Doctor falls from the sky out of an exploding Tardis' but only an idiot writes 'and lands safe and sound on a nice, comfy, metal train...'
  21. .... Um... Tbh I'm finding Flux a minor bit better than the prior Chibnall stuff but it's pretty rubbish imo. Apart from the pacing oddities it's just the hammy stage type dialogue delivery. That plus it just feel like a cbbc sci Fi show. Plus the bad guys masks are so rubbish. It's just so ugh
  22. Unsure what I think of this so far (Damon Albarn Nearer the Fountain)... But there hasn't been an Albarn project I've not come to love even if I didn't like it on first play.
  23. Watched it. Loved it. Watched it with a couple of mates, one who also loves the Dune books and one who didn't know anything about it. At the end of the film the one who knew nothing said 'I have so many questions....' which made me realise how much of the book was visualised but not communicated. Didn't make me enjoy it any less, and she seemed to enjoy it, but did make me wonder if the adaptation was a little less successful than I'd first thought.
  24. Getting there. And think I have the plan sorted for pulling it all together a little Today's Pumpkin ended up a tiny bit political but don't think anyone will notice....
  25. Obvs I know I'll get in trouble with ye forum for this but not unhappy Freya has left (although I had Amanda on my who goes when list for this week). The voice.... Oh that voice. Amanda to go next week. Then George. Then Lizzie incidentally. Love the fact that the final will almost certainly be Chantalle, Jurgen, Pepe. Wish we could have a sign language esque camera on Farage watching and shouting and frothing, silenced, during the last ep
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