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  1. Not the most outstanding episodes but stuff finally got done. Thumbs up. I thought half the stuff that happened to these characters in this first episode would drag over a few episodes which I felt the previous season did a lot. A quick catch up with some notable events
  2. I'm away at a con this week. Yesterday I went and had my streetpass turned on... dear lord. Nearly 2 hours after arriving I checked and tried to use up people for collecting puzzle pieces and stuff and as soon as I started with one lot they just kept coming! No idea how many but I think I stopped trying to collect at about 57. As for the HHA in animal crossing. I finally Favorited a couple of houses before the con. That time I checked for streetpasses I had filled all the spaces and over taken the ones I had not favourited. I think that happened multiple times as I didn't have time to continually check. Still, it did help that I was cosplaying as Isabelle
  3. Picked up LOADS of good street passes, which is a nightmare as I have tried to delete a load as I am going to a con tomorrow and I'll pick up a load then too!
  4. Yet again I have missed Joan thanks to work. I now have a sphinx in my town. Why? Because I can!
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  6. Saw Iwata and Isabellle talking about the Animal Crossing U plaza last night. No idea what it really is appart from sharing pictures and seeing the residents strut there stuff, but I like it. Still not enough for me to go out and buy a Wii U but its improving my opinion of it (NEED PIKMIN 3) Oh and I FINALLY got a centipede last night!
  7. Randomly got 2 balloon clocks by popping balloons in a space of 5 mins. STILL haven't got any perfect apples and am starting to believe Centipedes don't exist as I have still not found any, no matter what rock I bash when or where! Started to collect Astro furniture too but only to go with my new wallpaper I designed, that and I love the closet + chair
  8. Thanks Carly, I didn't buy many turnips on Sunday but made a nice profit.
  9. Anyone got any high 'nip prices today? Starting to panic, no one added me the other day
  10. Finally got my silver watering can. Also got a patterned tree stump last night which contributed to a nice surprise this morning Now with my silver can in tow I can really start organising my flowers. Having a nightmare to decide what to build and where. Trees will be chopped! Bell prices suck. Also randomly picked up a HHA on streetpass from what I can only guess was in hospital today as I spent nearly 6 hours there with a service user today after she had a fall and no one at work has AC as far as I know...
  11. Oooh me! I like bug furniture! What sort of stereo are you looking for? I have a jukebox and a few in nook's catalog. -Jukebox -Sloppy Stereo -Sleek Stereo -CD player
  12. I picked up a street pass house with one so I can always order one for people in the future. Resetti is almost certainly going to appear however.
  13. I've turned 2 of my whole left over fossils into models at Re-tail so far. Not sure what I am to do with them as they are currently sat in what eventually be my house's kitchen!
  14. Added. Are you opening your gate (what's the name of your town?)
  15. I think I have an Astro lamp knocking about my house (want to use it eventually but can always buy another) and a minimalist bed in R-tail
  16. I have a Robo-table in my re-tail atm, I can give it to u if you need it?
  17. 134b today, another record for my town. Anyone got some good tips for hybrid flowers? Only been successful to some extent with Pink Cosmos. I have had the odd purple and rare orange/pink rose but only one smegging orange pansy.
  18. Had 110 last night which is the best my town has had so far. Randomly got some AC streetpass today when only going into a couple of charity shops. No idea who that was but nice that I have another house in the HHA. Going to a con next month and there are going to be LOADS of people with their DS's and AC for the whole weekend so my town is getting a much needed update over next week or two to show off my stuff
  19. At work all morning again so missed out on turnips. I got a gold trophy for my birdwing yesterday but was still won by miles with the orchid mantis before that. Won overall with 117 points. Brought lower ranking stuff and got first even then (but would have lost later in the game) so won a butterfly table, butterfly wallpaper and a spiderweb clock. Also got a Silver Slingshot which was AWESOME...don't exactly know what it does though different from the regular one. Just NEED the silver watering can now.
  20. I want to expand my house a bit more then just enjoy moving and improving things in my village. I hardly made any bells last weekend and it was nice just tohave a few chill out moments on there. Built a street lamp and waiting for my fence to be built tomorrow.
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