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  1. Took a look at my wishlist and filtered for lowest price. Jon Krakauer - Under The Banner of Heaven is at 99p. He wrote Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air. Can’t remember exactly what caused me to add to my wishlist but it’s non-fiction, about a murder in a Mormon community. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00CZCGPUA?storeType=ebooks
  2. I bought a switch oled last week. I haven’t bought a console since 360/ps3/wii u days but I was missing some Nintendo in my life. I haven’t really been keeping up or paying attention so it’s all quite new to me. Spent most of my time so far with Super Mario 3D World, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I also picked up Odyssey, BOTW and (of course) MK8 but I’ll get into them in time. I’m trying not to double dip into games I already own on PC so mostly I’ll be sticking with exclusives. Switch Sports was in the bundle I picked up and it’s ok. I thought my 5yo would get into it but she’s not that bothered. My wife and I are playing bowling like it’s the wii days and that’s fun. The other thing is - I was surprised to not see things like Netflix or Disney. Such a nice screen, it would have been handy but I’m ok with the gaming focus. I also find the account/child/online subscription stuff a bit confusing. I think I have it set up correctly but I hate that my account can access the emulators but I’d need a family sub for a child account on the same machine to do so. I get it if you have multiple switches in the house but on the same machine? Bit tight perhaps. I’m only on the trial - don’t think I will sign up unless there’s something specific I’m looking to play on the emulators. The store feels very dated - navigating it feels similar to wii/u in my mind. I was expecting a more modern presentation (despite it being Nintendo). I’ve picked up a few things that have been mentioned on this thread but I don’t think I’d have discovered them via the store. Overall, I only have a bit of buyers remorse remaining. The software is not cheap so it was a bit of a chunky investment 5 years into the life of a system when you’d expect to pick stuff up for cheap. That said, the hardware feels great plus the games I’ve picked up will get a lot of action, particularly in handheld mode so I’ll get my moneys worth I think. Next game on the wishlist once I’ve worked through the current pile is Metroid Dread.
  3. Ronda Rousey was supposed to be in a remake of this a few years back, with her as the lead.
  4. I found the whole west side took ages to click for me today Daily Quordle 187 quordle.com
  5. Daily Quordle 186 quordle.com annoyed with not getting a 6 in the SE. All the right letters, not the right order.
  6. Could have been a 7, I just couldn’t get NE in my head without getting a 4th letter. Then it was obvious. Daily Quordle 183 quordle.com
  7. Pleasing shape, dodgy guesses. Wordle 401 4/6*
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