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  1. Kingpin

    The Jazz Thread

    I got really into the Romantic Warrior album - what a lineup. Quite a life in music. RIP
  2. I really want one of those NR200P cases but it would mean new PSU, RAM, MoBo, CPU....vs. just a new CPU and MoBo if keep all my existing bits and do the most cost-effective upgrade Lovely setup - are you just using the two fans at the top with the scythe cooler? How are the temps?
  3. I haven't watched a live fight in a while but that was intense. Caught myself shouting at the TV a few times. I'm honestly not very familiar with Calvin but Max looked absolutely spectacular.
  4. This is another, more traditional, pork casserole that works well adapted from the slow cooker recipe. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/slow-cooker-pork-casserole I didn’t really change anything - just took it easy with the liquids, pressure cooked for 30 mins and reduced to the desired consistency at the end with the sauté function.
  5. I just did this as a first run on the instant pot and it was fantastic. Currently have butter chicken on the go, maybe bolognese later. I’ll fill the freezer this weekend at this rate. I was struggling a bit for recipes but I probably just need to start adapting slow cooker recipes. That said, there’s an instant pot recipe app that seems ok and there’s a section on bbc good food with some recipes but most of the dedicated sites aren’t brilliant (that I’ve found so far) or just too US-centric. Pretty impressive though - shredded two big lumps of pork in an hour.
  6. And to her credit, she devoted a whole chapter in her book to absolutely slating one-time boyfriend Brendan Schaub which was quite funny. In some ways, the Ronda days were the best times in MMA. She was ahead of the pack and was slaughtering all-comers with that throw and inevitable armbar. It ended quite badly but it was really fun for a few years. I’m off to google if she’s in the UFC hall of fame already as if not, it’s an inevitability at some point. edit: She’s already in the HOF as of 2018
  7. Not exactly the most direct comparison but I sold my Palit 1070 on eBay last week for €225. I feel like Asus have a better rep so could fetch more than a Palit.
  8. I bought it on release, really excited to have the distraction back during the first lockdown, and just couldn't get into it at all. I slogged away to make progress as I bought it at full price and didn't want to waste my money. I made some progress but went on to other things. I recently tried to pick it up again and just got annihilated from my checkpoint multiple times - it's just not something that you can pick up and play once you're past the first couple of levels. You need to have that muscle memory, to be in the zone. Absolutely unforgiving. That will be perfect for others, but not fo
  9. For what it's worth, I own the Pro-ject DC and I love it. It's been in storage for a while as I'm moving house but I can't wait to get it set up again. When I was originally shopping for one, the people at HifiHut.ie were explaining that you get a lot for your money considering the carbon fibre arm and whatnot when I visited their showroom. I personally haven't been annoyed at the manual speed control as I see vinyl as a bit of a manual pursuit anyway but that's just me. I now have an amp with a phono stage but I was originally using the pro-ject one seen above to the
  10. I use MSI afterburner and Riva Tuner. There’s a guide here: https://linustechtips.com/topic/977649-guide-how-to-setup-msi-afterburner-on-screen-display-using-rtss/
  11. I dunno - I’m seeing my 6600k at 100% with a few older titles like Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider at ultra settings, 1440p, 144hz. It’s fine - I just turn a few things down but you can experience the bottleneck with a 3070. Nothing that would cause me to shell out straight away but something I plan to do in future. Ideally, it would be nice to upgrade CPU/Mobo knowing you could get a few generations out of the socket. AMD is currently end of line, don’t know about Intel’s current gen.
  12. In just enough time for Cyberpunk, I've finally completed the story in Blood & Wine after about 4 years of on/off playing and racking up 130 hours in the game world. That's quite a lot for me - very likely to be the most time I've ever spent on a single player game. I thought the last couple of hours of B&W were a really good encapsulation of all that is good with The Witcher - the story in the last hour or two was really gripping, the decisions I made and the resulting outcomes felt right based on my actions and decisions. I even enjoyed the oft criticised combat, and deat
  13. Mine arrived today. Really nice form factor compared to my old GTX 1070. Haven’t had a chance to play yet but ran some quick benchmarks. Pretty impressed with it - thought the 6600k would be causing some issues but seems pretty good to me.
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