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  1. Close to giving up. The Old Town dungeon with the plants and miasma just isn't fun at all and I'm still not too invested in the story.
  2. I find it very comfortable tbh. The wireless Logitech keyboard is nice but if you want to go controller-only you can enable Steam Big Picture Mode on startup (Steam only of course, not for emulators).
  3. That's Nintendo tough. They throw you a bone every two years and they know people will be grateful and even excited to pay for a game they've bought seven times already.
  4. Yeah, you really need to be in the mood for a game like this. I've accepted it as a slow-moving game to relax with (mostly), but am not too convinced of how it all will come together story-wise.
  5. Who the FFFFF came up with that forest escape idea? I died 20 times already and am still not through. Edit: and then they give you New Dam City
  6. What's NME? Anyway, I'm in chapter 2 and there's quite some truth in what you say. Lovely art style, charming locations and nice audio - but it's TOO slow for my taste, especially as the first few dungeons and the combat system are only okay. Nice bosses though.
  7. Coming from Deus Ex (Original) it felt like a bad joke.
  8. The kick at 1:47 Giving this a pass for the time being. @Moz "downgrade akin to Invisible War" is one of the worst things you can say about a game
  9. Yep. Same with Wipeout (3). It plays and looks fantastic.
  10. Is there any way to play old point and click adventures? Is there maybe ScummVM support in RA?
  11. That's exactly the point. As funny as your screenshot might be, such graphically limited games may actually promote imagination. This is why kids are supposed to read books, among others. Further reading: Taking Playtime Seriously https://nyti.ms/2GughrC
  12. By being concerned and wanting your kid to not get exposed to shit like Roblox (Google it) you're a twat? Interesting definition.
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