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  1. I'm no longer willing to pay for PS Plus as I just don't use it very often. Once every few weeks I play Rocket League online or Borderlands and I'm not paying 40 quid for a whole year for a service I only use occasionally. I'd have no problem accepting some PAYG system, e.g. paying a few cents per online session. But then again, on Steam it's free.
  2. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Apparently I'm not the only one. https://www.reddit.com/r/outerwilds/comments/byunts/after_failing_for_4_hours_to_reach_southern/&ved=2ahUKEwjzr_fkqI_nAhWGx4UKHZkACyIQrAIoAjAIegQICRAK&usg=AOvVaw0OjCdZnJi5yZVVtOjXbr6R&cshid=1579427014320 I don't understand why the devs don't want me to reach the Southern Observatory. The hassle and frustration are unbelievable. Confusing level design, the hole, the darkness, the jetpack making it impossible to land precisely, the constant falling, the jumping from elevator 1 to elevator 2 and whatelsenot. Edit. Made it after the, I don't know, 20th time or so. That wasn't fun at all.
  3. Which can make an enormous difference to a game, to be honest. See Shenmue 3 mods. I would have loved to install them on PS4.
  4. To some extent it already has disappeared. Upgradable consoles within one generation (Pro), confusion about performance mode or HQ mode, HDD space limits, installations, patches etc. In fact, as a casual gamer it's pretty much impossible to enjoy Modern Warfare. Every few days there's another GB sized update which takes one or two hours to download and install on PS4. When you only play a few days a months that's a big problem. Plus, as was already mentioned in this thread, the need to have subscriptions in order to play online.
  5. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Yes, I'm using the Polygon walkthrough. However, due to the sometimes confusing level design I find it very hard to follow. Which one did you use?
  6. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    As I made clear, I appreciate the game's exploration-based focus and to some extent I am still curious. Its mechanics and controls and obstacles for players, however, are frustrating so far.
  7. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Maybe, yes. But there needs to be a balance between hassle for players and spirit of danger.
  8. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    I'm totally frustrated. Why isn't there ANY support for players whatsoever? With oxygen and fuel almost gone I desperately try to drop into the White Hole satellite, but it's so freaking difficult to maneuver with DS4. So end I end up being dead once again and have to make my complicated way to Hanging City for the 20th time. Yes, there is exploration and yes my landings have improved. But I'm really angry and frustrated. Giving players quick save or fast travel options would have worked wonders.
  9. Has it been confirmed now that PS5 will be fully backwards-compatible?
  10. Steam Big Picture is pretty much this. There's some settings allowing you to automatically start Big Picture mode at Windows startup, so it pretty much "boots into" BPM. Regarding AAA titles being optimised right out of the box for consoles. The trouble I had with Borderlands 3 on PS4 tells a different story.
  11. Yep, this is true for me too. I've actually bought a cheap Optiplex pc a year ago and used it to play retro games and older and indie Steam games on it (such as GRIS or Anachronox). Fantastic experience, more or less. There were some issues with Steam Big Picture from time to time. It's basically the Steam library of older and indie games I'm after. I will still and probably always buy a new Playstation hardware though and play exclusives and current-gen titles on it.
  12. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Okay, I'm 4 hours into the game and I have to ask:
  13. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Adventures in Outer Wilds: directed the auto pilot towards Brittle Hollow. The ship crashed into the sun. Fell for the third (edit: fourth time. This is starting to get old. ) time into a black hole
  14. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    Okay, thanks, I'll keep playing then.
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