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  1. @Mars I'm also playing this on 360 at the moment, for the first time. Just completed the Chicago water plant mission and I'm playing in Realistic and aiming for Ghost - and this game is absolutely stunning in how well its AI works and how well you can sneak between dark places and the level design is fantastic too. I really didn't expect it to be that good. However, there are a few things that I assume games will NEVER be able to resolve. E.g. when I ve been detected just before leaving an area and entering the next one, the NPCs/enemies behave as if nothing has ever happened with their buddies in the previous area.
  2. This is something I definitely want to avoid. I'm looking for more high-damage red exercises compared to Standing Twists or so...
  3. Good to know, thanks.
  4. Is that so? As I said, I solely used Knee Lifts and Warrior 1 for Dragaux 3. Alternating, so that the skills could recharge themselves. And Dragaux doesn't have color coding.
  5. Does Skill balancing remain this skewed? Warrior 1 Pose has higher attacking levels than Overhead press? I don't think so... I was pressed for time this morning so beat Dragaux World 3 with only Knee Lifts and Warrior 1 o_O
  6. The driving was poor as well (on PS3).
  7. Thanks. In World 2 there is a mini game. I haven't done it, but is this where I can get smoothies etc. to heal myself then?
  8. Was able to increase it to 30 this morning. Nice, very nice "game" I have to say. The only problem I have and still have is the heart loss thing and Ab Guards. It appears as if I can't really influence how much damage I take and this led to Dragaux defeating me in the first boss battle. Just now in World 2 (level before boss battle) it nearly happened again as I was down to a quarter of a heart.
  9. Oh no. I tried to increase my difficulty level (was on Extreme and 28) but instead the game has decreased the level to 26 and I can't seem to raise it myself. Is there any way to increase it again?
  10. It certainly feels like a Fable-like disappointment. The weird in-game colors don't really paint a very Japanese picture and the gameplay is 100% Western, i.e. AC. In a way it's a double blow for me.
  11. I see, thanks. Had to fight him a second time, this time he flew away. So Ab Guards can't fully prevent the loss of hearts? Even when I do them perfectly?
  12. alex3d

    Xbox Series X

    Apologies if this has been asked before. There seem to be rumours about the new Xbox being compatible with Steam and having a Windows mode. Has this been conformed?
  13. So, I just battled Dragaux in World 1 and it looked like I won, but apparently I lost?!? I think I did the Ab Guard move correctly. But the world map hasn't progresses and apparently I need to fight him again in World 1. What might be the problem here?
  14. Yes, damn, I feel the same. I can't say it appealed to me. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed
  15. Allllriiiiight!! Got my copy of the game and finished the first two levels on Extreme. Nice workout so far (the 26[?] overhead presses are super challenging) and looking forward to the first boss level. When my wife uses her Switch profile in RFA she will be introduced to all the Ringcon mechanics once again, won't she?
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