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  1. Great video, thanks for posting.
  2. So, there aren't any Shenmue 4 news, are there? Has Yu now finally blown it then? :/
  3. Hi, football noob here: can someone ELI5 to me what's so bad about this Super League? A few clubs are unhappy about UEFA, abandon the Champions League and form a Super League, is that it?
  4. Hotel Mumbai No rating here. It's a shocking, devastating, absolutely devastating account of what happened.
  5. Escape from Pretoria - 2/5 I don't know... 2/3 of it were super boring
  6. The Gentlemen (on Prime Video): 4/5 Fast-paced and entertaining (you need to be sharp though to keep up with all the twists and characters).
  7. alex3d

    It Takes Two

    Same here. You need to control the camera, which complicates things a lot.
  8. alex3d

    It Takes Two

    Good, well-crafted game, a tad too difficult for my wife though :/
  9. Minari - 3/5 Good, slow film. However, IMO it's not really about "assimilation" and hence its description is wrong.
  10. Sonic The Hedgehog: 1.5 out of 5 Dead Pigs: 4.5 out of 5 (great Chinese movie, set in Shanghai)
  11. Oh, God. I wanted to get some work done over the weekend... but now I have to try Fallout: New Vegas
  12. Playing this atm and can't believe how stunningly great gunplay and damage models are in this game. A game that was released about 15 years ago. Absolutely amazing.
  13. Anyone up for this (Steam/PC). Still loving it after 40h.
  14. WHAT? Is that the studio behind Ico and SotC?
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