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  1. alex3d

    Desperados 3

    Never played the original games but just finished Chapter One in Desperados 3. I like it so far and am looking forward to the next chapters. Why isn't there any online multiplayer in this? Seems suitable for it.
  2. How about an rllmuk match?
  3. Sadly there's some truth in this. The Eurogamer review isn't too favorable either.
  4. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Thank god I sold my Switch two weeks ago. Apparently Nintendo has given up on new Switch software.
  5. alex3d

    Xbox Game Pass

    Why is Xbox Game Pass so much cheaper for PC compared to Xbox consoles? Is this correct? I only play on PC and am about to buy the PC only version... But I'm wondering about the price difference. Sea of Thieves is included in Standard, isn't it?
  6. I only watched the DF video and the devs can fuck off. I am not playing this in its current form.
  7. Same here. I'm just not tempted by it yet.
  8. Ummm.... WHAT? How do I do that please?!
  9. Who wants to play? My ID is alexdoc2020. #9890 @skittles What is your Riot ID? Can't seem to add you without it.
  10. Same here. I'm really tempted, but it does look like a hardcore competitive game with a steep learning curve. And usually I'm not good at these type of multipplayer games
  11. Valorant is excellent. How do I join the Rllmuk discord server to arrange matches? Is there an invite? edit: oh god, found it...
  12. Oh god. Yeah, that looks awful. I'm not willing to tolerate another poor performance once again.
  13. @LenI've got my new PC now. How do I join you in Tarkov? Haven't gotten the game yet though. Installing Valorant now. @Siri reg. "Phantasy Star Online 2 (relatively new overall for western servers, JP servers currently have an event on)." Are you or is anyone playing this on here? Would be interested in joining maybe...
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