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  1. Anyone else having performance issues on Steam Deck? When rotating the camera there's some nasty FPS drop, even on Low settings.
  2. I re-installed it and can't see any major change in AI driving and balancing out the difficulty level. It remains the most disappointing element of this game.
  3. Yeah... I have a cheap subscription until 2024 or so and hardly use it at all.
  4. I urgently need to stop getting more and more games on this thing... but yeah, thanks for this. It's fantastic
  5. Has the rubber band effect been patched out yet or something?
  6. Ah, that's too bad.
  7. The empty overworld was a major criticism after the first teaser/trailer. Shame they haven't been able to change it.
  8. Those pop-ins are insane.
  9. As I wrote, Metacritic 74. The Eurogamer review does read kind of bad though... https://www.eurogamer.net/sonic-frontiers-review-new-open-zone-direction-still-constrained-by-old-flaws
  10. 74 at Metacritic currently. Looks to be okay. Might give it a go once it gets discounted. From Gamespot: "Running around at the speed of sound might be a mantra of the fleet-footed hedgehog, but Sonic Frontiers is at its best when you're given time to simply explore. The music is calming and also solemn at times" Sounds like Sonic Adventure. Loved its exploration parts.
  11. A few more weeks and this thing will overtake Dreamcast as my favourite console of all time.
  12. Managed to get Driver: SF running on SD. Runs great, good game. Big, big FU at Ubisoft though.
  13. Sorry, meant the Driver SF version. Windows 10 (non-Steam), Steam etc.?
  14. These ********** launchers. (Older) Ubisoft games are almost impossible to play on SD. Tried to get Driver: SF running but to no avail. Uplay / Ubi Conncet, whatever this stupid stuff is called refuses to work on it.
  15. HELP please My Steam Deck desktop mode looks like this. How do I restore it to the standard format?
  16. Hi, did it work for you? Not sure whether or not to buy it. Haven't had the best experiences with games requiring launchers on SD.
  17. Even Season 2 of the Shenmue anime got cancelled O___________O https://twitter.com/Clarknova1/status/1574971363453857792
  18. Mine neither No, you're right. Just a bit unpleasant when playing and pausing an Xbox Cloud game. Usually I need to quit and restart the application for it to connect and work again.
  19. Sleep mode and Game Pass via Edge still resulting in connection problems. Any solution to this issue yet? Thanks.
  20. It's terrible, yes. Looks like even the hardcore-hardcore supporters view Shenmue 4 only a very remote possibility: https://www.shenmuedojo.com/forum/index.php?threads/random-shenmue-iv-thoughts.2022/page-67 Yu blew it
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