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  1. As someone earlier put - using the 2019 Vantage counts for that particular bugged accolade
  2. It's unbound by default, if you go to controller and camera settings and search for "active" you can bind it to whatever you want. LB + start together isn't used for anything so I changed it to that.
  3. Yeah it doesn't count wood apparently. Trees seemed easier to harvest but after doing a thousand wood and checking realised I'd have to go back to my underground zombie filled tunnel of mud. This one took longer than Human Fall Flat or that other one with 15 kills (Greedland....Greedwork...idk) and my GF had a State of Decay game going so I joined and she drove me to 2 plague hearts for that one
  4. Was the orange box playable on the One? I thought it wasn't ever on the bc list so therefore won't play on an S|X?
  5. Ooh amazon have taken their payment!
  6. I have been failing to keep up with this thread since preordering, but does anyone know how the following would best be managed... I've got 2 Series S consoles coming, one for my house and one for the kids. In each house there will also still be an Xbox one S being used. I know gamepass/live is sorted with an account in each house and shared by the other box (so my gf pays hers, I share; I pay one for the kids, and they share), but what about digital game purchases for non 1st party? Namely the new COD game. If the two Series S consoled purchase a copy, would that be playable on the One S's as well? Do we need to get the super expensive cross-gen version of COD? Is this better asked in the specific game thread? TIA!
  7. Of course. I'm totally AFK so you may already have been, but feel free
  8. 596 bells today if anyone wants to take advantage - I don't know how many of you still trade! https://turnip.exchange/island/075ea4dd I also have 100+ random recipes near Nooks if you want to take any off my hands
  9. Cheers Broker, just been and grabbed Celeste and left again, I have sparse stars at mine so no need to stay, and it's very full! GF is going to try to come too but she too has stars so just looking for that recipe. Thank you!
  10. Turnips are 493 on my gf's island of anyone wants to get rid of theirs early on. The week neither of us buy any haha https://turnip.exchange/island/728e5a2a
  11. I'm open, not sure there's much to see haha
  12. I've accepted your request. Let me know what you'd like, inventory space means I can bring 39 at a time I reckon haha
  13. Does anyone still need any flowers of any type? In chasing the blue rose (which I now have 2 of lol) I've been hoarding all other types and my island is awash with the fuckers. I have limited seed colours but far too many of all other hybrids of all species. I'd love to be able to move them on to somewhere else rather than just dumping them. If anyone wants any let me know, I can't even be bothered shaking trees or bashing rocks right now because it's all so crowded. My friend code is 7067-2862-4315 in case adding me makes things easier. Free delivery!
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