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  1. As far as I’ve figured out, the blue portal always ends the game. The purple one starts Endless mode, and the red one starts Overlord mode. I’m not really sure what either of those means exactly, except that Overlord mode seems to be like playing with a higher curse level? I think which portals appear depends on how how quickly you finish the level, but I’m not really sure and it doesn’t seem to explain any of this anywhere.
  2. Yeah, I had the same interpretation of that line on the ship as you. 😢
  3. Aren’t they the things with the roman numerals next to them in the Unlocks list on the main menu?
  4. Syril? He’s not from Ferrix is he? I think he’s living with his mum on Coruscant now. I’m guessing whatever ends up happening to Andor’s mum will be what fully radicalises him.
  5. I think there are still three more episodes to come, including next week’s.
  6. Given the demo doesn’t seem hugely different from what was shown in the video in the OP almost 2 years ago, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was still a while left unfortunately. I selfishly kinda wish he would just focus on the town building part and release that by itself, and then add the combat stuff later, since I’d love to just be able to build villages and go wondering around them while they work, but I’ve always hated combat in city builders, so the prospect of that being in the game almost puts me off.
  7. I played just over a year’s worth of the demo this afternoon and can confirm: this does have some really nice weather effects. Lovely muddy roads after spring rains, fog hanging over forested hills, yellowed grass starting to show while the snow thaws. It’s very impressive for a something made by one guy. The demo itself is a bit rough around the edges. There’s a noticeable amount of placeholder or missing UI elements, and - unless I was missing something in the rules for upgrading housing - the tutorial takes a very “draw the rest of the fucking owl” turn around three steps in, when it seems like you have to figure out essentially all of the available production chains at once without any instructions.
  8. MrCarrot

    Papers, Please

    Look at the caption below that image in the post - that's not the C# code
  9. I don’t think her health is going up there (or at least not because she’s healing), I think it’s a side effect of Tiche’s black blade effect wearing off. You can see the black shading in Malenia’s health bar disappear at the same time her health appears to increase.
  10. It's also a bit confusing that the breaker is outside a door labelled "Generator". I found that before going into the main bunker, while my objective was still something like "search for the generator", and spent 10 minutes thinking the mission was bugged when I couldn't find any way to sabotage it.
  11. The shackle also works for (general catacombs spoiler)
  12. Yes, but it depends which bit you want to get to. Some of it you can access straight away, some more opens up when you
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