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  1. S1E2 talk. The mushroom.bit is really funny.
  2. I love my PSVR but the thing is such a hassle to set-up that I stopped using it. A single cord is fine, if it's as simple as Oculus Link for example. Probably best quality-wise. Astro Bot 2, Alyx and the rumoured Horizon spin-off would make for a nice line-up. And perhaps they'll make a VR version of Resi Village as well.
  3. Count on Horizon being the big holiday game for this year and GoW 2 to move to next year. Returnal I'm feeling pretty confident about, quality-wise.
  4. There's a scene in which Sub-Zero cuts his opponent, turns the blood into an ice-spear and stabs said opponent with it and really, what more could you want out of a Mortal Kombat movie? Poster:
  5. Will probably review real bad, but I have a soft spot for MK and martial arts tournament movies, so I'll give it a watch. The costumes, fighting and gore look on point at least. Sub-Zero in particular and having him played by Joe Taslim doesn't hurt either.
  6. 2019 was a stellar year with some great new IP and the Allies discuss Sekiro, Control, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. Huber plays some RE2 near the end. Game discussion starts around the 37 minutes mark.
  7. The terrible conservative uncle stereotype? That's basically James Woods. Him and Jon Voight.
  8. Fucking LOL. https://deadline.com/2021/02/gina-carano-mandalorian-ben-shapiro-hits-back-cancel-culture-1234692971/amp/?__twitter_impression=true From Disney to fucking Ben Shapiro is one hell of a career decline. Can't wait for this movie starring Gina Carano, Kevin Sorbo and a special guest-appearance by James Woods. Poster art by Doug TenNapel.
  9. Just that both are rumoured to be revealed soon.
  10. Probably a State of Play further down the line.
  11. Could be that the pandemic slowed things down, but Sony probably wants some space between Returnal and this. It's a pretty busy period with Returnal -> Resident Evil Village -> Mass Effect Trilogy -> Deathloop -> Ratchet & Clank and possibly Kena: Bridge of Spirits and next-gen versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Death Stranding as well.
  12. She made fun of trans people as well. Garbage person. And all those crybabies on the right who now complain about cancel culture probably overlap nicely with those who demanded that Colin Kaepernick got fired for bending the knee during the national anthem.
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