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  1. I'll say it again, but the Atropian Blade is really good against the drones and the Automatons, especially when powered up. People are sleeping on that blade, man. Also, I didn't want to derail the other thread but noticed this comment from @Jamie John I was wondering what you found incoherent about it? Ambiguous sure, but it's pretty coherent in my head at least. Though I guess it helps that I've seen a linear version of the story for work and no, I can't share that. So I know for a fact they have a clear vision of the story, they just told it in such an ambiguous way that you can interpretet it in multiple ways, even though most of the theories I've read are two sides of the same coin. I get they're not for everyone, but these games that basically give you lots of puzzle pieces for you to put together (see From Software as well) are some of my favourite games in terms of storytelling, because it never gets in the way of the gameplay (and almost becomes a game in itself). Like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, there are few cutscenes and a lot of it is tucked as lore that you can read/listen whenever you want. There are a few short (but well-made) cinematics (I think there are only four if you include the secret ending?) and then there are the House sequences, but they are fully interactive and I found them more intruiging than just clicking through multiple dialogue windows (looking at you, Hades) or watching hours of cutscenes (looking at you, Kojima). That and I really enjoyed reading the interpretations and plot discussion on Reddit and ResetEra. Was a bit like Bloodborne in that regard, even though that game had a bigger community.
  2. It adds a new House sequence and cut scenes. No new levels or bosses. So if you want that then no. I've done multiple runs since the full ending to play with other weapons, unlock new traits and artefacts, find new lore, doing challenge rooms and hunting glyphs, but most importantly: anytime I pick-up something else I realize it doesn't play as well as Returnal and go back to it. If you want more challenge, pick a weapon you're not familiar with and do every challenge room and avenge every corpse you fight.
  3. This is a cool series. I recommend the Joe Taslim, Daniel Bernhardt, Gary Daniels and Mark Dascascos episodes.
  4. Don't sleep on the Rotgland Lobber either, especially when you have some traits unlocked. It's a more technical weapon and it has a short reload window but if you nail the reloads it packs one hell of a punch.
  5. Marko Zaror as well. I hope some of them team-up with John, instead of fighting him because John would be totally outmatched.
  6. Was it one of those Severed that deploys laser drones? Those are hard as nails. Dreadbound is probably the coolest wapon in the game, but it takes some time to get used to. It's almost worthless as a long distance weapon but you feel badass as fuck when you fuck up everything with that thing up close. The first biome is a lot of fun with the Dreadbound.
  7. One could say the true Returnal starts here, where you don't play it safe and you just move around like a space ninja while shooting everything to tentacled gibs with the Spitmaw Blaster. I find Ixion's patterns way harder to deal with, even now. With Phrike, all you really have to do is dodge away when he does his slash attack in his third phase which he telegraphs quite clearly. Which admittedly did fuck me up when I was trying to beat him with charged shots from the Coilspine Shredder. In general, I feel the bosses in Returnal are nowhere near as hard as your average From boss, but they are really cool.
  8. I do think Ixion is probably the hardest boss in the game. Even on many replays he can still give me trouble in his third phase.
  9. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-07-15-somerville-is-chris-olsens-game-and-its-not-a-puzzle-platformer More at the link.
  10. Not really any noticeable ones. My experience has been similar to the DF test where they stated "it's about as locked 60 fps as a console game really is". Probably some minor drops that I hardly noticed. Nothing that impacted the fun really. Save function, yeah, I hope Housemarque is working on one as so many people are asking for it. Could get them more sales as well as I've seen people who are really exicted about it, but won't buy it without a save function. For me Rest Mode works almost flawlessly, but I have no kids to worry about that want to play something else. I did have a good run ruined by a system update last week which was frustrating at first but then my next run was even better so I moved on. I do hope that my glyphs aren't glitched though as I kinda want the Plat. Normally I don't care about that shit but this is probably my favourite game since Bloodborne so I want to 100% it.
  11. The only times I lost progress beyond my own play was through system updates. Super hapyy that I'm completely crash free, even after well over 100 hours. It all runs flawlessly for me. Not even a single glitch. I remember all the stories about Miles as well, and I think I had one visual glitch and that's it. Perhaps I won the lottery with my PS5 DE. (It will probably explode tonight now that I wrote this)
  12. I love all the John Wick movies. Superb action cinema and the new one has Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror? It's gonna be all kinds of ace.
  13. Upgrades you unlock like suit artefacts and weapons traits are added to the pool, which means you can find them in future runs. Permanent upgrades are things lke the blade and grapple, which you keep as well. You also keep Ether and shortcuts and you don't have to fight defeated bosses again unless you want to.
  14. Age 43 and still playing the games I want to play. Which the past few months is mainly Returnal which I love deeply and am real close to platinuming but the RNG is a bigger hurdle than me aging.
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