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  1. If you have a strong Rattler (I believe that's what it's called), it works well against Stormbirds after you've tied them to the ground. Stormbirds are powerful enemies though, so try tackling them when you have purple gear.
  2. Definitely invest in the Ropecaster. It's an essential tool.
  3. A From game without bosses would be awful. They make the most memorable bosses in all of gaming and that rush you get when defeating them is unrivalled. More bosses, please. Man, Sword Saint Isshin was such an amazing fight (you could stealth most of the mini bosses in Sekiro BTW)
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2022/01/19/expanse-finale-politics-international-relations/
  5. Good year for sci-fi games eh? As for Returnal's soundtrack, I can definitely recommend listening to Citadel on your headphones in bed if you want a nice jolt of existential dread before going to sleep. One of my favourite pieces isn't on the OST and it's spoilery (Biome 4) but it's one of the best moments in the game.
  6. It's cool to see all the Returnal and Housemarque love. It's a bit of an underdog story and while the game reviewed well, I think it's mostly word of mouth that is carrying the game. That it's still on the first page without hardly ever leaving it is testament to that. To go from page 1 when there was hardly any interest in it to where we are now is super cool.
  7. To add to this, I follow multiple Housemarque people on social media and while they do comment about theories and praise some of the psychoanalysis people come up with, they never outright confirm or deny any theories. They clearly want things to remain ambiguous. Also: For those who do not know, shoot statues with yellow eyes.
  8. Yeah, it's an enjoyable watch. The bit with the kitchen droids was hilarious.
  9. Returnal uses it in a far more interesting manner, as it's actually weaved into its narrative
  10. https://www.denofgeek.com/games/the-best-games-of-2021/
  11. There is actually a guy who completed the whole game with just the sword. Regarding bosses if you haven't beaten any, I'd definitely go in with an extended health bar, a good weapon and at least one large health vial (I think these are better than the Astronaut, though that one is a nice bonus). Also, a high adrenaline level has some nice boons, even though it might be tricky to maintain. But yeah, pattern recognition is the most important. Movement in Returnal is more important than shooting.
  12. I wouldn't go that far but I definitely found it an ejoyable watch. It's hardly The Expanse but I had a good time with it. Fennec Shand is one of the better new SW characters.
  13. That was some wonderful television. Gonna miss this show so much.
  14. Was playing some Resogun Commando Mode with a friend tonight. I bloody love Housemarque.
  15. Really? I don't think I ever tried it to be fair, as many enemies fire a stream of bullets or rays. But I'm gonna give it a try on slower projectiles then. Pretty cool that even after over 150 hours played this game can still surprise me.
  16. No, but it does a ton of damage and works great against flying enemies.
  17. I think you mean the Dreadbound? That's definitely one of the coolest weapons.
  18. Yeah, it's definitely a great weapon if you play agressively. I do think it's less effective in B2 and 3 though, when you're dealing with more flying enemies and bigger distances, including bosses. But it's one of my favourite B1 weapons. Also, it can't be stated enough how good melee is in this game. The sword is a very good weapon.
  19. I would definitely try to unlock traits, as they'll be added to the pool for future runs and make weapons a lot better. Same with the Ctonos device near the ship that you can unlock items from with Ether. I love the Spitmaw, it's a beast of a weapon, but it's a weapon that demands an up close and personal agressive style of play, which is probably something you don't want to do unless you feel more confident. So I'd focus on the other weapons right now.
  20. Alec 'Rock Paper Shotgun' Meer has joined Housemarque.
  21. And to add to that, instead of just grabbing every weapon that becomes available, start unlocking traits as these will be added to the pool for future runs. As for favourite moments, the build-up to the B4 boss is probably my favourite as well. But I also love the intro with that fantastic Bobby Krlic' music, the B3 boss, all the House sequences, the Just the feel of controlling Selene, the amazing haptics, that wonderfully amospheric dark sci-fi setting that out-dreads Metroid Dread. Basically this whole game man.
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