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  1. Milner has come out against it. Fair play.
  2. Isn’t Steve Parish the guy who voted along with 19 other clubs to charge fans £15 last year for PPV games? Like he gives a toss about fans either. Greedy shites the lot of them.
  3. It has nothing on what Harchester United have been through.
  4. Shevchenko

    The Spurs Thread

    Ryan Mason until June and just a week before the cup final. Strange timing.
  5. I am surprised they did it before the final. I thought they would have waited, so something must have happened behind the scenes. Crazy thing is that Mourinho won’t even be mentioned much today with all the other chaos. He must be furious.
  6. Spurs were clearly invited because the other 11 teams were impressed with the cheese room rather than the trophy cabinet.
  7. I think the leagues will come to some sort of compromise. The big leagues don’t want to lose their best teams, so there will be some sort of pay off. Same with Fifa. As for UEFA, I can see two club competitions going on. The ones not invited to this will get the UEFA spots. Eventually one of them will die in a few years. But this is just a pure cash grab from all clubs involved. Real Madrid have a stadium to finance just like Spurs do. Barcelona are in big debt and the Spanish government won’t be bailing both them out. Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United are all owned by American l
  8. This what happens when you let leeches takeover football clubs. It’s been well known that Arsenal and Man United owners don’t care about winning. Man United won early on in Glazers reign due to Fergie and not them. Arsenal owners were just happy getting champions league football under Wenger. So not surprising when champions league for both clubs isn’t guaranteed every year that they are looking to this. The Italian and Spanish clubs have been jealous of the TV money that English clubs receive. I think eventually Bayern will follow suit, but they won’t leave the Bundesliga for this.
  9. Yeah, but the bummer is you need to finish Homefront or reach near the end. Why can’t they just release Timesplitters separately?
  10. The only logical explanation would be that it lines up with the TV series release. But I am hoping the TV series is just a whole new take on the story.
  11. Shevchenko


    Arsenal didn’t learn anything from Man Utd post Fergie. Poor recruitment, giving big names contracts when it’s best to replace them. Get rid of Arteta and replace him with a manager. You tried to experiment and it’s failed. No point waiting till Ozil comes back and that’s if Arteta wants him back. That’s going to make Arteta look weaker in the dressing room. Real Madrid and Barca can take gambles on ex players as manager because their squads are usually filled with world class players and worst can happen is they will finish 4th. Arsenal can’t do that and Arteta is taking
  12. Question yourself this, how many prem clubs would hire Ole? If he wasn’t your ex player, he would have been gone by now. Setting up without the ball is the easiest thing to do in football. It’s when you have the ball it’s the hardest thing to coach and Ole has done abysmal job considering he’s been your manager for a year. There’s no patterns of play or any thought going into the forward play. Big games it’s just counter and soon enough like you said the big teams will figure that out. You would be crazy to just wait till the summer. If Pep leaves then no doubt City will ta
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