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  1. Well looks like it’s still happening without the English teams
  2. Won’t happen and same with how UEFA deal with racism, which they should have been taken to task for. Found it funny when Linekar said he won’t cover any super league games, but will be there in Qatar for BBC. Qatar is much worse than this situation as people died.
  3. They want competent owners and Glazers are just leeches who got lucky Fergie did all the good work. All they done in the last 8 years is destroy the work that he has done. Glazers pushed for the super league just like Kronke because champions league wasn’t guaranteed like it was under Fergie and Wenger. That was hurting sponsorship deals.
  4. I was joking with the hero part. Come on Gabzy. I am just saying Glazers are still going to be there making the decisions. Its a small victory in a big war. It’s the same with all these American owners in the premier league. They all need to be removed for trying to turn teams into franchises.
  5. So he was always leaving. So like I said they will hire another yes man to replace him at the end of the year probably Matt Judge who gave Phil Jones a new contract and the root problem will remain.
  6. They just going to hire another yes man and it will be back to 100%. Maybe Ed wanted to quit the super league and they weren’t having any of it. Maybe he was the hero that you didn’t see.
  7. Not sure why you happy unless it means Glazers are gone because Woodward was just their puppet. They will just replace him with a new one and I bet the Glazers are going to make him take the fall for this. Nothing will change unless the Glazers themselves are gone.
  8. Nah, Barca will let fans vote on it before agreeing. Atletico are pulling out.
  9. Not a big fan of salary caps because it just means more money for these greedy owners. These owners would love that to happen. The best solution would be the German 50+1 model. Give the fans back control of their clubs. Premier league football lost its touch years ago. The ticket prices are a joke compared to Germany. You would think with how much teams make with the TV money that they would lower the ticket prices, but nope they just keep increasing them.
  10. Why don’t they just buy clubs in Asia or America and sign whoever they want. Leave us here with our legacy clubs. Premier league is as much to blame as these owners. They let the leeches in and the only reason they blocked the Saudis was because they pirated football and not because they had a man killed in the Turkish embassy. Champions league in the last few years has been good to watch. Some of the groups can be boring, but there are other groups that can be entertaining. We had two of the founder clubs, Dortmund and Shakhtar in one group. Inter finished last. The Man United, PSG and Leipzig group was good too. I just don’t get this urge to change it. Yeah you going to get a few teams that are not going to be as competitive, so what you going to do? Throw them out or something. They got in the tournament by right. The knockouts have always been good. This super league is just meaningless friendlies with no consequences. How will that be entertaining? Klopps right that nobody wants to watch Madrid vs Liverpool every year. The fixture loses its spark. Plus how many times is Man United vs Liverpool going to happen in a season as a result of this or Barca vs Madrid. I also don’t think some of these clubs have thought about the impact of their brand with this super league. A lot of these clubs besides Spurs have won stuff. Some of these clubs will be laughing stocks in a Super league. Man Uniteds brand got bigger because they kept winning. In the premier league they are going to win most their games. In a super league that won’t be guaranteed. How is that going to generate new fans or even sponsors? I know United have been shite in recent years, but in the premier league they still are favourites for majority of games, where as in the super league they could be potential whipping boys for the rest. That goes for Arsenal and Spurs too. This is driven by two Spanish clubs that have been jealous of the prem money. One that needs to fund a new stadium and the other that has been mismanaged for a decade, somehow managed to waste £200m that they received from PSG. Looks like the government isn’t bailing them out, so they looking to this for the solution.
  11. Milner has come out against it. Fair play.
  12. Isn’t Steve Parish the guy who voted along with 19 other clubs to charge fans £15 last year for PPV games? Like he gives a toss about fans either. Greedy shites the lot of them.
  13. It has nothing on what Harchester United have been through.
  14. Shevchenko

    The Spurs Thread

    Ryan Mason until June and just a week before the cup final. Strange timing.
  15. I am surprised they did it before the final. I thought they would have waited, so something must have happened behind the scenes. Crazy thing is that Mourinho won’t even be mentioned much today with all the other chaos. He must be furious.
  16. Mourinho has got the sack.
  17. Spurs were clearly invited because the other 11 teams were impressed with the cheese room rather than the trophy cabinet.
  18. I think the leagues will come to some sort of compromise. The big leagues don’t want to lose their best teams, so there will be some sort of pay off. Same with Fifa. As for UEFA, I can see two club competitions going on. The ones not invited to this will get the UEFA spots. Eventually one of them will die in a few years. But this is just a pure cash grab from all clubs involved. Real Madrid have a stadium to finance just like Spurs do. Barcelona are in big debt and the Spanish government won’t be bailing both them out. Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United are all owned by American leeches. I am surprised by Chelsea and City because their owners haven’t really been in it for the money. I guess the insane money on offer was too tempting for Roman and the sheikh.
  19. This what happens when you let leeches takeover football clubs. It’s been well known that Arsenal and Man United owners don’t care about winning. Man United won early on in Glazers reign due to Fergie and not them. Arsenal owners were just happy getting champions league football under Wenger. So not surprising when champions league for both clubs isn’t guaranteed every year that they are looking to this. The Italian and Spanish clubs have been jealous of the TV money that English clubs receive. I think eventually Bayern will follow suit, but they won’t leave the Bundesliga for this. But they definitely would leave the champions league, if they are given the option.
  20. Yeah, but the bummer is you need to finish Homefront or reach near the end. Why can’t they just release Timesplitters separately?
  21. The only logical explanation would be that it lines up with the TV series release. But I am hoping the TV series is just a whole new take on the story.
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