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  1. I think it's probably just me not being used to it. I think I'm just being a bozo and pressing too hard on the sticks tbh. I'll try being conscious about that and seeing how I get on.
  2. Has anyone else had any issues with pain in the hands when using the dual sense? I'm mostly an Xbox gamer but managed to swipe a PS5 this week so it's a controller I'm not 100% used to. I had a couple of hour session on Returnal the other day(amazing game btw) but I've had mild pain in my thumb joints since then. I'm thinking it could be gamer thumb but it doesn't seem to fully match as that seems to refer to pain all the way up the thumb when this is specifically my joints. I have an idea that it might be from pressing the sticks in as I found that a little uncomfortable and maybe I was pressing a little too hard.
  3. There was definitely more of a push for saying it would aim for 1440p when first announced etc. I'm not bitching really I can still play it on my Series X
  4. Yeah was going to post that this is looking like 1080p on series s. On my 1440p monitor it looks quite blurry.
  5. Golf story is still the best golf game on switch
  6. So you could say it's an avalanche of studios? Maybe? I dunno?
  7. I'm hearing rumours of something going on with Avalanche Studios from various corners of the interwebs. That could be interesting
  8. That's actually incredible. Congrats!
  9. I'm hoping it's just an error on their site as it's saying dispatched today with premium delivery...
  10. Wtf, I ordered this on Amazon on Tuesday and it's saying it's not going to be delivered until next Wednesday?!?!
  11. I'm having a weird issue with my series x. I have it set to home Xbox but whenever I go offline I can't access any of my game pass games. I'm pretty sure that you were allowed at some point. Does anyone have a couple of minutes to see if this is just unique to me? Edit: Weirdly, I also downloaded halo wars 2 on gamepass. Then I purchased a copy and now it's not letting me play that offline even though I own it. At a guess I'd say it's still recognising it as licenced via gamepass rather than purchased..
  12. Does anyone know if it's worthwhile installing the hd textures on this on a series s? I mean it looks great without I'd just like to remove that it could look better niggle from the back of my mind..
  13. I have a spare series s being delivered tomorrow from very. I ordered before ordering one from Amazon and was unable to cancel the very one. If anyone is struggling to get one before the end of the week it's available at cost. If not I'll be returning it on friday
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