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  1. Solidarity brother I hope my resolve holds out when my country plays; it didn’t toward the latter stages for Russia
  2. I’m a divorcee with three kids, so that doesn’t leave me a lot of time to game but I bought a PS5 primarily for me (under the pretence of it being for my middley - boy 8 - who is gaming crazy). I tend to play for an hour or so most nights after the kids are in bed so don’t make great progress and don’t bother trying to be at the bleeding edge (I’ve just started playing Ghost of Tsushima). My eldest - girl 10 - has only just started showing interest in games really, stuff like It Takes Two and Overcooked and iOS rubbish floats her boat. Probably my fault because when she was little and the only child I still played adult content and kept it till she was asleep and chores were done. When the aforementioned middley came along I had settled into fatherhood and quite happily played at all hours with him sat in my lap watching. All sorts of games. Overtime it became something I could do with him, he showed interest and developed his own interests. He’s played games he probably shouldn’t have (both TLoU games and loved them) but he’s quite mature for 8 and (I think, or hope) understands these are just games. He’s a good lad. My stance with adult content is that if we can talk about it together and I can get a sense of what he’s feeling or thinking about the subject I’ll let him dip his toe in the water and see how it pans out. He takes a ‘no’ or ‘enough now’ with good grace. The only game I’m still holding out on with him is GTA V. Not because of the game play really, more the language that is everywhere. That’s suddenly become more difficult because I just paid up for the PS5 enhanced version. My youngest - boy 5 - looks up to his big brother and took a lead from him and very early on connected up with the Take Two lego games. He loves the marvel avengers lego and has pretty much figured it all out and unlocked all the minifigs by himself, it’s also really solidified his reading skills. Dead chuffed. So now I have the PS5 downstairs (generally used by whomever gets there first whether it’s to watch stuff or game). A switch that’s somewhere in the house with whichever kid picked it up. My old PS3 upstairs on a tv in the boys room. And my PC and steam catalogue on another tv in another room. When there is down time and no stuff to do you can generally find my kids playing somewhere. They do get fresh air though when the weather is fine. It’s all worked out to be quite balanced (now were out of the initial trauma of the divorce). And then when they’re all finally asleep I either catch an hour myself, or continue bashing away at Clash Royale with the rest of the muk
  3. The pantomime, so bad it was ‘good’ etc. 8 episodes isn’t much and I gave it a chance but throughout I found it a tough watch (but not for the right reasons such as This Is Going To Hurt).
  4. This felt like watching a pantomime. So wooden. How it played out was telegraphed from the start. Not sure what you’re all seeing in it. That said, it kept me watching till the end, and I’ll grant the attempt to brain Reacher with an empty cardboard box in the final fight was a laugh out loud joy to behold. I won’t return for a second season.
  5. I’d love to see a full length ‘mid credits thing’
  6. That said, in ~10 years time when phase 6 (?) is climaxing I imagine we’ll all be whooping and hollering and applauding. Back at the start of phase 1 it took a while for me to fully buy into the universe. I immediately fell in love with ironman but didn’t really give a monkey’s about Norton’s hulk, cap 1, thor 1 etc
  7. ive donated my code to @JoeK
  8. If anyone is still looking to pickup a PS5 I’ve just received a Currys PS5 VIP code. Valid for use until 19th October. First person to ask via PM can have the code edit: gone to @JoeK
  9. Candyman 2021 2/3s trad 90s horror sequel, 1/3 social commentary, a tight 90 minute run time, and a decent continuation of the Candyman legend. Really enjoyed it, some really nice touches. Candyman and Candyman 2021 are worth the watch; Candyman 2 (Farewell to the Flesh) and Candyman 3 (Day of the Dead) not worth the effort
  10. Cowgirl for me. Opening bars and lots of lovely memories of my misspent youth come flooding back dancing till sunrise gurning at all and sundry.
  11. If I wanted to buy exodus (PS5) do I want exodus @ 34.99 or exodus gold edition @ £15ish pound? Do both get the PS5 patch?
  12. Really comes alive if you can find someone to play co-op with
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