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  1. Widmore said Jacob visited him after his freighter was destroyed and persuaded him to see the error of his ways. I guess when the mercs and the freighter arrived Widmore was pursuing his own goals.
  2. Supermarkets on the way into work then. Get sleepy supermarket employee, hoping for a slow start to the day at 7am, to delve into their delivery boxes and find me a copy before it reaches the shelves.
  3. Has anybody else considered that IF Jin AND Sun are both dead, then the third Kwon, their daughter, could be the Kwon candidate (she's nowhere near the island, and given that we only have 4 episodes left it's unlikely, but have been wondering for a while whether we'll end up with a "shit none of the Lostees are the candidates we want, we got the wrong Kwon's to the island" moment).
  4. Maybe her other pals are Vs also. Trust nobody.
  5. I had a packet of the Roast Beef and Yorkies yesterday - didn't think they tasted too dissimilar to the Roast Beef and Onion flavour Walkers do. Certainly on a blind tasting I think i'd be hard pushed to tell the difference.
  6. Yes, most certainly. All three; though due to the hair, head position and face, 1 and 3 moreso.
  7. I presume you mean the bit in the EDIT, not the bit where all I've done is look at photos of the lad from episodes that have aired As for the bit in the EDIT. Yes, it's guesswork. My theory on Lost has been pretty much settled for a couple of seasons now. It may/may not prove to be right - but I'm sticking by it.
  8. I remember being awestruck by the original series back when I were a lad - a stay up and sneak to the spare bedroom to watch it moment for the young me - so I really want to enjoy this and episodes 1 to 4 were enough to bring the nostalgia. I think I may still enjoy it what with the introduction of , but boy, episode 5 didn't do much for me. I have episode 6 lined up to watch tonight. The with Morena Baccarin, who looks better with long hair in Firefly, wasn't the CGI laughably awful? For a scifi show that is forced to use unhealthy amounts of CGI you'd think they'd have done a better job.
  9. Or you know, maybe it was a third brother. He was killed and that's why Jacob and MiB had a big falling out to start with. Great episode though. Was nice to get an answer about the whispers. I'm a little perturbed about how Ben has been reduced to a bit part character now. I hope there's a bit more about him to come. EDIT:
  10. Despite having images turned off for just this eventuality, wouldn't it be prudent for someone (poster or mod) to add a "NSFW" to that post and turn those images into links instead. Can't say the Music folder is one I've ever had to worry about at work - not even given it a second thought, nor should we have to - my employer would take a dim view of all three of those pics, and even dimmer of one of the three.
  11. why don't you just sit him in front of your consoles, offer him your entire collection, and let him choose based on his whims?
  12. awwww so sweet. Defeated by the Doctor and sidewaybobs son.
  13. That very attitude is prevalent in lots of forums where the content tends to be mostly subjective, Hoop, not just music. Film/tv, art, literature etc.
  14. There's no need for that kind of snarky comment based off a few opinions on her early work being better than the current schtick she, or her label, are pushing. I would, however, pay more money to see Prince do that than I would to see him do what he usually does - it would be out of the ordinary for him and I imagine a pretty special event in a legendary career. However, difference being, I like what Prince does normally. I don't like what is considered to be normal for LaGaga.
  15. Although, if you consider the fact that we all think we have noticed moments of recognition in the sideways flashes when main chars see reflections of themselves, maybe it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Kimi knows something more.
  16. Yup, I heard it as "you" as well. EDIT: However, a friend who is working from home today, just rewatched that scene for me/us to confirm and although, like me, when watching it last night he thought he heard 'you' he is now convinced he hears 'island'. Unsure... They were also talking about 'the arab' in that scene, could be 'island' mixed up with 'arab'? I'd say it's easier to mistake 'island' for 'arab', than it is for 'you'.
  17. Whilst they talked about a need and a desire for new material during the Zane Low session, not sure it'll happen this year. Foo fighters are back in the studio, or about to go into, admittedly with the song writing mostly done on their last tour, and QotSA are appearing at various festivals this summer (implying a possibility of some Queens studio action to follow). Homme has been talking about a new desert sessions for a while, implying earlier this year that it was due to occur this year. Not sure where TCV would fit in the time. I wager next year now. Don't get me wrong I'd be deliriously happy if we got another TCV offering as well as a new Foos, BUT I'm keeping my fingers crossed right now for more Desert Sessions and QotSA.
  18. Whilst flying around the map just to get an idea of what's what I stumbled across an island and the game's nod towards Lost. Love it, Made a save so I can go exploring and see how many other 'easter eggs' can be found on that island. EDIT: I knew there was a (or more) Lost easter eggs in the game but didn't know where, so was sort of looking for it, but just didn't expect it to occur as it did in game.
  19. Resurrection, but just grabbed this from HMV for 8.99 on bluray. Not my first time seeing it, caught it on bbc4 last year, it certainly stands up to repeat reviewing...though maybe only to those fanatical football fans amongst us. Not sure it's a film that really shows bluray off but for the price it was an easy decision over DVD.
  20. All fair points ZOK. I guess we could go around in circles naming artists in a similar vein. For me Goldfrapp and Murphy fall into a totally different camp to Gaga, I guess that is evidence of my own failings / small mindedness though. Shall we just leave it as 'not for me'.
  21. @ZOK That's certainly a possibility, just not one that I buy into.
  22. I'd rather her do well in her pre-Gaga sitting at a piano, looking normal and singing emotively character. Oh, that's not a character, rather just her without the jazz hands and mad clothing. It's clear that the people with the money didn't have any faith in that incarnation of her breaking any markets, so they have to add additional value. Like a few others, this thread's popularity explosion of the weekend encouraged me to give the album a chance. Listened to the album a couple of times this morning, the second playthrough was a proper chore, couldn't wait till it was finished. It does nothing for me but each to their own. Add me to the 'just not getting it' crew. It's not even getting me tapping my feet as infectious pop music can do. And Alejandro belongs in the realms of the worst of Eurovision.
  23. So the old TCV thread seems to have gone AWOL. Only 2 pages of music threads existing now...what's happened here? Am I being blind? stupid? both? Anyhow, Them Crooked Vultures were in session on Zane Low last Wednesday (24th March), thought some of you may want to listen again. Listen again. Starts approximately 1 hour into the show. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO LISTEN ON THE IPLAYER. There's also a 25 minute watch the session available on this page.
  24. Now, THAT is an album. Mudhoney are the forefathers. Oh and I guess I should answer the OP. I'm a Bleach man, am also in my mid 30's and I'd heard of this band Nirvana and an album called 'Nevermind' incoming a long time before it was actually available in the shops to buy. As I remember the NME at the time was raving about it a good 6 months before the album landed on our shores. So naturally I scouted out their first album, Bleach, and fell in love with the raw power and intensity. But equally, that's what drew me to Mudhoney's early work.
  25. World War 2 Online? Ropey engine, fantasticly involving game.
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