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  1. World War 2 Online? Ropey engine, fantasticly involving game.
  2. Graham

    Gigs 2010

    Summer Sundae, Leicester's festival in August, and The Black Keys, O2 Birmingham, July 8th. Not been to the Oxford O2, but my experience of Birmingham, Newcastle and Brixton is all very similar. People turn up at all manner of times, the keen ones early so they can bag front row by the barriers, but then you'll also find those sorts who turn up in good time, or late, and are just confident enough to push their way through the crowd to a preferred spot or to the barriers. Sharpen your elbows in preparation to hold your ground, but also be friendly and not too pushy as people move past you into space that isn't really there. It all just sort of works out in the end cos there's space for everyone. At a goldfrapp gig I'd expect the majority on the floor to be dancing/moving so you probably won't be able to hold the same position all night. I tend to try and find a position midway between the sound desk and the stage and then just go where the crowd surges take me. Sound quality is pretty awful at times in the aforementioned three that I've been to.
  3. And yet I'd wager numbers who are contented with the current direction are equally as large (if not larger) as the 'quite a bit of discontent' you've read about on t'internet. Personally my appetite for Lost hasn't diminished in anyway and am quite happy to let Lost go in whatever direction the writers have decided to reach the finale, at which point we'll be able to assess the direction of the show from start to completion. How about we all just see what comes between now and the finale and then thrash out the "I loved it" / "I hated it" discussions.
  4. I'm in whilst Battlefield Bad Company 2 holds my attention. Not sure how long that will be for, my early opinion after a weekend with it is that it's not as good as Battlefield 2. PSN ID = Grazel Prob will be on for a little while this evening, but have a regular Op Flash game with buddies to look forward to from 9pm so BFBC2 time will be tight. Chances are I won't be back after tonight till Thursday evening.
  5. Having finally got around to seeing this over the weekend entirely agree with Uncle Mike's assessment above, so will sum up a very short post with impressive to look at, narative dull as ditchwater. Walked out of the cinema thinking that I'd rather have my tenner and almost 3 hours back, thanks.
  6. Eurogamer review is meant to be appearing this afternoon (acc. to staff member in the AvP comments thread).
  7. New PS3 patch when I loaded up last night. 1.09. Having trouble finding patch notes anywhere but it did appear to stop the care package glitchers whilst I was playing (didn't see it occur all night). Anyone have a definitive list of what was fixed? Was playing pretty terribly last night, dying lots (some would say what's new), so figured I'd go with my Ripper class and whilst getting marathon pro and lightweight pro miles clocked I'd also be stabby stabby and reach the commando pro achievements. Then got bored of running around like a lunatic so turned to FFA, for the first time ever. Didn't think it would be for me, prefer team games, but wow. 1st game changed my killstreak rewards to include uav, care package and sentry gun so I'd hit some useful killstreak rewards more often (basically I'm lucky if I get to 7 kills in a row and can whip a harrier out) and included hardline in my perks. Had the best rounds I think I've ever had with UAV more or less constantly up (I can hit 2 targets without dying frequently...i know, pathetic, but you gotta work with the skills you got). Came second in the first match and won the second and was top half of the table for the rest. A really pleasing evening.
  8. Arf, just to say that this has reminded me of my early teen years with an Amiga and the waggle heavy 'game' that was Bedroom Olympics. Think Daley Thompsons Decathalon, with a chap hanging out (literally and figuratively) with some hardcore chicks in a bedroom. As a early teen it was mind blowing, as an adult, I'm not sure I see a need for my games to simulate sex to that same degree of player participation.
  9. Do you start off with kinesis? And I'm guessing you don't start with stasis based on the wording of the question. I'm really very early on in the game - sat through the overly long opening cut scene (just wanted to get at it), survived the crash, and then wandered the first few room and corridors till I got stumped by these 4 monsters in an open area (remind me of The Thing). Not entirely sure what I have - I think i just have the vertical / horizontal dismemberment tool thingummy. Apols for the lack of terminology - i haven't quite cottoned on to what all these monsters and weaponry are called.
  10. ah stomping for boxes for ammo - that's something that has definitely passed me by. Keep my eyes open for stompable boxes. Cheers people.
  11. So I picked this up on PS3 as I was passing through Sainsburys the other day as they had it on sale for a fiver. Seemed rude not to. Fired it up on medium difficulty. Died horribly when I found a room - fairly near the start where i was attacked by 4 monsters at once (I think I paniced and aggroed everything in the room). Ran out of ammo far too quickly for the vertical / horizontal dismembering weapon thing. Loved the atmosphere but have I missed something glaringly obvious? How the hell do you deal with 4 of the early monster types in one go? And if the early monsters are giving me trouble - doesn't bode well for later on in the game. Restart on easy?
  12. I imagine he had some form of teleprompt to fall back on should he forget his lines. Was a fascinating insight into Pratchett.
  13. Nearly every PSN lobby and game I joined last night had the infinite care package glitchers ruining it. So, in the games where no other bugger was playing properly I took the opportunity to change my air support class to include marathon and lightweight, and just ran around the outskirts of the map to cover the distance required to get to the pro versions of marathon and lightweight. Covered about 6 miles in all last night, stopping every now and then to whip out my stinger and take down the enemy air that kept arriving.
  14. I'm by no means a great player, I tend to die twice as much as I kill (my ratio, last I looked was at about 0.6), but I'll give these a stab. Depending on your playing objectives it can be useful but it's by no means important that you do so. If your objective is levelling up quickly then I guess it's beneficial to pick a gun, work through it's challenges and when you hit all the challenges, change gun, rinse, repeat (i.e. earning the xp from completing challenges for guns gets you ranked up quicker). If your objective is just playing, for fun, it's not important at all. Play with what you feel comfortable playing with or get enjoyment out of or that makes you a better player for the duration of a round. I think it's always worth giving new guns that you've unlocked a bash for a few rounds to see how they perform but there's no hard and fast rules. Just pick what you fancy. I guess you can break it down to assault rifles = medium range, sub machine guns = close range, light machine guns = mid to long range, snipers = long range etc. and so certain guns suit your own play style better than others. Personally I started with the SCAR, because it had balanced stats and I knew no better, and have since moved on to the MG4 and more recently the AUG light machine guns. I find I'm a much more effective player from distance in a supporting role witha light machine gun - and so I get more enjoyment out of being more effective for the team. You hit the nail on the head in your first sentence really. Learn the maps. It really does make a difference. When you get sniped from distance, watch the killcam and either decide to make your way to your revenge via a different route, or just take an alternative route and go do something less boring instead. Don't just keep running the same route and embracing a quick death from the same chap. Also learn the joy of grenades, or the grenade launchers (generally referred to as noobtubes), to ruin a campers day. Experiment with chucking them left right and centre to work out how far you can chuck them. And with what accuracy. I didn't to start with, I do now. I've set up my 5 classes in a similar way to the default 5 but with alternative weapons and perks. I have a medium ranged assault class currently with the ScarH (so I can complete the challenges), a close ranged assault class with akimbo P90 sub machine guns (very fast rate of fire but at the expense of accuracy). A support class (my most played) with the AUG and the Stinger anti-air (it seems no bugger takes air down when I'm playing, so I defaulted myself to doing it, and the AUG is a beast of a gun). A ripper class when I fancy being the annoying dude running rings around the map. And a shield class when I'm feeling like being helpful to my teammates. Having all the classes configured just gives you more scope to changing your play style midgame if necessary. The only class I don't bother with is a snipery type class - I'm generally rubbish with snipers in most games, so just don't bother. Aye, a guy who has set himself up to run around the map, at speed, knifing people up close and personal. You see them coming, you fumble with your gun, by the time you're ready to fire they're already on top of you and have knifed you in the guts. Generally involves levelling up a pistol for the tactical knife, and using Lightweight, Marathon and Commando perks to make you quicker running around and have a longer strike range when it comes to the stabby stabby moment.
  15. I'm quite happy playing Rambo with the Lionel Blair of guns - what does that mean anyway, the AUG can do a mean foxtrot? - but then I tend to play as a support role, not often I go off hunting by myself, tend to find a partner and hang a little behind him/her as fire support as they move around the map. When they run into trouble, I'm there to provide covering fire. When I do find myself running head long into an oncoming opponent, yes it is slower than most to bring the sights up, but at that close distance I'm generally spraying and praying without the sights anyhow.
  16. Yup, this weekend on PSN has been a waste of time really. At least it has for me. Aforementioned lag blighting games, if you're lucky enough to get into a game. I think I've seen "Could not migrate host information" this weekend more than I've had hot dinners across my entire lifetime. Sometimes in game, sometimes at the lobby. Very frustrating.
  17. I am indeed shamelessness and I'm proud of it. I stand corrected over the clavinet. It's still a mighty song...whether it's disco-eligible or not, but,for what it's worth, it falls under my disco umbrella.
  18. Similar, could change depending upon my mood, and as a result of there beind so goddamn many wonderful disco era tunes! But for now have this... shit, I appear to be about to slip a second one in and willfully gone against the rules set out by the OP. Apologies but surely you'll forgive a little wonder? Sir Duke Basically if there's a clavinet involved that makes me think disco.
  19. Graham

    Gigs 2010

    So far two @ Birmingham Academy, The Temper Trap and Imogen Heap. And Glastonbury.
  20. fair comment - as I say had never really considered it like that - my first use of cold blooded and scrambler coincided with a reduction in the amount of times I died, so lazily assumed they both offered me some use, but looks like I may have a spare perk slot to reconsider. I still think that not appearing on radar to foot soldiers is fairly useful - but maybe not as useful as I once thought. EDIT: And of course, scrambler pro delays enemy claymores giving you more chance to survive the blast.
  21. Interesting, had never considered it like that before.
  22. I'm pretty similar in that I generally only play those modes also. I have all 5 custom classes configured for different situations (sniper, close combat, medium distance combat etc.), though I tend to run with my 'support' class which is typically: Aug BAR with grip Stinger Scavenger Cold Blooded Scrambler Martydom Claymores Stun Works a treat - the Aug is a beast of a weapon - damage and accuracy over range and quick to reload. Stinger for those times when we need to clear the skies. Scavenger for resupplying andhaving plentiful claymores, cold blooded and scrambler to make it that bit harder for the enemy to find me on radar. EDIT: Was using the MG4 before I unlocked the Aug. THen also sometimes swap to a P90 akimbo setup for maps that are smaller scale and I find myself running into trouble too often, or fighting players much better or with a faster response time than my own - as i find it balances my lack of skills against their higher skills.
  23. It's one of the reasons why I just mute everyone, unless they are a friend I want to chatter to. Have no patience for trashtalkers and have no desire to join them. The other reason being that when I'm gaming I generally clam up, such is my concentration, so I'm no fun to be trying to chatter at. People will come, sit next to me and chatter at me whilst playing and I just can't get the words out. As soon as I give up on the game and start chattering my game goes to shit. I am a single tasking man, hear me chatter, or watch me play, but don't expect both!
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