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    Mario Kart Wii

    I've received the same today. Talk about a tease. Anyhow, it's so that Nintendo don't consider Gameplay as breaking street date. I've just spoken to Gameplay and they were given dispensation to send wheels early, but not the game. Games are being sent today.
  2. Graham

    Mario Kart Wii

    Woot. [Gordon Ramsey]Gameplay order change from from ordered to complete. Done.[/Gordon Ramsey] I guess that means if you ordered from Gameplay before 03/04 (last thursday) you should be alright for some racing come the weekend.
  3. Graham

    Mario Kart Wii

    Checked 30 mins or so ago and no dice. I only ordered last week when the game was still listed, but if the reps word can be taken as gospel (fingers crossed it can) pending successful payment I will still get a copy of the game and spare wii wheel from their initial stock. Again providing the reps word is gospel, I expect I'll see something later. No panic here.....though when I get the dreaded 'your order cannot be fulfilled' email my other half will make my life hell till i get out and find a shop to sell me it - she's very excited by the prospect of a weekend of kart.
  4. Graham

    Mario Kart Wii

    Further to those of us ordering with Gameplay - Mario Kart and the Wii Wheel peripheral have now been 'delisted'. An online conversation I have just had with one of their representatives: Gameplay Rep: hi how can i help? Graham: Hi, i have just logged in to my gameplay account to check on my Wii Mario Kart order and clicking on the constituent parts of my order it appears that both parts have been delisted from your system. What does that actually mean? Gameplay Rep: yes we have now fulfilled our pre-orders and started taking payment for the orders now Gameplay Rep: providing your payment goes through fine then you will still get a copy Graham: ok - all well and good - but can you explain to me why the items are displaying as 'delisted' when i click on each of the items of my order, and why you can no longer search Gameplay.co.uk for Wii Mario Kart Graham: the Wii wheel, and the game, are no longer displaying on your website - as your page is telling me, they have been 'delisted' Gameplay Rep: you cannot search for the game via our webiste because it has been delisted from the site so no more orders can be placed Graham: right, ok, I see Graham: ok, final question, providing my payment is successfully authorised, do you have enough copies of the game to satisfy all orders placed up to the delisting Gameplay Rep: yes Graham: ok - thanks for your help today. I look forward to racing Gameplay Rep: no worries Gameplay Rep: have a good day Gameplay Rep: bye Graham: and you, cheerio
  5. Graham

    Mario Kart Wii

    Has anyone with a Gameplay order had or seen any sort of processing confirmation yet? Mine is on 'Ordered'.
  6. Omor? No - warrior tanked him, hunter and pet (me) dealt with the adds, both mages primarily helped drop boss then all turned to aid me finish the adds off (oom so quickly so relied on my boar and growl to keep their attention whilst I auto-shot). Actually kinda lucky I guess, I got the curse so just kept well out of the way of the mages and priest, whilst also keeping the adds on my boar - though the fact we had 4 adds surprised me, was expecting just 2 beefed up adds. It was all a bit messy but it worked.
  7. Great, thanks MotiVater. The group we took last night are mostly 2/3s instance blues and blue/green quest rewards. Will just give it another bash later then. Did find it comical that when the trash did get loose on us and run riot, the squishies were running back from the graveyard before you could blink.
  8. A handful of my guild and I finally got on the heroic road last night. Ramparts, seemed like the obvious place to start. Anyhow, all went swimmingly really, with the exception of Vazruden and Nazan, where we wiped, wiped, wiped and wiped again and then our healer had to leave so we called it cos we couldn't get a replacement. Think the closest we got Nazan was to about 20%. With the exception of Nazan's fear it seemed to us to be basically the same fight. Dropping Vazruden was straight forward, but Nazan's fear just threw us all out of whack - each time dropping everyone fairly quickly after the fear with his flame pools and flame breath. Group was 3 squishies (priest, mage, mage), semi squishy hunter, and non-squishy prot warrior. So whilst looking online for heroic strats it seems there's a serious dearth of information available. Figured maybe here would be a good place to start talking about them. So, as a starting point, is heroic Nazan really just about some additional fire resistance in addition to the normal strategy to allow a little extra time to DPS Nazan down? Obviously in comparison to the cutting edge, we failed significantly here and have a long way to go still, but we are a very casual social guild so thats no surprise to us.
  9. Not true - I just placed a Mario Kart Wii order to be delivered to my workplace (which is NOT my card registered address).
  10. [short drum roll with cymbal crash]
  11. When my gran taught me it was heat it fairly slowly to 115.5 and then take it off the heat and don't start folding it till the temperature has dropped back down to at least 110.
  12. As Supernashwan implies, it's ALL about hitting the right temperature with fudge - namely 240F 115C. How did you go about making your fudge?
  13. Knowing full well that the majority here are horde with muk I did know it was going to be a somewhat futile effort and was going to be on the receiving end of some banter - which makes it all the sweeter as steel slices through alliance/horde flesh.
  14. Arf, I guess that's to be expected...BUT I do have 2 more replies to my alliance thread than your horde thread EDIT: make that 1 more reply now that rattlehead has piped up. Elune be praised! Speak up fellow alliance before the horde rabble shout me down.
  15. So, are there actually any alliance Rllmuk'rs on Ravenholdt. Other than me? Is it worth trying to get together to mash...er, I mean be pwned by the MUK premade team Flick is trying to get together?
  16. Another that springs to mind is Sia Furler - the female vocalist often found on Zero7 material.
  17. If you have space in your bags, take everything that a mob drops, regardless of whether you can actually use it. The stuff you don't want, can't use, is trash, sell to a vendor. If your bags are full and you can't take everything thats dropped AND if you are fairly close to a vendor, go sell the trash in your bags and return to collect what you couldn't pick up before. Look after the bronze, and the silver and gold will look will look after themselves.
  18. Seems we're all thinking along similar lines. For a bit of diversity I'll add Ungoro Crater - just for that moment we all must have experienced whilst questing there. It's a dark night. A little foggy. You're in the middle of the zone, dropping the revasaurs for whichever quest it is. All fairly humdrum and comfortable. You accidentally zoom the camera a little further out than usual and SHEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, lumbering out of the fog and just a little too close to your aggro zone for comfort, comes one of those hulking great elite tyrannosaur sized revasaurs. A true heart in mouth moment.
  19. Am totally with you on STV, especially on a PvP server. The jungle zone is delightfully realised, thick with atmosphere and wickedly stylised, but also because the level range of questing is so diverse (from low 30's to mid 40's) until you reach mid 40s and can comfortably run the zone without drawing mob after mob into a benny hill chase behind you it's a constant worry that you're edging ever closer to the aggro range of the tough as old boots mob that is just in sight behind you. With a neutral city and an alliance and a horde outpost, add to that the possibility of running into high level players running the zone for ganking-fun (come on, we've all done it), just on their way to the now fun-run instance, or being ambused by a horde/ally rogue or party of similar level, the tension whilst questing there is palpable and as a result the place is such a joy to play. For low level players (well players who are actually suited to the content) it's the first zone that really makes WoW feel like it's alive. A world - not just a selection of zones stitched together. Too often other zones feel balanced toward either horde, or alliance, STV really does feel as though it's a zone being torn in two opposing directions. In outlands, I heart Nagrand. Huge, pretty, quests a plenty, green rolling hills, a fun world PvP event, and plenty of people to run into and quest with, or bash over the head with a big pointy stick, it's easily my favourite Outland zone. And of course, it's a skinners/leatherworkers dream (both of the chars I consider my mains have either skinning, or leatherworking). Though for looks, it's all about Zangarmarsh with it's oversized mushrooms.
  20. Fudgetunnel and Silverfish (not sure who was supporting who) at the Princess Charlotte (before it changed from pub with backroom that put on gigs, to proper venue), Leicester. Imagine it must have been Fudgetunnel supporting Silverfish as Fudgetunnel only had a handful of songs they repeated twice. Something like 1989/90. Main memory being some young chap climbing up the speaker stack to the side of the stage midway through Fudgetunnel's set, throwing himself from the top, the crowd parting and him landing face and shoulder down on the hard floor of the pit. The gig continues and next memory is the ambulance crew making their way through the crowd to where poor chap now lies, having been helped to move a little further out of the pit, whilst we're all going mad to what we later grew to know as Gut Rot from Fudgetunnel's 'Hate Songs In E Minor'.
  21. closed....on 3 separate occasions...during the week....gulp...
  22. Are any of you fellow Ravenholdt's able to confirm more or less consistant high latency over the last few days/nights i.e. in the red at 1900+ as a maximum and in the yellow at around 500+ as a minimum? If not are any of you with Pipex and are seeing similar? It's making the game unplayable and I'm trying to work out whether it's me, Pipex or the WoW servers so can start to think about solutions.
  23. Just for completions sake, Leicester: Rockaboom (formerly great indie and rock, average for dance really) sadly now look fairly sorry for itself. Still a great place to go chat to the owner about music, but vinyl has dwindled massively to a small 2 or 3 row rack in favour of all the CD releases. CDs that are there tend to be new releases and some old stock that just hasn't shifted. Still orders anything you want in though, and very competitive prices. BPM (formerly great dance music store) now full of CDs of m.o.r and new releases alongside again a much reduced selection of vinyl. Sad to see what was once an exclusively dance oriented store selling robert palmer cds. 5HQ (SS's store) closed down. Gone mail order only. In all three cases think the advent of internet shopping, and for cd's supermarket prices, has killed these great little indie stores. That said, I'll fight the good fight and give Rockaboom (being more rock / indie oriented these days) all my cash for music purchases till the place closes - have been shopping there since my teen years. All that said, another nod for Selectadisc in Nottingham. Great store and seemingly still going very strong.
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