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  1. Playing this on steam and have lots of Unknown Sting Id placeholders all over the shop. Does anyone know a fix? Game is up to date.
  2. Graham


    Also available on 30th, new Bon Iver album. I’ll be starting the day with Tool, following it with Bon Iver and then probably rotating through then both.
  3. Wow where is this? May not be perfect but what a setting
  4. Sorry, no can do. Not here and not till I’ve seen it tomorrow morning.
  5. Seeing it tomorrow morning with my 5 year old. He went to his best mates party this afternoon. Best mate saw it on Friday morning, told him to tell said best mate if he tries to talk Endgame with you tell him “no spoilers”. So we’re just running through what has to happen in the morning before we leave. Leads into talking about Endgame. A: “In Nana and Grandpa’s paper it said....” Me: “No. No spoilers!” A: sheepish grin “Ok. But at sebby’s party he said...” Me: “NO! STOP.” A: sheepish grin “Ok” Silence A: “it’s some kind of REDACTED” Me: Vader Nooooooooooooooo
  6. Graham

    Clash Royale

    Also rewards to collect on the trophy road...if you have played ever you will have rewards to collect. Here’s what I’ve been rewarded and I’m up to about the 3000 trophy level (another 1.2k to go): CURRENCY Gold x 31916 Gems x 100 CARDS Archers x 2 Arrows x 318 Baby Dragon x 24 Balloon x 8 Barbarians x 135 Barbarian Hut x 10 Bats x 79 Battle Ram x 8 Bomber x 175 Bomb Tower x 10 Bowler x 1 Cannon x 4 Cannon Cart x 2 Clone x 1 Dark Prince x 2 Dart Goblin x 58 UNLOCK Earthqu
  7. Ffs QPR sack another manager. 7 in just over 4 years. As a kid I wouldn’t have thought twice about ditching this shower for a better team, as an adult I’m saddled with this shit.
  8. I thought it was a tie in with the colour scheme of the quantum realm suits.
  9. Judge Reinhold’s Runaway Car ”a trainee nurse, a skateboarder, an internet businessman and a baby are trapped in a speeding car that no one seems able to stop” https://youtu.be/XD9hSKIJkGM
  10. Mark Goodyear’s thinking face and the 3d stereo sound is gold! Gold I tell you. As a child of 74 this brought back so many fond memories.
  11. Graham


    My cheapo of choice for frequent drinking and for guests I don’t want to waste the good shit on is the Aldi Oliver Cromwell London Dry £14.99/ litre and very drinkable with a decent tonic. as a next step up I’m really fond of Brockmans (crush a few blueberries in a shot glass, top it up neat, knock it back...luverly) Recently fell in love with Vidda Torr Nordic gin. Don’t know how to do pictures but do know I can’t go gin shopping without Ginventory (iOS app that aggregates user reviews of gin, suggest best serves etc) unless I go to my favourite off-licenc
  12. Truth, I didn’t see any of what the reviewer saw in the movie, but elements of his thoughts did start to ring true afterwards as I thought on them. I just thought it was an interesting take to ponder.
  13. After seeing YWNRH and whilst I enjoyed it but didn’t really get it I went to IMDB to read a few user reviews. One offered a perspective I just didn’t see whilst watching it but made some sense in hindsight...
  14. Super Ray Super Ray Super super Ray He’s got no hair but we don’t care Super super Ray
  15. There’s also desert suitable clothing obtainable out in Gerudo Wastelands.
  16. Lol brilliant. And that is one of the reasons why I I love this game. Same achievement wildly different paths.
  17. @dood don’t fret! Not a problem. I’d forgotten about the statue in the temple of time, and had been praying to the statue outside of the village where the tech lab is that begins with an H but all that did was tell me I could sell my hearts/stamina to it and buy back...rather than just swap orbs for hearts. Hence my confusion. Have since found other statues to pray to. anyhow am now 6 hearts having done a few more shrines and explored further a field. Currently saved on Ruta to do whatever that ‘dungeon’ requires of me. Loved the whole sequence of travelling to Zora’s domain (thoug
  18. Gosh! How do you even go about doing that? Beautiful did the spring of wisdom last night, top of lanayru mount, still only got 4 hearts but cooked me up some cold and health food and just kept plugging away. Feel a little like I’m making it hard for myself (haven’t figured out where I can get more heart containers yet) but learning loads about the mechanics of the game. Gaming for 35 years or so...haven’t had the ‘must get home from work and get the kids to bed so I can play’ feeling in sooooo long. It’s a glorious game.
  19. Thanks. I scoured the area last night and found nothing. Will look again. However, unless the game throws in ‘similar but not quite the same as the memory’ areas (which would be the first bum note I could speak of) I’m convinced I’m in the right place.
  20. Stumbled across one of the memories last night...but there didn’t appear to be anything to trigger. Do I have to do something or should there just be something obvious to interact with in the area.
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