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  1. Hey alls fair in love and war. And I WAS milling around near Falcon what'sitcalled...and when I saw you, you brute, I did engage you as opposed to the 60something you were accompanied by.
  2. Beko - or Beeko, depending upon which char I've got going on. 70 rogue, or 61 hunter. Bring it on - it's all part of the game.
  3. Arf, Notshrek - no fair - you just destroyed lil ol 60 me, alliance hunter, in Hellfire Peninsula near Falcon Watch. You big bully.
  4. I'm not aware of a national website. Certainly would be interested if there was. Check your local government website. I guess there are two ways of looking at such schemes. 1) We're eating in establishments with better records for food hygiene, safety, storage etc. but 2) We're no long eating in some of our favourite restaurants due to the ratings they've received.
  5. It's not just a London thing. Leicester city council have a Smilesafe scheme. I'd imagine other local government websites provide similar.
  6. Urgh, agree. I had the dubious joy of having to sit through that on Saturday night also. I thought that at some point it would let up with the overly schmaltzy constant christmas and relationships love-in and just be a fairly lightweight comedy - but it didn't! Totally sickening.
  7. The Darjeeling Limited. I'm guess I'm biased though, am a huge fan of wes anderson movies, and had long been waiting for the release of his latest. All of his movies just seem to manage to be emotionally touching, really vibrant and full of life despite generally being based around fairly sad themes and with great dialog between the major players. I've sat countless times through the couple of hours of each of his movies thus far and the goose bumps, the glassy eyed teary happiness and the huge grin on my face never seem to diminish, despite knowing exactly what's coming.
  8. 200+ 300 point cards are there right now. Go go gadget get!
  9. 200+ 1000 point cards are at the store right now...and the website is surprisingly quick to respond also.
  10. Roll on the next time I get to see them (6 and counting now for me). I'm counting the days in fact! Anyhow, I can't stop going until I've heard "You Can't Quit Me Baby" live. In fact, I'd love for them to do a play the entire album tour (can't remember the tour name but I saw Mudhoney do Superfuzz BigMuff at Koko a year or two ago) where they focus on their self-titled debut. Still my favourite album for that sludgey slow grind sound.
  11. Elmo, I see you have membership over at rekordsrekords forum, can you shed any light on the set list from Brixton to save me going through the brixton thread?
  12. Over on the rekords rekords QotSA forum there's a chap dishing out audio of some of the recent concerts from his minidisc. Go take a look see if Brixton is available. Notts from Sunday night is (albeit at low quality mp3 but it's better than nothing - claims to have lossless also - will keep my eyes out for that).
  13. Ah, misread elmos postthe following post was written believing you were at Rock City Rock City? My other half and I were there. We'd have been the midgets (5'4" and 5'8" respectively) in the moshpit near the huge chap in the white t-shirt toward the right hand side speaker stack - you know the chap who only had to flick you and the mosh flew sideways with the force great fun - didn't think much of the 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster but thought Queens delivered a great set across all the albums - not too "Era Vulgaris" centric. Been a while since I've seen Rock City that rammed - really jammed us all in didn't they? set list: Hanging Tree Burn The Witch Misfit Love Do It Again You Would Know Go With The Flow 3s and 7s No-One Knows In The Fade Turning On The Screw Little Sister Battery Acid Make It Witchu The Bronze Lost Art of Keeping a Secret Sick Sick Sick encore: Feelgood Hit Of The Summer Song For The Dead
  14. I tried my local Blockbuster (Leicester, Narborough Road) at lunchtime and got a categoric "Blockbuster policy will not allows us to break streetdate, even if other stores have." bah!
  15. Graham


    I can't remember whether I'm thinking of CoD4 or Crysis Demo but one of them had a key binding you could set in the Control options menu. Else, could use Fraps. The unlicensed version allows you to take screenies in BMP format and take movies of up to 30 seconds in length.
  16. Graham


    TomFX, out of interest, what else are you running with your GTX? And what settings have you chosen in game? Just interested for comparison sakes if nothing else. I have an A64 4200+ dual core, a BFG OC2 version of an 8800GTX, 2Gb Ram, Vista 32bit and in DX10 mode, at all high settings at 1400x900 and the beta drivers nvidia released for the demo am ranging between 20fps and 30fps - so playable enough, I just don't remember it looking quite as good as in the screenies you've provided. I guess static screenshots can actually be misleading in terms of how good something looks so will wait for retail on friday to see whether I get better performance than with the demo.
  17. Meh! I can live with second class (providing I've been organised enough to buy tickets well in advance of gig). I started using them cos they are east midlands based (my region) and due to them being vocal about donating 10% of booking fees to good causes - now it's as much habit as anything else that I turn to them first. In a world where ticket resellers (in my experience) were only about ludicrous charges on top of high cost tickets and take take take I find it refreshing that there is a reseller with a slightly different angle.
  18. Quick response from Gigantic customer services. Worth posting in case anyone else used them. Their allocation of tickets for the Notts Rock City gig were sent yesterday, second class post, so should start arriving from saturday onwards.
  19. Ok, thanks all, off to Gigantic customer services I go then.
  20. elmo & anyone else who has bought tickets for the end of November dates. have any of you received your tickets yet? if anyone else is doing nottingham, specifically the Rock City tickets. we all bought around about the time of the postal strike. I've not seen my tickets yet. I'm just looking for confirmation from others before I approach Gigantic (the ticket reseller).
  21. Before you part with the readies for Hellgate London, I implore you to go try out the demo first. For me it put me right off the game, despite it certainly having that "equipped item" lure that Diablo has. That said, the demo is 1.7 gb as I remember, so it's hefty, but rather spend a few hours downloading to try than waste 30 bob.
  22. At the start of the year I bought this and am really pleased with it, Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries. It's written more as a day by day diary brim full of the recipes Nigel Slater (allegedly) cooked throughout the year than an out and out recipe book. Unusually for a cook book in my household it has also found it's way out of the kitchen and onto our coffee table just to read in quiet moments. And more recently I been cooking ideas that come from this, Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes. There are some absolutley delicious lamb meals in there.
  23. http://www.gigantic.com/gigantic/home_quee..._stone_age.html Are claiming there are still Rock City tickets to buy (also other venues). Got mine at 9am with ease. Saw Queens on the Songs for the Deaf tour at Rock City and they fill the venue wonderfully. It's not too big, not too small and it almost feels as though you're on the stage with them (and it's fairly easy to slip backstage - bumped into Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet on my last back stage visit (pre OD) stood outside his dressing room chatting away to all and sundry = me all dumbstruck of a fellow I've followed since my teen years). Easily my favourite east midlands venue.
  24. That would certainly explain why I couldn't figure out to do it - so those squeals of "Medic!" aren't from fallen comrades who I'm trying to heal by standing on them and pointing my heal-o-matic ray at them, rather falling comrades on their last few health points who i was happily ignoring. Eeeek and by equal measure, arf! Never really played much of the original TF so I'm learning as I go. Thanks.
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