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  1. So I was running around hydro and gravelpit behind a HWguy last night healing away as a medic for the first time, whilst those around me were screaming for heals and tyhe on screen directional hints popping up willynilly. couldn't for the life of me work out how to revive fallen comrades though - can someone let me into the (no doubt sumpremely easy) secret?
  2. Brixton for the Lullabies to Paralyse tour wasn't too bad at all. Left with a certain amount of tinitus, but it was one of the few times I've been there where I was happy with the sound for the actual gig. Have faith that the Queens will tweak it. That said, I'll be hunting for Notts Rock City tickets (Leicester locality, you see?).
  3. This is great news. Am SO there. Rock City for me. Hanging on the telephone/interweb on friday morning then.
  4. Graham


    ) and he's a complete shit. What plasmids would people recommend for taking him down? At the moment it's just a case of shoot, die, revive at vitachamber, repeat. When I encountered him I lured him to behind a counter, then jumped up over the counter to the otherside. BD just stood there whirring and swinging and getting angrier and angrier because he couldn't reach me via the shortest path whilst I just picked him off with electric stun plasmid and lots of poxy bullets. There was one point where he almost worked his way out from behind the counter, but a bit of movement on my behalf soon tempted him back down to the deadend I'd originally trapped him in.
  5. Seconded - I'm totally disappointed that they removed the online play from the Wii version (though not wholely surprised by the decision) so have yet to pick this up in favour of waiting till I hear/read some user opinion.
  6. Graham


    Stolly, I think the incompatibility is due to Bioshock originally not supporting Shader Model 2.0, only Shader Model 3.0. An X850 is a shader model 2.0 card. However, there has been a hack/fix so the game will play on cards that have shader model 2.0. Look here for info.
  7. Graham


    My order is from .co.uk - they claim it was sent out on the 24th and that delivery could occur up to the 5th September, so I have to wait till then before I can get amazon to refund/resend. I'm thinking it's gone missing on route to me.
  8. Graham


    Ahh, that relieves the frustration a little. I'm also waiting on my copy from Amazon. The email claimed it was sent out last friday.
  9. It's a shame, but expected, that it's an arena tour. I wish bands who have 'achieved' would play smaller venue tours in between the larger venue tours. Probably not very cost effective for them, but, having seen the Foos at the NEC on the previous tour I have no interest in seeing them again in a similar venue, it's all so cold and souless in a warehouse.
  10. How about a fallow year (or two) where there is no big brother and no celeb big brother. Allow us some peace during the summer so we can forget about BB and then bring it back reinvented somewhere later on down the line. When it returns it would be like a new program again and I'm fairly sure the viewing figures and general interest would probably match early series. It may even reduce the number of wannabes who apply cos it's been out of the limelight for a while. I remember watching series 1 and 2 fairly religiously - basically down to the novelty factor of an interesting new program. Since then I've dipped in and out, less so as each series has arrived. I find myself resenting it more and more due to the type of people (the celebrity-via-BB-at-all-costs type) who are typically getting into the show and for the appearing-to-be-more-fixed-each-series cash cow it has become. This year, because the morning repeat of little brother clashes with my rice-krispy time, I've kept more or less abreast of all non-events that have happened via Dermot without watching a single night time show. I can't say I'd be massively disappointed if I never watched Big Brother again, but it would be nice, one day to be able to watch it with genuine interest in the 'experiment' again.
  11. I guess the £79.99 I spent on Virtua Racing for my megadrive many years back is my most expensive lemon. I knew I didn't enjoy racing games, still don't to this day, and yet i went through a must.have.it moment.
  12. Graham


    Ah, but tails never fails.
  13. Thrall is limited to three deaths from when you free him before he despawns and you have to reset the instance and start again. If you don't reset epoch hunter will still hover outside the inn, flapping around and dissing the party, and will refuse to budge past the 1% mark to his death. Somewhat annoying, hey? On alliance side on Ravenholdt i'm in a similar position - have been in there so many bloody times but due to a mixture of bad guild and PUGs I've never managed to beat the damn Epoch Hunter - and I only want to do it so can get into BM and get my kara key activated.
  14. Ok, thanks all. I appreciate your input.
  15. Right, so need to stress the importance of using 'target of target' and healing Thrall as a priority so he can remain standing and tanking. Also fill bags with mana/health pots/water/grub etc. to help take some of the stress off of the healer and recharge in time for next fight. Thanks both - will give that a shot later. How many mobs do we have to face before we reach Tarren Mill and Taretha? We'd made it to the bridge across the internment huts (which isn't that far from the Keep exit and the wilds of Hillsbrad) and I think we faced 3 sets of mobs - does that sound about right? or is there another as we approach the Keep exit. And then Hillsbrad is just a run across the countryside to Tarren Mill?
  16. I realise I'm alliance, and I'm not in muk, but I am on Ravenholdt and I am attuning to Kara, so indulge me if you will. I have my 3 key parts, I have to go to CoT and let Medihv (sp?) activate them but before I can visit him I've got to do Durnholde Keep. This is where my problems lie. Last night at about 6pm I thought to myself "easy, I'll go get Durnholde Keep done tonight with a few guildies and randoms". So I form my group, we head off, we reach Durnholde Keep. Clearing the way - no problem. Setting the internment huts ablaze - no problem. Defeating Lieutenant Drake - no problem. Into the keep to speak to Thrall - no problem. Then Thrall starts running like a fool and we fall apart. We were a 70 holy priest, a 67 warlock, a 70 fury Warrior, a 70 ice (i think) Mage and myself a 70 combat rogue. And for those three Thrall tries you're allowed before the instance 'soft resets' either Thrall was being killed after the 2nd or 3rd group of soldiers or we were being killed due to not being able to apply enough CC because Thrall has run straight into the next mob (i.e. basically my sap cos we're already in combat - the mages sheep was working a charm). The only thing I can think of is that the fury warrior was our weak point as he couldn't reatain enough aggro and the mobs were hitting all and sundry (particularly the priest and mage and dropping them quickly). We had 6 attempts and failed every time and then quit in frustration. What is the tactic we're missing?
  17. Gahh! Tell me about it. Tried this yesterday - couldn't get up on the invisible block for the first wall run. Face the corner and did the backward jump etc. - tried to replicate everything the video showed - no dice!!! So had to pass that chest. And then had failed attempts kybosh me every other time I tried on the remaining chests. Despite being 350/350 think I'll have to search out an enchant before I try again.
  18. Great - thanks for all the advice folks.
  19. Sorry scruffycat, translate for me would you, 'non HWL set'. HWL being?
  20. Howdy fellow folks of Ravenholdt and other fine PvP realms, I've managed to ding 60 and 70 with various casual characters without ever really taking PvP seriously. Upon hitting 70 on my rogue I started doing the Arena with a couple of guildmates and find that with my picked up through questing PvE gear I get sliced and diced so very quickly that I'm effectively useless. I spent most of yesterday in AV earning points and honour marks - and thoroughly enjoyed myself - and now have a plan to earn myself the Grand Marshal's rogue set to give me more of a chance of survivability in the Arena, allowing me to start learning and earning Arena points for spending on Arena kits and weaponry. So my question is is the Grand Marshal's leather PvP gear worth the effort? I can currently afford two pieces - and have a selection of other marks earned over the past 70 levels to go towards the other pieces when I have enough honour again. It's certainly a step up from my PvE gear in terms of the stats that I think must be important in PvP (resilience, stam, agi) and only somewhat of a sideways step in stats like crit and attackpower. Is there something else I should be driving toward? End of the day I figure I have these honour points and bg marks so they're wasted if I do nothing with them - but am unsure whether Grand Marshal's is worthwhile.
  21. Just nearing the end of Tom Bower's Broken Dreams and it's been a bit of a disappointment really. A book about the corruption of English football since just before the rise of the premiership, who takes backhanders, the power struggles between premiership chairmen, the FA and the Premier league etc. etc. Reads a bit like an accounts spreadsheet at times and hasn't really told me anything I couldn't have guessed from the many and varied subjects general behaviour in and around football and the media over the last 15-20 years. Lined up next: starting on the 5 book Hitchhikers trilogy.
  22. According to chappy in Blockbuster that I asked, nope, Nintendo won't allow software rental.
  23. Right, which, thinking about it is what I'm finding and am quite happy with. Ok - thanks both for the explanation. So there might be some worth in hunting out a slow main hander to swap in/out as necessary despite my current comfort with 2 fast swords.
  24. Hi people, is there somebody who can explain to me the theory behind dualwielding a slow in the main hand and a fast in the offhand; as opposed to fast weapons in both hands? I'm a dual wielding sword specced combat rogue if that helps the explanation - currently using 2 60ish dps swords at 1.60ish seconds
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