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  1. Right, which, thinking about it is what I'm finding and am quite happy with. Ok - thanks both for the explanation. So there might be some worth in hunting out a slow main hander to swap in/out as necessary despite my current comfort with 2 fast swords.
  2. Hi people, is there somebody who can explain to me the theory behind dualwielding a slow in the main hand and a fast in the offhand; as opposed to fast weapons in both hands? I'm a dual wielding sword specced combat rogue if that helps the explanation - currently using 2 60ish dps swords at 1.60ish seconds
  3. Slightly off topic, but his book "If Chins Could Kill - Confessions of a B Movie Actor" makes for an entertaining read for Bruce fans and an interesting read for movie fans and insight into making low budget film. It follows his career and the sacrifices made (had to be made) by a B movie superstar to complete certain projects.
  4. "Ah, dessert! Chilled monkey brains. " Agreed, despite Short Round.
  5. I've been jumped by all manner of chars - big and small, alliance and horde. can't say it makes me hate one race more than another. Ho hum, if my choices make me a target for others - I guess...come get me! It's all about the PvP right?
  6. arf - well, somebody has to be an alliance gnome rogue. From the horde side I can understand the alliance hatred. Considering the number of times I've been jumped by rogues on other chars I can understand the rogue hatred (it's why I started one - to get some pay back in kind - but you know what? It's as much fun to play my rogue as it is to play my horde warlock - on Zenedar). BUT I just don't understand the gnome hatred - never had. What did the poor gnomes do?
  7. Bumped into 3 of MUKs guys yesterday or saturday morning as I was running around WC as my Gnome Rogue (yes I am alliance) getting Perfect Deviate Scales for some leather items for a guild friend. Didn't want to lay the smack down as a) it would have been no contest B) I got a couple of smiles and waves as we passed and c) I read here and it seems MUK is friendly so would have felt dirty as a 63 beating on lower levelled hordies. Anyhow, just wanted to say after all this time on Ravenholdt, I finally bumped into some MUKers and it was a peaceful and pleasant affair. Good on you guys. /hugs Janak, 64 Gnome Rogue, Lords of Light
  8. *shrugs* big bad is part of my vocabulary now agreed that there are other enemies to plunder for an update, but dalek - cyberman - master = the holy trinity!!
  9. My initial thoughts when slick haired stranger spoke to Martha's mum, and for no reason other than I want it to happen, were "hmmm, in league with The Master?". I don't read around the series, scripts, interviews, watch confidential etc. so may be way of the mark, but we've seen the return of the Daleks, the return of the Cybermen, it only really leaves The Master as a big bad.
  10. Graham


    Davros, could well be, can't rightly remember where we got it from...either that or recycled into the Sainbury's mag that plops onto our doorstep every now and then. You really should try the ginger one time, it's my favourite part of that meal and allows you to dice with hot fat spitting left, right and centre. Turns the kitchen into a proper Kenny Logins danger zone.
  11. Graham


    Davros suggested a terriyaki style sauce for salmon. I do something similar to that but also top the salmon with fried ginger. Slice up some ginger into matchstick length / breadth pieces and fry till just brown and crispy. Remove from fat, drain and pat dry...serve on top of salmon after you've poured the bubbled down sauce on.
  12. I remember falling in love with her for her "wearing a bikini & with snake hanging from her neck" dance in From Dusk Till Dawn...and has her lovely buxoms on show in Desperado.
  13. Graham

    Tribute albums

    I have a very soft spot in my hear for Virus100 - a Dead Kennedys tribute album from the early 90's
  14. Evidently there are many variations on shepherd's pie. On occasion i like to pad out the mince, veg, gravy mix with a can of baked beans. Other times I'll chuck a couple of tablespoons of branston pickle in the mix. Both work a treat. Also applicable to cottage pie.
  15. A couple of east midlands choice picks for you: Nottingham - Selectadisc (19/21 Market Street, http://www.selectadisc.co.uk/) Leicester - Rockaboom (4, St. Martins Square, no website).
  16. Extend the demo, add the following to the config file:
  17. alrighty emp...no stress, meant to add a smiley at the end, but forgot. I have been playing WoW for too long and am having a CS renaissance ... till next time
  18. Hasselhoff - grumbles - Seagull - tis I, Graham. An unknown sometime poster... Anyhow cheers for tonight. Enjoyed it - despite being picked on by admin for not catering to team objectives in Militia when there were at least 3 other CT's who could have been doing the job also. Anyhoo - thanks. I'll be back...
  19. Graham

    Jose Gonzalez

    worth keeping your ears open for his covers of Kylie's Hand On Your Heart and Springsteens Born In The USA.
  20. Roger that. I'll be back to you after the weekend.
  21. I haven't a clue what price is fair for some 20 year old game, albeit a legendary game. At the moment the game is sitting in a cupboard gathering more dust. Let me do some research - I notice three on ebay uk, and one guy thinks he's got a chance of getting £30 for it (which frankly is making me snort tea from my nose - never laugh and drink at the same time), whilst the other two seem a little more pragmatic with starting bids around 99p (of which nobody has bid yet). Unless you want to make me an offer to consider, can I get back to you in a few days? EDIT: For shame, I might still have my copy of Barbarian and that Maria Whitaker poster as well.
  22. Would this be a good place to announce I have a still boxed copy of Elite with the macrovision security doobery, book and ship identification chart that I've held onto long since my Spectrum died a death and went to the retired computer graveyard in the sky? I just couldn't let it go at the time, I think i'm ready now. Interested?
  23. Graham

    Foo Fighters

    Two outstanding albums in self titled and The Colour and the Shape. And three average albums with only a handful of great songs on each interspersed by averageness. If you saw the Foos when they toured their early albums in smaller venues, well you were treated. Have seen the Foos a number of times over the years, and they really delivered great gigs (music, interaction, energy) in the early days, less so now - but I wonder whether that's simply down to over familiarity on my part. That said, I hope Grohl's suggestion that after the 'CD1 rock' tour they'd do a 'CD2 accoustic' tour in smaller non-arena venues comes true.
  24. With some quite excessive secondhand experience (i.e. people close to me, but not me), and almost too close firsthand experience (i.e. was me, but after my clean friends spoke up consider myself to be very lucky not to get sucked in) some years back, I'm not sure I agree it's as black and white as that, for a large amount of cases, not just the minority who manage to cope with real life and user life combined. However, I do get what you're getting at, and don't particularly want to go into detail about my own experiences, so am happy to leave you with a nod and a 'Granted' in reply.
  25. Graham


    Another late suggestion for your salmon...it smells excellent and tastes divine. 4 rashers of smoked streaky bacon (or 2 per salmon fillet). Chop it up. Chuck it in a pan and fry until crisp. Remove bacon and place to the side on kitchen roll to blot any remaining fat. Leaving the majority of the fat that has come off the bacon in the pan. Cook the salmon in it. When the salmon is almost ready, as described above, remove from heat to finish cooking by itself. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into your frying pan - mix with the bacon fat and whatever juices came from the salmon. Serve the salmon to the plate. Sprinkle your crispy bacon bits over the top. And dribble the lemony/fat/juice over the top of your salmon. Serve with a salad, or seasonal veg if you like. Simple but oh so effective. Thank Nigella!
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