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    Mondo Generator, at Rock City this month Green Day, at Milton Keynes next month QotSA, at Somerset House month after that U2, somewhere at somepoint this tour
  2. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    interesting, that's certainly different to what's on the mag cover disc. Unless there's two versions on the coverdisc and I overlooked one. Or, steam does something funky to the vmf file to convert it to the files necessary for cs:s play. I'm suddenly thinking that the vmf is for use with part 1 of the tutorial that's in the mag and the SDK. I'm thinking I must have overlooked the compiled bsp and nav on the disc. Matters not now thanks to Rorsach's post.
  3. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    By default it extracts to ..\cstrike\mapsrc\de_dust_pcg_early.vmf which is 459kb. Just looking at chappies blog it appears this version is full of exploits that shouldn't be there and he'll be releasing a new one soon. The image of the exploit in action is pretty big - so won't link it in to the post but it's at http://img22.echo.cx/img22/1768/dedustpcg00009ex.jpg
  4. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    Ok Tracer, Devilfish, I have the mag - and the zip file only claims to be 26kb in size. Can that be right? Tell me where you want me to upload the file. I have the file on my work machine - so can do it when you tell me.
  5. Whilst we're thinking 'addons'. My addon folder is chocked full of addon's I've downloaded and rejected (for whatever reasons). Out of approx 40 listed, I now only use 5 or 6. Is a clean install of WoW one that has a completely empty Addons folder? Am I safe to simply delete the entire contents of my addon folder, reunpack the addons I actually want and recopy them into place?
  6. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    OK, well when I get my hands on the map, I'll come back to you, as I've currently no clue who DF is.
  7. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    As far as I'm aware, yes - until some bright sparks pops it onto an FTP server or the map cycle of a server. I will be buying the mag when it appears on my local newsagent's shelf - so would happily pass the file to whoever has somewhere they can host the file from for downloads.
  8. Graham

    Omg Teh Dust3

    I'd imagine it must count as custom map. Interestingly it's actually called DUST_PCG. Guesswork over at PCG forums is that it hasn't been named Dust3 in case Valve decide they want to release an official 'Dust3'. Here's what Craig Pearson (PCG journo) has to say: and I'd imagine it will be appearing on servers from this today onward - subscribers will have been receiving the mag at any time over the last few days.
  9. 'G' reporting in. Arf at the human pyramid last night, and again today captured for posterity. Enjoyed my time on your server last night. I'll be back if I may.
  10. Graham


    I use dagger and one-handed sword combo. Only issue with that for me is finding a 'rogueswap' addon that works well and consistently. I've settled with the rather conveniently named "RogueSwap" addon - but sometimes it just doesn't do what it says it will do (i.e. swap weapon sets around between two preconfigured sets depending upon which weapon is needed in the main hand). Any suggestions for other automatic weapon swapping addons? I've only just learnt poisons though - yesterday - so yet to see how they effect my damage dealing. Finding decent one handed swords between levels 15 and 30 s
  11. I bought into the same case - Coolermaster Wavemaster TAC-T01? damn if that nice looking but ultimately awkward door panel hasn't already pissed me off within a matter of weeks.
  12. No you are not. Me +1.
  13. You'll hopefully remember that PC Gamer did have a few issues, maybe 6 months ago, where there was a double paged spread of chat line and contact ads. EDIT: ha, my poor weak brain...forum posts indicate it was possibly a few years back, not 6 months.
  14. You are, of course, spot on here. And it's something I've come to learn over the weekend when levelling from 5 to 10. Friday afternoon's Graham would be laughed at by monday morning's Graham. So I can only presume thats what everyone else did as well. Still, you gotta learn somewhere, hey?
  15. I'm a dwarf hunter - and I didn't think to consider fighting more than one enemy when replying. But certainly, one to one, i can click once and then sit back and watch the fight unfold with the same move attack - or get stuck in and actively change the direction of the fight. Is it a setting? "Oneclick Battles" or something?
  16. well, as I say, it seems very quest driven. There are three server types I think (though 2 may be the same). Player versus Environment, Player versus Player, and RPG. I'm guessing that P v P is there for the big evil v good battles that will occur between factions. I think that works on factions fighting for control of lands and overall control of the World of Warcraft. Basically, if you're not your races safe haven then opposite faction races can and will kill you and you have no say other than your defence skills. P v E seems to be more quest based, a shared reason to play the game and fo
  17. I can't tell you alot - as I've only had one night with it. last night. Freedom - really hard for me to tell having never played another MMORPG - nor seen what the game offers beyond a handful of hours in one session. You can go anywhere though - if that helps - not that it did me as I wandered out of n00b area to be swiftly kicked back down to earth by only slightly higher level monsters. What I'm getting at here is that there was no concept of preventing me from moving on as I was too low levelled at the time. Battles are realtime - we're talking, see enemy, right click to attack with def
  18. I enjoyed The Handler so much, I went out and bought his other two, (debut) Har Mar Superstar, and (second) You Can Feel Me.
  19. Thanks for the reminder, I picked it up last night on my way home from the office. Winner. Now to see the funkster live. Everything he does is done with such aplomb I can't help but smile and love him.
  20. Graham

    2004 So Far..

    I'll be the first to admit I jumped on their Mercury nomination hype, but I'm currently thinking that The Zutons album Who Killed The Zutons is up there with the best of them for a slice of pop perfection.
  21. Other than the fairly obvious D3 and FarCry's that have been mentioned, if you want to keep the costs down: For spacey style titles - X2 does a very good job of looking good. As does Homeworld2. For one of the early DX9 brigade of games - look towards Chrome for foliage and long grasses and the like (fairly rubbish and very unforgiving game now surpassed by Far Cry) but a looker all the same. All available for close to budget (or actual budget) prices.
  22. So, have been playing OFP for a long time now - but have only really recently started looking at mods to extend play, other than a few MP missions to bulk out the default selection of mp maps. So have downloaded BAS Tonal and the Seb Nam Pack, a dynamic range sound add-on, am in the process of getting the Finnish Defence Forces mod and am now looking for other mods that will enhance the experience (graphical/textures/sounds/models etc) or that will just supply us with more community made missions. Have just come across an add-on from a chap whose name is mentioned alot in OFP editing circl
  23. Short notice, I realise. Am about to open a co-op server - feel free to come join me... Am about to go and eat, so may not be around immiediately. 'Graham Co-op' in the server browser. Password 'rubbish'.
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