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  1. Thanks for the reminder, I picked it up last night on my way home from the office. Winner. Now to see the funkster live. Everything he does is done with such aplomb I can't help but smile and love him.
  2. Graham

    2004 So Far..

    I'll be the first to admit I jumped on their Mercury nomination hype, but I'm currently thinking that The Zutons album Who Killed The Zutons is up there with the best of them for a slice of pop perfection.
  3. Other than the fairly obvious D3 and FarCry's that have been mentioned, if you want to keep the costs down: For spacey style titles - X2 does a very good job of looking good. As does Homeworld2. For one of the early DX9 brigade of games - look towards Chrome for foliage and long grasses and the like (fairly rubbish and very unforgiving game now surpassed by Far Cry) but a looker all the same. All available for close to budget (or actual budget) prices.
  4. So, have been playing OFP for a long time now - but have only really recently started looking at mods to extend play, other than a few MP missions to bulk out the default selection of mp maps. So have downloaded BAS Tonal and the Seb Nam Pack, a dynamic range sound add-on, am in the process of getting the Finnish Defence Forces mod and am now looking for other mods that will enhance the experience (graphical/textures/sounds/models etc) or that will just supply us with more community made missions. Have just come across an add-on from a chap whose name is mentioned alot in OFP editing circles, Kegetys, whose DXDLL can now add reflextive water, postprocessing effects, trilinear filtering etc. - tidying up the engine a little. Any other suggestions any of you could throw my way?
  5. Short notice, I realise. Am about to open a co-op server - feel free to come join me... Am about to go and eat, so may not be around immiediately. 'Graham Co-op' in the server browser. Password 'rubbish'.
  6. Graham

    Patch Watch.

    Not wanting to piss on Pete's campfire. But for the price of a small install and at a cost of £10 annual subscription (and despite their claims possibly some spyware content - I don't know I don't use it), Gameshadow will do this job for you automatically.
  7. Hi gentlefolk, a long time lurker at edge and consequently here, I've chosen now to be more vocal... Over at the PCG forums, in response to a television program shown not so long ago concentrating on the effects of Epidermolysis Bullosa in one young man's life, and on discovery that one of the forum member's parents are heavily involved in the DebRA charity that supports this disease, a weekend of gaming has been organised across 4 servers...a private one, the PCG server and two very kindly donated from Games2XS... We've already reached the £400 mark. Help us collect more and have fun. If you have an interest in making a worthy contribution to DebRA as well as being able to blow each other to kingdom come across various PC MP shooters, please click the links below to find out more. I actually have had very little to do with organising this weekend, but am dedicated to some last minute pimpery. We need more contributors and more players. All are welcome - providing you make a donation (as little as £1 or as large as your wallet will allow) - we're heading for a friendly fun weekend of fragging *puts teeth back in*. All that's required is you, a net connection, a good sense of humour and some money. If you have an interest, please click the link below - it will take you to the relevant post in the PCG forum where you'll find all the information you need as well as other posts where you can define what games you are interested in playing. PCG Forum Post containing all the information you'll need In advance, to all of you, whether you consider it only, or whether you take part, thank you. For a change, it's nice to be involved in gamers doing something that can only be seen in a positive light. There is no negative spin.
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