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  1. Eventide done! Took me 3 evenings of repeated attempts, but such a glorious exercise in banging my head against the switch controller in frustration. Great great game play. Discovered so much about how to play the game...completed with only 4 hearts and bog standard stamina
  2. Also a relative noob to BotW and Switch but just paraglided to Eventide....ooh that felt good (spotting the island in the fog out to sea, thinking I can get there ... from up there, getting up there in the first place, doing the moderate test of strength shrine that was up there before taking the leap and then gliding serenely to plop down on the beach just as my stamina exhausted) and loving the challenge of having all my gear removed from me.
  3. Grenade pinged off a nearby wall to blow up behind them followed by laying into them as they stumble forward and their shield drops?
  4. Has anyone played Friday 13th extensively. A buddy and I just dipped our toes in for a bash later this evening...likely to be a 2 hour refund?
  5. Because the new order is an older game, the new colossus is today’s release
  6. Regulars for me are: WTF with Marc Maron The Joe Rogan Experience The Adam Buxton podcast Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre podcast Distraction Pieces
  7. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    @elmo ahem, wrong cover #cough
  8. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    The great thing is that I can still find joy in the albums at the end of m scale, Lullabies and Era. They're just not as strong as I wanted them to be.
  9. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    I've never really given his place amongst my own view of the greats any consideration...I'm not sure I will until the day comes he passes (if I outlive him), he certainly plays a mean guitar BUT I know that without his input my journey would have been very different. From Kyuss, Desert Sessions, EoDM, TCV, Queens and the many one offs, collaborations and guest appearances on guitar, vocally and in the production suite he has been an ever present in my own collection. My world would be a poorer place without him. So I've had the album on repeat for long enough now to draw conclusio
  10. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    Truth. Anything Homme gets the big thumbs up for me. After hearing Domesticated Animals for the first time yesterday on the R6 session and thinking it weird and stilted it's really grown on me.
  11. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    Everything is electronic for me now. Has been that way for a few years. With only a few exceptions (for the car) albums are by online service subscription. A lifetime of Cd and vinyl in the loft...just in case. Not sure what apocalyptic just in case scenario I'm really waiting for though. I can't let go but I don't want them cluttering the house anymore.
  12. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    'Chemsex vikings' says the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/aug/24/queens-of-the-stone-age-villains-review-josh-hommes-chemsex-vikings-beef-up-their-myth?CMP=twt_gu
  13. Graham

    Villains - QOTSA

    I'm 43, the wife and the kids are in bed and Im getting a hard on for a new QotSA release....sat in the car listening to the cd. I mean, who still has CD players in their house in 2017? Joyous! The car is rocking as I groove by myself.
  14. Graham

    Clash Royale

    Can I get an invite to rllmuk please. I've been a member at UGVM for ages now but there's too few players actually playing grumbles in game
  15. Some incredible visuals, funny script but really struggled to care for the plot, and by extension, the characters involvement this time around. Opening sequence was the only bit I thoroughly enjoyed. Disappointed really.
  16. Bugger. Ok a second night of TWD this evening then
  17. What? So the episode didn't end with
  18. Went to see Free Fire on Wheatleys current indie cinema q&a tour. Really enjoyable but entirely throwaway. I'd only seen Kill List prior to Free Fire. Chalk and cheese doesn't do the difference justice. Very interesting hearing him chat about making films afterwards though.
  19. Not looking v hopeful for hitting goal. £313 achieved of a very slim £6000 target with 8 days to go. Needs an extremely benevolent donation or two to come about quickly. What will your buddy do if funding doesn't come?
  20. Ooh would love a bit of Mini Metro if I may @cowfields
  21. A couple more to suggest. last night watched Baskin. A Turkish film, extended from a short story to a fully fledged movie. Tonally quite dark, visually impressive, weird without being too gory. But a little slow to get going. Push past 40 minutes and a whole host of weird and unsettling arrives. tonight watched The Girl With The Gift. A treat for lovers of the zombie genre. Very reminiscent of The Last Of Us.
  22. Ouch! My reading is totally at odds with what @Creamstick has just posted. Maybe a second viewing is in order hehe
  23. @angel, no. The answers are there, but if you watched it with a friend, I'd imagine you'd both have a different take. @El Spatula ambiguous indeed.
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