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  1. Ooh would love a bit of Mini Metro if I may @cowfields
  2. A couple more to suggest. last night watched Baskin. A Turkish film, extended from a short story to a fully fledged movie. Tonally quite dark, visually impressive, weird without being too gory. But a little slow to get going. Push past 40 minutes and a whole host of weird and unsettling arrives. tonight watched The Girl With The Gift. A treat for lovers of the zombie genre. Very reminiscent of The Last Of Us.
  3. Ouch! My reading is totally at odds with what @Creamstick has just posted. Maybe a second viewing is in order hehe
  4. @angel, no. The answers are there, but if you watched it with a friend, I'd imagine you'd both have a different take. @El Spatula ambiguous indeed.
  5. Watched The Wailing last night, a South Korean horror that I'd recommend is worthy of a watch. Think it made a few best of 2016 lists. From a cinematography point of view it's beautifully shot - from village life to the rolling countryside it makes South Korea look beautiful. It's not a horror in the Western style, there's elements of comedy in the first hour that reminded me of early Jackie Chan but they eventually give way to chills, brooding atmosphere and worthy scares that aren't obviously signposted like most Western horror. The combination of subtitles and the story not being spoon fed to you - even at its resolution - mean you'll have to engage your brain, I'm still mulling it over today. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5215952/
  6. For once, as a long suffering fool for QPR, I've a smile on my face. Ollie and Birch back and in charge. Whilst we are no doubt still in for an up and down ride, I'm delighted that somebody who genuinely appears to care for the club is back in charge.
  7. And Hasselbank becomes the latest to exit the QPR managerial merry go round
  8. It's Lucy what's her face from the Office
  9. Season 1 (Murder House) and Season 2 (Asylum) are worth watching. I'd not bother after that, finding the latest Season a real slog
  10. Agreed, season one was all kinds of awesome...though you probably need some love for the source material, or Bruce Campbell. Great pacing, fine cast, funny as hell. It won't win an Emmy, but it sure did scratch that classic Evil Dead itch.
  11. Truth. Agree Titch seems decent, as does Raphael...but doesn't everyone until the hunger and cold kicks in and then we start to see personalities clash.
  12. Yup. Very easy way to pass an hour of an evening. My only criticism really is that it's tough to identify how much time has passed. I reckon possibly near 2 months by end of ep 2, no? Episode 1 had me backing the community and rooting against Anton. By end of episode 2 I was totally behind Anton, soso about the community and totally rooting against Tom. How fickle.
  13. Well Portugal...can't deny I'm disappointed. Alez les blues! anyhow congrats @wev
  14. Yup, I've gone with slim Welsh and French wins, 1-2 in both cases.
  15. ok, lets try again with the heads up then: @meatbin @redbloodcel @TheOutsider @joeplus @emjay2kay @milko @Jolly @Gizamaluke @Coltrane @tbb @Rev @Xevious @Pants McSkill @Commander Jameson @wev
  16. @meatbin @redbloodcel @TheOutsider @joeplus @emjay2kay @milko @Jolly @Gizamaluke @Coltrane @tbb @Rev @Xevious @Pants McSkill @Commander Jameson @wev it's prediction time people. good work wev, I've done badly in the second round and awfully in the quarters, null points. Here's to a final push. Good luck everyone hmm why didn't my @'s work?
  17. Mmm likewise for the Pauls Boutique heads up.
  18. this hour (or so) totally deserves wider hearing. It's an absolute delight to listen to. Not sure I'll ever want to hear vanilla Odelay again.
  19. grumbl35 here, well Hjngary just screwed my Austria prediction...can't be the only one though. Fingers crossed Iceland don't screw my Portugal prediction. hate to admit it but one of the two I scored big on was England 1 Russia 1.
  20. Ta. Used second from bottom, right hand side.
  21. Had the pleasure of visiting a Dr Who convention at the Leicester National Space Centre over the weekend. Sylvester McCoy and Ace in attendance on the day I visited. Anyhow, they had a rather interesting exhibition piece on the evolution of the Cyberman. Figured some of you might be interested. http://imgur.com/a/HBHKU
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