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  1. My enemy's phone keyboard lazy typo
  2. I've been wandering around in Grognak's loincloth and a pair of aviators. I like to think it strikes fear into my enemy's.
  3. i5 4690k, 8Gb, 2Gb 750Ti w/ Fallout4 gameready drivers On launch - either from Steam or Geforce Experience - Fallout4 kept crashing for me. Ended up following the Bethesda support link from the splash screen and following the tip aout the Fallout4 beta which has resolved the crashing for me (despite - I think - not having xaudio). Give it a try, here: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1544136-fallout-4-updates/ Also, the game preselected 'high' settings and initially I'm seeing no reason not to push the envelope a little. be interesting to see how far I can push settings,
  4. Colin was with us in a coaching role, makes sense for him to temporarily fill the void till a permanent decision is made. I know Colin isn't well liked but I wonder where we'd be today if Colin had never been sacked at the beginning of TFs tenure and the club had experienced managerial stability. Regardless Ramsey came across as likeable but clueless, I'm not upset the club have made this decision so early in the season.
  5. Will be interested to hear how you get on with that. Come back and tell us about it.
  6. I received the following from cdkeys: Daniel F (cdkeys.com) 3 Nov, 09:56 Thank you for your email regarding Batman Arkham Knight PC. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to be able to provide refunds for this title. The Warner Brothers refund offer relates to copies of the game purchased through Steam which have been purchased at full price. The terms of our deal for the supply of this product do not permit any refunds. With regards to the game itself, it has been selling well for several weeks now without any significant issues reported and we have also tested the game ourselves and found it to be in a playable state. Im sorry we cant be of more assistance.
  7. Minute and a half teaser really isn't enough to go on. They're never going to be able to top the magnificence of the source material, but remaining optimistic for now.
  8. Highlights for me were eyeballing the Fett in Mos Eisley and playing a 10 minute game of hide and seek with him, giving the Death Star stormies that greeted us from the shuttle some rebel sass, a bear hug with Chewie when I stumbled into him in the Death Star gantries and looking up to see the Ben and Vader duel going off directly above me and it triggering a hugely emotional nostalgia flashback to my childhood. Totally wept a tear or two.
  9. Don't hold out on the pop up store delivering in time. People we went with orders 6 weeks in advance, never turned up. It is very possible though to get to Brick Lane, visit the pop up store (which is worth it to interact with the Jedi guarding the door) and then to the event for start time given enough time on the day. The pop up store is 6 stops away from your destination on the overground.
  10. Pantomime is whilst the film is showing. You don't have to avert your eyes from the screen to watch, the audio is always the film. It was very easy to ignore the actors doing their thing in the wings.
  11. Discovered I have a giftable copy of Portal2, should anyone want it (steam hardware purchase)? Lord knows I've had my fair share of donations, so time to pay it back. Regulars please. PM me your email address I'll sort it when I get home this evening. EDIT Sold (figuratively) to b00dles.
  12. If anyone is still due to go, and is a mercenary, see here for my eBay auction of my mercenary clobber. Totally a first class night out. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=301733333256&globalID=EBAY-GB
  13. Oh my word! Isn't that just the most amazing night out? At times, despite the chaos, I found my 41 year old self staring in disbelief, mouth agape, goose bumps breaking out and more than a little sweaty eyed.
  14. Thanks G! Is there a long wait to get that done?
  15. Can someone who has already been please explain what the deal is with mobile phones? Do SS take it into safe keeping during the event? do they do the heat sealed foil bag thing I read about for some of the preview showings? I'm quite happy for my phone to be out of use for the event but will want it to stay in contact with my family during travel either side of the event.
  16. Yup I'm in for sept 5th. So excited. With that in mind does anyone have any mercenary clobber they'd like to sell/pass on to 5' 8'' wannabe Solo?
  17. Nothing...yet. Still thrashing it through.
  18. Preferred last seasons white 3rd kit to that, else happy enough
  19. Agreed with Timmo there, I'd jump at the chance of McLaren, especially after the short term he had with QPR (my beloved pantomime villains and class clowns of the football league) before Derby where he was universally credited with our early season form. Whilst Clement might be the latest greatest thing and potentially do well, reckon Derby board might come to regret getting rid of a manager who achieved and stabilised. McLaren isn't the joke he once was and whilst he may not make Newcastle premier league champions he'll sort out the mess they currently find themselves in.
  20. hobo, you said earlier 'always SORT:NRG' before a game in the early stages...this maybe silly question but working it out is evading me... If I can see the words SORT:NRG does that mean I am already sorting by NRG, or does it mean if I tap it again I will sort by NRG (so if I can see the label SORT:NRG I'm actually currently SORT:BEST)?
  21. Lol splurt indeed. It's quite the intense 2 hours of vehicular mayhem and warboy lunacy. Much love for Coma the Doof Warrior.
  22. Actual excitement at the cinema. Stood waiting for the screening room to be cleaned up before my first exposure to 2015 Max. Hope it's as good as you've all implied.
  23. Bloody well isn't. This QPR fan will be keeping his head down at the other end of the Narborough Road hoping to avoid as many foxes as I can.
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