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  1. This. All the rhinos I've encountered (PS3) have been flummoxed by tree trunks. Always keep the tree between you and the rhino as you calmly pop caps in dat ass.
  2. Ale Faurlin with a 3rd ACL injury in as many seasons. I know many don't like QPR as a club but that's some shit luck the lad has seen.
  3. Lengthy interview with Josh as Like Clockwork world tour starts to wind down...mentions possibility of Them Crooked Vultures regathering for another recording session and what sounds like the mother of all Queens gigs to close the current tour. Should I sell my children to fund a Halloween trip to LA? http://www.craveonline.co.uk/music/interviews/722663-interview-josh-homme-on-end-of-the-road-halloween-show-new-qotsa
  4. Agreed, Dunne was particularly outstanding. Did you get caught up in the M1 or did you train it? I live in Leicester, and joining the M1 at j21 at 10.30 we hit a wall of traffic which lasted till about j15. Then the same at the bottom of the M1 onto the North Circular. With 30 minutes to go we were still 3 miles out and starting to panic a little.
  5. We're we all still inside the stadium celebrating when you left. Plenty of singing and enjoyment to be had with fellow Rs when I left and not too many Derby fans left around. End of the day, opinions are like arseholes, right? Despite playing us off the pitch, despite all your possession there were only 5 on target shots...of which Rob Green and the defence were more than a match. Derby were undone by their own lack of killer instinct in the box. From 20 minutes in mind, brilliant up to the box. Whilst the playoffs are what they are there is always scope for a sucker punch. Despite enjoying
  6. Crikey, the roar from the Walkers Stadium was loud when Leicester went ahead 10 minutes or so ago. We're a mile from the stadium as the crow flies, I could hear it over the television. Incredible noise.
  7. Worried? No. Disappointed? Definitely. We're still in a great position that some 20 other teams would love to be in with a game in hand and some 15 more games to go...but Redknapp and Fernandes between them don't seem to have learnt their lessons from last season and wasted the transfer window opportunity. From the outside, to me at least, we look like team with players who don't really care enough and so don't put in a the required shift...again.
  8. Graham

    The Last Of Us

    And finished. The final two lines of script, and accompanying facial animations, summed up everything that made The Last Of US so special for me. So I'm going straight back in on survivor. I'm tempted by new game plus on hard but as hard was such a joy to play, the constant tense scavenging for any upper hand the game afforded me, I don't want to make the beginning any easier simply by virtue of already having the upper hand.
  9. Never going to get those days back are we? I long for the days where I can see a band I love in a small dirty and cramped old venue, enjoying the crush and being dripped on by the pools of condensed sweat dripping from the ceiling. Rock City, how I love thee.
  10. They also did Mondays r1 live lounge. My god is the sun and a cover of Robin Thicke's blurred lines.
  11. It's the quieter, more reflective tracks that really stand out for me. Subscribe to QOTSAmusic on YouTube, there's an awesome version of The Vampyre... with Josh tickling the ivories, maybe from their Wiltern gig.
  12. It is a bit of a departure though. I guess ultimately its down to what you expect from Queens. A galloping barrage of drums and chunky guitar riffs, well, it doesn'tdeliver on that...but they're also not that band anymore. To my ear, it is a wonderful album with only one skipping point - keep your eyes peeled does nothing for me. else i love the journey it takes you on.
  13. Josh sounds immense on The Vampyre of Time and Memory. Love the hairs on end feeling a new queens album gives .
  14. I go by the rule that eggs aren't stored in fridge compartments in the supermarket, so they don't need to be at home. Leave your eggs out of the fridge ... and paint little faces on them in idle moments so you have company whilst in the kitchen!
  15. I use the Heston method - adapted a little - and it's hit and miss. Sometimes glorious runny yolks - sometimes runny but on the turn to hard. I always try and use large fresh eggs at room temperature (store eggs out of the fridge). Eggs into pan with cold water, put lid on, heat on high until water starts to simmer (just before boiling), then leave for 5 minutes and eat quickly before the latent heat in the egg once removed from the water hardens your second egg yolk.
  16. good old fashion french onion soup
  17. He walked, didn't he? there was no dismissal.
  18. agreed my ruptured cruciates were about 10 years ago now, and I still wince and remember the pain and frustration every time I see a players knee twist
  19. Having beat that particular fight, have breezed through the end of the main story on first effots. So that fight was definitely the hardest fightin the game to be had for me, frustrating as hell. Hmmm, now a break for a while before hitting NG+.
  20. Huzzah...victory. After far too many attempts, and onset of the gaming claw, i finally managed to defeat
  21. Re that return to the steel mill fight, another night of hand crippling and frustrating failures, but failures that have crept ever closer to success and me being permanently rewarded the 'gaming claw' Am now consistantly getting to a point where
  22. Very frustrated now on my return to the Steel Mill. First time through on hard and the fight with pushes me to the very edge of my combat abilities. Failed far more than I care to mention. It's really the only fight I've had trouble with thus far and has taken the shine off the game for me.
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