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  1. Very frustrated now on my return to the Steel Mill. First time through on hard and the fight with pushes me to the very edge of my combat abilities. Failed far more than I care to mention. It's really the only fight I've had trouble with thus far and has taken the shine off the game for me.
  2. I heart C4. The number of times this one chap came back to a flag I was loosely defending, on foot, in jeep, in tank, only for me to blow him sky high with a healthy dose of C4 scattered around the flag area and followed by hoots of derisory laughter on my part. In the end I felt like a cat playing with his prey. Awesome awesome awesome times.
  3. Truth accepted - had a great handful of games last night with a like minded squad member - he kept jumping into vehicles (mostly tanks) as driver, I kept joining him as engineer / gunner, capping and defending flags on conquest maps to contribute to winning 4 out of the 5 maps we remained together for. A symbiotic relationship really, gaining me the best round scores I've achieved so far. In the end I was so confident in his vehicle skills that I was jumping out whilst under attack and repairing whilst he manoevered to protect me and fend off incoming attacks and then I'd pop back into the gunner seat and help mop up remaining attackers.
  4. Its generally a combination of olive oil (sometimes flavoured sometimes not) and balsamic vinegar.
  5. Some you can find. For instance, I remember finding
  6. See I've only just done him (having spent far much time crouching in vents for the perfect opportunity to knock out passing patrols) and after all the vocal concern here found...
  7. Marzipan, you weren't in Asda at about 8.30 were you? Buying a DVD and an Xbox version of Deus Ex. There was a chap before you at the counter who let you be served?
  8. If i remember rightly, you don't get a spawn at the point she sees movement, you just move on (either by jumping back on the boat and she sails a little bit further or by traversing the little islands).
  9. I think you underestimate the value of a few minutes of prime time TV exposure.
  10. Warnock's a pussy cat. I tend to liken him to Mourinho in that he takes the flak off his team onto his own shoulders (note that I'm not saying he's the managerial talent that Mourinho is). He's done well for us, he deserves his shot at the premier league with us.
  11. COuldn't have asked for a kinder start to life in the premier league for QPR. Eight games before playing one of the big four. Now, Ecclestone/Briatori either dig deep, or sell up and allow the Mittals to dig deep, so we can see some transfer activity that might help us stay in the premier league into season 2012/13.
  12. good idea btu couldn't use my ionic vortex last night as despite being able to carry 2 of them had used them both prior to starting the third transformer - and never had time to pick any more up (not even sure if any were dropped as was so focussed on trying to survive the final part of the mission). I guess when I next restart maybe I'll be able to go back a little - start the mission from first transformer again - and save some ionic vortexs for the finale.
  13. Ouch, my first run through is as evil on hard and hit my first brick wall last night. In the end gave up and went to bed. Is there a knack i'm missing?
  14. Graham

    Gigs 2011

    Sounds great elmo. Jealous face still firmly fixed. Play anything new? There was news on Zane Lowe last night that after Glastonbury queens are straight back into the studio for recording time - they have enough songs now for an album, feel they have nothing to prove anymore but want to release new material for people that dig them, the full interview to be played next Tuesday night. Although Josh said "no" to the question of playing new material at the Roundhouse last night, wonder if they aired anything previously unheard anyway?
  15. Graham

    Gigs 2011

    I'm wearing my jealous face here elmo. Come back and tell us about it tomorrow would you? Whenever I've seen Queens they've not played enough from self titled, which is easily my favourite album. As for gigging by yourself, sure it's cool - just go get lost in the music.
  16. agreed. I wonder how much of it (edit: delaying the decision) is to avoid any trouble at the televised QPR Leeds game tomorrow. Both teams have something to lose by the outcome, could result in lots more egg on FA face.
  17. Interestingly PaddyPower have paid out on my QPR to win championship bet from July 2010. I hesitate to get too confident but bookies don't often shoot themselves in the foot by paying out when they don't need to. Hmmm, what to think.
  18. I was under the impression we 'hired' Faurlin before the rules were put in place so in effect when the deal was made broke no rules, the rules were then put in place post Tevez-gate, at which point we approached the league and the FA to make the hiring a permanent signing at which point we were deemed to have broke rules that were put in place after the hiring. Chinese whispers see?
  19. I think this BBC journo's blog post, and the comments thread that follows, provides a decent and not too heavy insight along with some good discussion. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mattslater/2011/05/qpr_sweat_on_faurlin_hearing.html
  20. As a QPR fan, I haven't a clue what to think anymore, but it has soured what should be a celebratory end of season for achievements on the pitch THIS season. As the story has evolved into chinese whispers in the press with different media outlets having different angles to push, it's hard to know exactly what has gone on, whether we're guilty and of what - so many different people have so many different opinions, one day I read something and I'm in the depths, the next I read something and I'm optimistic. If we're guilty, punish the club appropriately, but have sympathy for the fans who just want their day in the sun after so many years of drudgery at Loftus Road, and have sympathy for the playing and coaching staff who have little to do with what has gone on and have achieved superbly this year. We all want to celebrate but can't celebrate whilst this hangs over the club. Sadly the over-riding feeling I have is that it's yet another scandal that sours football for me and will lead to an eventual full on disinterest. I lost interest in the Premier League and Champions League a few years ago, my own team going into the Premier League doesn't really excite me - I'd almost rather stay in the Championship (of course I wouldn't - ever the hypocritical football fan - but football still has a semblence of excitement for me in the lower leagues). Friday can't come soon enough, finding it quite hard to focus on anything else. If worst comes to worst, the one positive is that we might see the back of Paladini - the latest in a long line of rotten chairman.
  21. Another Dungeon Raid question: I unlocked the Rogue fairly quickly after the update, but since have unlocked nothing, nor levelled up anything whilst playing as Adventurer or Rogue. Is there a config setting? Do you have to play on a certain difficulty? It feels like I'm missing out on alot.
  22. See I didn't get on with Sandman at all - I read the lot but it felt like a slog and by the end reading it was a chore not a pleasure. I found him to be far to verbose and didn't get on with how the story flitted around.
  23. Preacher amused, enthused and excited in equal measure when I first read that. Am currently making my way through 100 Bullets - the gritty real life environ's and revenge crime stories make a nice change to superheroes. Book 6 so far, thoroughly enjoying it.
  24. @Paulando Play it like you're the predator, perch yourself on high, pick your quarry, go hunt!
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