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  1. Preacher amused, enthused and excited in equal measure when I first read that. Am currently making my way through 100 Bullets - the gritty real life environ's and revenge crime stories make a nice change to superheroes. Book 6 so far, thoroughly enjoying it.
  2. Graham

    Crysis 2

    @Paulando Play it like you're the predator, perch yourself on high, pick your quarry, go hunt!
  3. Graham

    Dinner time

    Could be - it was stil a delicious piece of meat - just closer to the medium than the rare I'd normally opt for. Talking of lines, many years ago when I were a nipper, on holiday in spain, my mum bought me some chicken rings....in a sea food restaurant. I gobbled them up despite acknowledging that the chicken rings were very chewy mummy. Consequently have had an issue with calamari for the rest of my years.
  4. Graham

    Dinner time

    That's the line they fed me when I asked - can't vouch for it's accuracy not being a restauranteur.
  5. Graham

    Dinner time

    what did you cook? I simply must know! We ended up going to a restaurant that's just opened down the road, Hot Rocks, where you cook on your own slice of super heated volcanic rock. It was alright but my rib eye had been seared in the kitchen, then dumped on the rock for the journey to the table and was cooked more than I'd like by the time it was in front of me. Sadly no more rib-eye in the restaurant to be had, and H&S prevents them bringing the raw meat to the table to be cooked entirely by the customer on the rock - they have to sear it and then bring it out. Still, got money off and some free beer so shouldn't grumble too much.
  6. Graham

    Dinner time

    Wild mushroom and rocket risotto
  7. Whilst Colin wouldn't have been anything to do with the deal, and despite my growing love affair with the man I previously was no fan of (simply because of what he's managed to achieve with what was once a broken club) even I can taste the delicious irony there. Tend to agree though, presuming evidence is found and proved, think we'll end up with a fine, and if we've been pulling dodgy deals and breaking rules, the club should take whatever punishment the panel decides...however, I'm sure I won't be the only one looking to be at the front of the raging throngs storming Loftus Road with pitchforks and flaming torches looking for Paladini's head on a spike. After such an awesome season, after so many disappointing years, to be this close and suddenly be embroiled in a scandal that could bite us in the ass, pretty much as a result of Paladini's direction and involvement - well, it sticks in the throat somewhat.
  8. Graham

    Just Cause 2

    I have a little OCD when it comes to Just Cause 2. I'm pretty much ignoring the faction and stronghold missions now - I start at a base where I have a chopper, I've cleared the military airbase on the NE coast so a short trip there and I'm tooled up with jets or apache style choppers, and then I just find the nearest <something - doesn't matter what it is> working clockwise around the island from the military base and start with the dakka-dakka-dakka-kerboom-splodes-from-the-vehicle-then-hopefully-minigun-madness until the 100% achievement dings, then onto the next. I just love blowing shit up and causing chaos!
  9. The missus and I have taken to eating our steak recently as part of an asian beef salad. It is a delicious and very quick meal - we like it on the blue side of rare, with crispy salad, and a lime sweetchili dressing. In fact we're having it tonight - hence why it's on my mind. For two people, from start to finish in about 10 minutes cooking time... a nice thick (2inches or so) piece of fillet beef (approx 250g in weight) a generous handful of asian five spice a dash of sesame oil a Chinese leaf lettuce a large carrot half a bunch of spring onions as many red chillies as your mouth can handle 50g cashew nuts 3 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce 1 tablespoon light soy sauce zest and juice of one lime Get your favourite steak cooking pan and pop it on the hottest heat you have available. Rub the fillet in the sesame oil and five spice, leave to stand whilst you make the sauce (or longer if you have the time). Combine the sweet chilli sauce, the light soy sauce, the zest and juice of the lime and mix, put to one side. Chuck your fillet in for 2 minutes. Turn. Cook for 2 more minutes. Turn to edge and over the course of 1 minute turn the steak on all uncooked edges just to brown and seal them off. Remove the steak from the heat to chopping board to stand. Leave the pan and cooking juices on the hob on a low heat (but keeping it hot). Whilst the steak is standing chop the chinese leaf lettuce lengthways in half, then roughly chop into 1 inch strips across the width of each half. Slice the carrot as finely as possible (we use the slicing blade on a cheese greater so you get long strips of 'skin' thickness carrot). Cut half the spring onions into lengths, and the half the springs into slices. Slice the red chillis, seeds and all, thinly. Combine all salad and half the chillis in a large bowl, pour over half the sauce and turn to coat the salad. Chuck half the cashews and remaining half of the chillis into the pan to toast in the steak, five spice and seasame cooking juices in the bottom of the pan. Slice the fillet as thinly as you can. If you've followed the recipe you'll find the edges browned, and from the edges to the centre of the steak graduating from rare to blue. Distribute the salad into two large shallow bowls. Top with the thinly sliced fillet beef and the toasted cashew nut / chilli mix. Pour over the remainder of the sauce, then finish with a sprinkling of the untoasted cashews. Sit back and enjoy. I'll try and remember to take a photo tonight.
  10. Meh, my girlfriend and I both thought it was entertaining enough to be worth the cinema fee. It's a nerds dream of references to sci-fi and fantasy and amusing enough to get laughs throughout - though not hysterical. It is what it is though, a light weight scifi-geek comedy - rather this than the latest Sandler/Anniston romcom.
  11. Sure, of course you could but I guess that's quite the time sink. Some people will prefer to use a managed app that lists already vetted games. Whether the vetting process suits everyone who buys the app is another question altogether.
  12. Yup seriously. Figure when in Rome, except I was in Malaysia, should do as the Romans/Malay Chinese do. It's these little challenges in life that help us grow! I am a grade 1 baby octopus killer - don't think I'll ever sit my grade 2 exam, but I'm glad I made the first rung of the ladder.
  13. I wished I'd turned down the octopus starter I had in a chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. A dipping sauce and a small bowl of baby octopus came to the table. The baby octopus started to escape the bowl - they were alive and kicking. Still, grabbed one with a pair of chopsticks, popped him in the dipping sauce and shoved him in my gob. Schhhhlllllluuuppp as he suckered to the inside of my mouth, crunch as I bit down on his head, spit as I spat out his beak, pppuuulllllhhhhcs as his tentacles slowly and one by one disconnected from the inside of my mouth. They were actually very tasty (in comparison to the birds nest soup that followed - best description? puddle water) just disconcerting killing the little blighters.
  14. Canis, just wanted to say that I enjoyed the trial version enough to want to give you the £1.19 for your efforts. So a paid upgrade here - good work. Love little fiddlers that distract me for 5 minutes. Most of my gaming these days occurs on my iPhone and tend to be in 5 minute portions - despite having a gaming PC, PS3 and Wii at home, the Wii never gets touched, the PS3 pretty much exclusively as a Bluray/DVD/Iplayer player (though Dead Nation has recently drawn me in) and the PC as a home office machine. So more power to the handheld developers of this world.
  15. I think you're hired was incorporated into the main show last year as the second hour.
  16. Graham

    Dredd 3D

    From that one still he's not Dredd for me. Far too young and not chiseled or weathered enough. Keen to see more, and hopeful that it turns out to use the source better than the Stallone dredd did, but first impressions count and for me I'm not sure he works.
  17. I'm a dirty / delta blues sort of man when it comes to doing the dirty. The Black Keys, Junior Kimbrough, R L Burnside, Mofro, Soledad Bros, etc
  18. Graham


    Well i survived it. The last hour was most definitely the hardest. Being at home, fridge and kitchen just over there. When the time came I had a couple of pints of water, and a ham, egg and rocket sandwich that I'd been dreaming of all day. The felt a bit bloated and had a snooze. Fasting achievement get! Think I'm going to repeat it again one day next week.
  19. Graham


    over the half way mark now. The hunger is still fairly easy to deal with - just focus on the point later tonight when I can eat and ignore the grumbles, but pity the people who sit next to me listening to my belly wailing. The drinks are a different matter altogether, I would give every single person in my office, and every single person near my office, and all you lot a very happy finish to just get my hands on a thimble of water.
  20. Summer sundae festival weekend just gone so have seen a handful of bands. Highlights being Friday: Lissie and later Seasick Steve headlining. The Go! Team absolutely tore the place apart directly before Tynchy Strider did his thing (surprised myself by enjoying Tynchy) and Sunday highlight was Megafaun for me, despite Mumford & Sons headlining. Special mention to The Fall and Mark E Smith still being alive.
  21. Graham


    Thanks Hemz 10.15 and although there's a nagging growl coming from my stomach (I'd normally have started on the fruit in my lunch box by now) the hunger is easily coped with. What I'm not coping too well with is the lack of caffeine to keep me awake in the office. Am finding my eyes drooping terribly.
  22. Graham


    Ok, so up at 3.45 to cram some food in and drink some water, then back to bed. Actually found it really difficult to eat at that time...my stomach was just not ready for it. Already at 7 (my normal breakfast time) I'm feeling as though I should be eating. I think today is going to be tough.
  23. Graham


    Yup, no food or drink at all. Nothing to pass your lips. Not even chewing gum. At least that's how it's been explained to me by my desk buddy. The lack of water thing surprised me. It's doable, certainly, desk buddy is evidence of that every year; but I think with my eating routine it's going to be hellishly difficult. Still we're in it together, so when the tough times come I'll take it out on the guy next door Porridge, good call, thanks for that. I think if I can get past 3pm I'll find the remainder of the day fairly easy as I'll be able to focus on the evening meal. As for keeping busy over lunch - easy, I go home everyday to take the dog for a walk, so that will keep me occupied. I am actually looking forward to the challenge and hope I can keep to it and not let myself, or my fellow fasters, down.
  24. Graham


    Ok so it's not quite food & drink but it's the subforum I thought most suitable. The chap I sit next to at work is Muslim and will soon be embarking on his annual fasting for Ramadan. Earlier this year another of our colleagues talked said chap and I into doing lent (first time for either of us). Managed that fairly easily - gave up cigs and processed sugar (basically anything with processed sugar) and just embraced and focussed on the target of Easter Sunday. We're now upping the stakes a little as we have been asked to partake in a day of fasting to experience what my desk neighbour goes through for his beliefs. I'd quite like to try for longer - but I've been advised to see how day one goes and then you could always repeat it. We're doing it next Tuesday (17th August) - no food or drink to pass our lips from sun up (approx 4.30am) to sun down (approx 9pm). Getting up just before sun-up to cram some food in. As I'm you're common or garden guy with no real religous beliefs that I can focus on and who likes to eat I'm expecting it to be hellishly difficult and that I'll slump through a lack of energy half way through the day. No caffeine, no food, not even any water. Erk. Can anyone give me any tips on good things to eat prior to starting the fast that'll help me get through the day? Equally, anyone care to join me and document their findings here?
  25. Does it have to be a real sport? If not, Rollerball, the original not the godawful Chris Klein and 'leon' (cant remeber his name) remake.
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