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    Gigs 2010

    Ooooh jealous, but sold out. Curses.
  2. Graham

    Gigs 2010

    The Black Keys on monday night in Birmingham so am frantically trying to get to grips with the new album (which I didn't even realise was out). Spotify repeat ad nauseum.
  3. Metal Mickey? I have memories of Saturday teatime, eating cheese dip, and laughing my ass off to this. Here's the intro, boogie boogie! [yt]XOiVXMcWHrw[/yt] And two end credits that really don't do my memories any justice [yt]IAhjNolJnYk[/yt] [yt]AZ1FKFEMmXE[/yt]
  4. I went to school with the lad that played him, Edward Fidoe, some years below me. Fact!
  5. Alberto Frog and his Animal Band, anyone? [yt]wHcl8fsRhRM[/yt]
  6. He didn't complain. In a Q&A after his lecture he followed up on a point from his lecture that he believes that TV has been largely infantilised and used Dr.Who as one of a couple of examples of that - and for my money he's right. He's not saying he doesn't like Dr.Who, or that some tv shouldn't be infantilised, just that he believes the majority of tv has been infantilised. It's not adult programming made for adults. Start listening from about 33minutes in.
  7. That's not my experience but maybe they've sorted better drainage out since last I went (which admittedly was a very wet year). Only needed a little rain and the weight of 100,000 pairs of feet trapsing all over the place turned fields into mud pits.
  8. EVERYWHERE on site become hellish once prolonged bad weather hits.
  9. a pleasure. So stoked for a new Deus Ex game - shame it's at least 6 months away still, suggesting 2011 release.
  10. Well yes obviously, I was hoping it might stimulate a potential replacements discussion - I'm not a Liverpool fan (QPR are my poison) just an interested bystander and intrigued by the assumption that only the manager might change.
  11. It's certainly not bad assuming you get to keep Gerrard, Mascherano, Benayoun and Torres - if they were to go elsewhere (Real? Barca? Chelsea? City?) it doesn't look so good, does it?
  12. Devastating. Isn't it just. Perfect choice of word. It's been a long time since I watched it but I still clearly remember the emotional drain and the low I found myself at by the end of it's duration.
  13. Isn't the obvious target Gus Hiddink? Has already said he'd like to continue in English football, is currently unemployed and has a good track record of success. Edit: whoops forget that, didn't realise he'd already signed up with another international team from aug 2010
  14. Goddamn rabbits. They're bouncing around everywhere when you're not looking for them, but now I WANT to kill them, can I find them? Can i buggery!
  15. ooh colour me very excited if rumour becomes truth. Never had a ps2, nor a bc PS3, and have heard one friend bang on about Ico as the best thing since sliced bread for far too long now, so fingers crossed.
  16. Hey there. Someone has a name. Graham out
  17. Mostly happy with the ending, got to be really as I'd plumped for purgatory way back in season 2 (just of the kind where the island was purgatory, not the alt timeline). Found the church love and hugging scene a little sickening - but it's American tv and to be expected. Certainly made me cry much more frequently than I ever expected, particularly when Hurley started bawling to Jack outside of the cave and when Sawyer and Juliet found each other by the vending machine; I just couldn't stop the tears coming. And love that if the main message of the program has been "learn to let go" then we, the viewing public, can also buy into that and "learn to let LOST go", lets not pick over the bones and inconsistancies too much and ruin the memories. It's been one hell of a ride for me over the last 6 years - I struggle to think of any other program I've invested so much emotion and thought on. All in all thoroughly enjoyable. Anyhow, the shot of the beach with the wrecked plane that showed over the end credits. My desk buddy has come in this morning saying that he took it to mean Lapidus Air flight 123 crashed before it could get onto the right bearing to escape the island and 2+2 = that's how Kate, Sawyer, Richard, Miles, Frank, Claire all died. I just took it as nothing more than a nostalgic look back to the initial set we saw in episode 1 season 1. Anyone?
  18. I'm currently really enjoying the Darwin Deez album... has a nice jangly summery indiepop feel to it.
  19. Yes - of sorts. The MP game doesn't have a lobby with server lists and filters and what have you - you join a free roaming version of the map and can invite your friends, join posses and either stay in a private room or join a public room from there - in either version there are NPCs and AI stuff to be doing and game modes to be playing. So, co-op of sorts, just not co-op of the main SP story...(based on 20 minutes quick look with my mate at lunchtime).
  20. and because it puts fellow like minded gamers minds on edge / at rest that their copy from the same store isn't / is likely to arrive as well. It's nothing other than being a little helpful and sharing the joy - for one day.
  21. Not sure about Shannon but Eko left because he didn't want to continue living in Hawaii - he asked to be written out of the show.
  22. My local sainsburys was 39.99 for PS3 version (of which they had about 5 copies this morning in comparison to a drawer full of xbox360).
  23. Eurogamer have an article up claiming Tesco have no PS3 stock (X360 stock unaffected) and Asda will not be selling it in store - rather only on their website.
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