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  1. I don't think you need to worry, every time I think I'm making progress, another two areas open up or the map gets bigger, I'm starting to think it's never going to end.
  2. There might be something to do with sewing needles & a certain NPC .....
  3. Hold up, so the great rune does nothing if I don’t use a rune arc? I’m just under 50 hours in, never used one, figured I’d need them for something important. So the effect lasts until you die or until you use a grace or something else?
  4. So it would do exactly the same damage, whether I put everything into Strength, everything into Dex or split it down the middle like I have now. Interesting.
  5. Stat related question, since it’s a current topic; my twinblade has the same bonus letter for both Strength & Dexterity so I’ve been putting points into both. If I’d have put the same amount into one instead splitting it, would I do the same amount of damage? Oh, and I always have a shield equipped, I just switch to using my Twinblade two-handed if I want the extra damage or I’m not worried about needing to block.
  6. Finally arrived at what I think is the second ( north ) Elden Lord location, took the Great Enemy down in less than a minute, think I might have spent too much time exploring & ended up a bit over-levelled. Mind you, the normal enemies in that location hit bloody hard still, so maybe it's just an easier boss. I'm sure I'll get my arse kicked by something round the next corner! I did get a cracking complete set of armour though, so I look really fancy at the moment.
  7. It wasn’t that bad to be honest, assuming you made it as far as getting the letter, I’d just keep going in the right direction until you get stuck!
  8. Yeah, being able to chop & change as will, at grace sites as opposed to a blacksmith, is a fantastic addition.
  9. Yeah, I always took it to be like C+ instead of C or C-, depending on which way it's going.
  10. So, there’s loads of caves / catacombs / etc in the starting area but once you go over to Mistwood & that side, there are hardly any. Is that right or am I going blind? I mean I’ve found a couple but nothing compared to how many were in the first area.
  11. That’s an old habits response, in previous games the thing you needed to cast miracles was called a talisman, blame From for changing their terminology & me for not proof reading my message before posting.
  12. Urgent Heal is a Faith spell, you need a talisman, not a wand. I assumed the icons are all star boosts or drains, so I’ve got one for the each medallion, etc?
  13. I too have not found a bell, and as much as I want access to those [2] shards, I’m not clicking that spoiler …. yet.
  14. Yeah, it has all stats about how much damage it blocks / reduces but what I meant was that the only restriction to wearing whatever armour you want is the equip load / roll. Obviously different armour has different resistances, and the heavier the armour the more physical damage it blocks / more poise it gives you, as a general rule.
  15. You can equip armour in the same place as weapons, under the Equipment option from the menu. And you can wear any armour you want, no requirements, all it does is affect your equip load / roll type.
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