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  1. Aye, its all gone bit wrong. Wanked on more than I intended and my description was atrocious, booze is a harsh mistress. I'm not sure why it impressed me as much as it did, it just felt...epic. I guess it just caught me off guard, something like that in one of the most mainstream titles out there. I think I'll just stick to lurking in the background. Its safe there.
  2. Incredibly poor choice of title on my part, it isn't really what I wanted the thread to be about as there are many other threads on the subject. The 'important' bit was the subtitle, if you wanted to prove to someone that games have the potential to convey so much, in a way that no other medium would allow, what moments in gaming in 2008, however fleeting or whatever the game, would you point to and say "This is what we can do." Or just let this thread die, quietly and quickly. It won't resist.
  3. The past few weeks have pretty much seen off the last big releases of the year. And while i've played a lot of great games in 2008, one moment truly sticks out, and its not even a game i've played. Fifa '09. I don't do football. I don't like watching it, playing it or even making a tiny electric man play it for me. But my housemates do. While the bit where people kick things at or from each other is probably pretty standard. Its the pre-menu section that gets me off. Before any playing, before any menu, players have a run about through their teenage playing grounds which morph, when appropriate, into what feels like a key moment in their later careers. This scenario, before the game has even been 'played', is what even the most 'modern' games strive for and yet is largely dismissed. It honestly reminds me (but i'm not sure how) of shadow of the colossus. But it shows to the masses what a little bit of thought can achieve. Also the bit in Gears 2 when you cut up the worm was class. BLOOD!
  4. Hmmm, I have an...idea. If anyone who had it could post the lost dogs poster from the site ("they're old mongrels, but we love them"). Or if someone could remember the names of the dogs at least, i think one was called Luke...
  5. Aye, it was pretty shitty. Still gave a courtesy glance for mister pyramid head though. Never know when he'll turn up.
  6. The twist at the end could be that they were all wearing blackface and you were actually killing racists the whole time. Problem solved.
  7. Yeah, the end was like hearing your teachers swearing in the staffroom. And you guys already swear. Couldn't figure out what happened either. Good show despite this, was sorry to hear about mr. Biffo, he's a skellington now (not literally). Up there with all the greats ...Jason Rae...and...all the rest.
  8. Right, looks like they're fucked then. Probably for the best. Ah well, seems the smart thing to do would be to rush out a really over the top censored version: 1) Flowers instead of blood. 2) Instead of killing people, they just go to sleep. Just put 'ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz' above their heads. 3) Use music from popular TV shows of the 1980's. 4) Changing all the weapons to...various fruits and vegetables...or something. 5) They may have to take out some if not all of the instances of people getting bummed in the gob. I reckon that's what pushed them over the limit in the first place. I'd buy it. They might make back all the money they spent.
  9. I think anyone who really wants to play Manhunt 2 will find a way 'round the ban. You know...there are people that won't be missed.
  10. Wow, I'm really impressed...with The Sarah Jane Adventures, obviously. Really good stuff, cant wait for the full series. Being relatively young I missed out on Sarah Jane the first time around, is it wrong to find her really quite attractive today? Torchwood on the other hand was it's usual self. Had it's moments and was quite fun. They need to fix several things: 1)Consistency of tone and character. Everything keeps changing for no reason. 2)RTD cut the cheese! The dialog in that show can be fucking awful. If The Sarah Jane Adventures can be funny and clever while at the same time BEING FOR KIDS then you should be able to write something decent for adults. 3)Sort Captain Jack out. He is an awful leader. In the series we've had one suicide, one attempted suicide, people walking out, everyone had a storyline about how they felt they weren't being understood/were being ignored usually with fatal consequences, Jack's slept with someone under his command, he's kept massive secrets from the team which has caused tensions, he was fucking MUTINIED, at the end he just left his team for the doctor without a word...and lost of smaller things. And yet they keep going on about how he's the best leader ever! I loved him in Dr. Who and I do like him in this, but they need to FIX HIM. Again he is one of the biggest victims of the awful dialog. 4)Kill Owen. Ugly. Doctor. Smug. Dick. DIE. 5)The fact that the BEST MOMENT of Torchwood, was a 20 second reference to Dr. Who! 6) Too many stupid leaps of logic. (The fucking ISBN bit!) I like Torchwood but I really want to love it, the idea was superb and it could have told so many great stories that wouldn't have worked in Dr. Who. Someone make them fix it. Please.
  11. SotC - Did anyone else find they were waiting for the right moment in the music to deliver the final blow to some of the colossi? That's a sign of quality. GoW - Only has two themes that I can remember, but they're pretty good. Black - I think it was out this year...it had a really good theme too. Halo 3 teaser - E never sounded to good.
  12. Zero was pretty good, it had the thing where you could switch between the two characters at any time which was fun. And there was a bit in a bathroom with a leech zombie that was the scariest resi-moment for me, and thats quite an achievement. And it had a nice train bit at the start. I like trains. RE4 though...is...something else...
  13. Well, I upgraded to 2.82 so I'm shit out of luck for the time being. Sony are being really clever with the PSP though, they're not releasing any games so that people like me (idiots with tiny memorysticks) will "upgrade" the firmware simply because there's nothing else to do on it.
  14. Just finished solo, but I've got no-one to play multi with. Not sure if I'll be on much over the next few days but feel free to add me and I'll play when I can. GT "Dan Classic". I really want to give co-op a go too so if you see me on my own feel free to slide in (unless I'm mistaken and that's not how it works). Be warned, I'm not very good.
  15. I'm getting scared. I was going to suggest you get Charlie Brooker to do a wee bit on your show just like he got people to do segments on his...Lovely stuff, made me feel all warm inside. Are the 'games' going up anywhere?
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