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  1. Right. It was the first one I ever saw. I didn’t know what to expect but thought it was absolutely brilliant. Been a huge fan ever since and don’t know how I’d overlooked 4 or 5 series previously. Really enjoyed the latest too. The only one that stands out as a disappointment to me was the Halloween special.
  2. Merde, I can’t believe this has happened. Thought they’d always be there really, periodically releasing masterpieces. Phillipe Zdar last year, now this. Stay tight Phoenix.
  3. Yup, totally agree. Like a lot of the best music.
  4. RAM for sure. I know Discovery is really popular, and it’s grown on me, but for me it was a disappointment after Homework.
  5. Always been Da Funk for me but right now it’s Touch. edit: Jinx!
  6. Listening to beef rapp while reading this thread and that verse kicks in exactly as I’m reading the same words from Cal’s post. Hehe..nice little coincidence anyway. RIP Doom - a big part of my hip hop (and music and art generally) journey.
  7. Email from Game - order despatched. Royal Mail 48hour though. Seems pretty random which courier you get and some are getting Royal Mail 24 hour. Humph.
  8. Oh, and in the last 5 minutes the ‘Cancel Order” button has disappeared from my 28/10 glitch Game order. Most exciting thing ever! edit: and payment has been taken.
  9. Woo - that Zatu order I placed this afternoon has been despatched for DHL delivery tomorrow. If Game come through too I will have a spare digital going at rrp for pickup in sw London.
  10. Anyone know anything about Zatu Games who claim to have Digital PS5 stock for delivery tomorrow?
  11. Yup, much discussion and consternation in the stock informer thread from those that ordered later, using the 'glitchy' method. I don't think anyone who ordered after 22/10 has had payment taken yet. Game have said that payment will be taken by the 18th (and also subsequently said 17th I think...???) so we'll see today.
  12. I’m sure it’s fine @Reynard. Your order status looks the same as mine. I expect they’re just being assigned couriers in some kind of order (date of order...location?) and ours will be updated soon. I think mine previously did state Royal Mail 48 hour but now there’s no mention of a courier.
  13. I think that’s right @Popo. I’m the same and have copied my saves for TLOU2, SOTC and RDR2 onto a USB so I can continue on the PS5. (then I realised my RDR2 is a disc copy and preordered PS5 is digital so I guess that’s not happening)
  14. I’ve read a few reports of people having success by leaving some kind of clicker app or extension running.
  15. Successfully snaffled a bundle from Game last week using the refresh trick but received an ominous email this morning with “Important information about your PS5 preorder” Nice to see others having success with this now.
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