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  1. I can absolutely see how a competitive hobby / club / sport would be the wrong step to take. I'm not the sort of person that craves manufactured pressures to win/ compete in my spare time at all. Why anyone chooses to do that to themselves is beyond me. I would say that having a hobby that requires physical exertion is a huge (and immediate) benefit to my mental health. To me, gaming and collecting distracts the brain and acts like comfort food (not a bad thing), but for as long as I'm not physically tired, my mind has energy to catastrophise. Although I'm learning ice hockey skills, i've no desire whatsover to compete - even recreationally. It's all about incrementally learning the skills, having a laugh (falling over a lot), getting absolutely shattered and looking forward to the next visit.
  2. I'm in the same position. After commuting for 20 years, I've been exclusively working from home for the past couple of years, with no sign of that changing. Puzzle and strategy games have always helped settle my mind, but it's taking up ice skating / hockey that has genuinely helped me most. 2 or 3 times a week I take myself to the local rink for and I get myself physically knackered and practice / have a lesson. There's a bunch of other people to catch up with and everyone encourages each other. If I weren't breaking my working week up with this.. replacing the work commute and banter... I'd be finding it hard.
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation / link for bulk boxes sized for shipping CIB original Gameboy games? I’m preparing to swap my collection down to cart only.
  4. I've great memories of playing through Burn Cycle on my CDI. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/burn-cycle/ It felt pretty awesome at the time... but the HG101 article has brought me to earth a bit.
  5. Thanks for the scan! The moaning about having to buy a copy of the game (god forbid!) is right at the top, just as I remember it. How funny to lead with that. And then to say ‘there’s a lamentable lack of freedom to your own criminal genius’….. I mean - what the? It is THE sandbox game that birthed them all. The review is worse than I remember.
  6. Does anyone have a scan / photo of the Edge GTA 3 review from the Halo issue? I half remember reading it at the time, and it was half a page of lukewarm text that absolutely fit the 6/10. Would like to read it again, because I (like others) consider GTA 3 to be the most groundbreaking game ever. I think the talk at the time might have been about Edge being miffed at not getting early, exclusive code to review. Would love to read it again to make sure, but it must be the most stupid review of all time.
  7. A really nice book for DMG cart collectors on kickstarter. Have backed this one (it's already met target). kickstarter
  8. And the button layout for both players is symmetric when it shouldn’t be.
  9. I used to hoover a fair bit of shit from ebay, bootsales and 2nd hand stuff from GAME. I stopped a few years ago thankfully. Like most people, I was starved of games as a kid. Picking up games easily was fulfilling the dreams I had as a kid and gave me a little buzz each time. Didn't play them much. Realising this made it easy to stop. I sold all my SNES apart from a handful of games that actually get me moist when I hold them. I kept all my gameboy carts too, as they only cost about 50p each, they are great for a blast, take up no space, and there's something really satisfying about a shoebox jammed full of GB carts. I'm still working on my arcade machine 'problem'... I've got a 4 cabs... but I'm convinced I'm done now. I've no desire for more and have started thinking about moving a cab on. Late 80s, and early 90's arcade gaming with mates is what I enjoy most about retro gaming - so I'm set up for that now. No way I'm getting into collecting PCBs. I'll make do with a couple of boards and MAME.
  10. Cool Bishi Bashi controllers. What's the yellow button for? I thought it was 3 buttons per player.
  11. This is one of my favourite cheat meals, and I'll have it when in a rush. It needs the parmesan (and butter). I think it's lush. yum yum!
  12. I get the same thing sometimes. Tv goes a bit crazy with interference, headset is ok. Turning the tv off and on again seems to fix it. I put this down to me having an ancient Panasonic plasma that’s fussy about hdmi strength, but maybe not if others have strange things happening too.
  13. zipper

    SNES Mini

    The latest Retroarch snes module seems great for filling the gaps where Canoe can't emulate properly (apart from the lack of rewind, which is fine). However, anyone else have this bug?: https://youtu.be/owULHM794Jc Basically - if you restart a retroarch save using the rewind button 'x' (e.g. because you thought it was a Canoe game)... it launches the game no problem, but then hitting reset doesn't give you the save icon to further save your progress.
  14. zipper

    SNES Mini

    CRT mode - especially for Castlevania, which wasn't supposed to look pixel perfect / like minecraft.
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