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  1. Buggered if I can find Celeste anywhere but I’ve got heavy shooty star showers this eve. Will be home from work shortly and can open up if anyone wants to have a hunt for her and wish on a few stars, hopefully get a few of the new astronomological ones.
  2. If there’s no others wanting it I’ll take this please.
  3. Cheers for the offer I’m ok though thanks, I’ll just keep checking the recycling bin. Plus it gives me something to keep on playing and checking in for.
  4. But then Gulliver wouldn't be able to get back to his boat and crew! And I'd miss out on his gift for helping him return safely. Gnome request please. Missing two to complete the set...Sleepy and Passionate. Starting from scratch on the blue roses @Daley . I don't envy you on that Best of luck! Which method might you be thinking of going with? My offer of a super turbo mega hybrid red rose is still available. Two of them give 25% chance of a blue.
  5. Kicks visiting for me again today, he was only just here the other day. Not had Redd or seen Celeste for ages and I even had light showers of shooty stars on last Sat and Sun with no sign of her On the plus side I do now as of today have 22 rusty parts collected. A few more months and that giant robot will be mine! Magazines on multi-buy in my Nook's today if anyone needs a bunch for crafting.
  6. Accepted. Will open up now for a bit, or just let me know what time suits later.
  7. Nips done gone up to 437 this PM if that's of use to you @tbb
  8. Mine are buying at 170 something this morning. Maybe is a start of a big spike for this aft/eve, not sure though as I've not been remembering to be checking faithfully super regularly. Will look and post again after midday if it goes mega.
  9. Yes, I was pleased to get not a wand also, for a change. What wasn’t so pleasing was when I arrived and the host rudely critiqued my lovely outfit
  10. I'll take this please. Already got the boots and helmet, so can complete the set with that I've got... Plain wooden shop sign Windflower fan Golden flooring Tree's bounty little tree Trophy case Kettlebell Pear rug Standard umbrella stand Cutting board Bamboo wall Log decorative shelves Hanging terrarium Golden toilet Western-style stone Barrel Cherry hat Shell arch Signpost Bonsai shelf Music stand
  11. Is anybody trying and struggling to grow blue roses and wanting a bit of cheaty help? I still got couple of the turbo hyper champion edition hybrid red roses I bred that have like 25% chance of producing the blues. I've got shit loads of blue so don't need them any more, but they were a mission to get bred so I didn't just want to bin them and now this week's rain has cloned them so now I got few more. Also still got all them orange/purple flowers waiting for @NexivRed if you're wanting them?
  12. Of course I give them gifts, they're my friends and I want them to have nice things
  13. Well, Dobie just gave me his photo... ...again. That’s a new one for me
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