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  1. Nothing yet revealed I don't think Redd here today, got fake Scary painting, Motherly and Mystic statues, plus real Graceful painting if anybody wants one of those.
  2. I also have Redd here today with fake Scenic, Academic, Solemn paintings and a real Mystic statue. You're welcome to pop over mine also some time @wev SW-7461-7432-8618
  3. I shall open up now. I’m just gonna be away watching telly, but feel free to stop and have a nosey about etc, help yourself to any of the DIY’s or whatever from Nook’s.
  4. Celeste here and heavy showers of stars. If anyone wants a visit give me a nudge.
  5. Which fishy you after? I want a couple more of the Barreleye for a model, but they don't seem to spawn very often
  6. I could rent you some storage space? 10k bells per item, per week. Discount negotiable for items that stack in one storage space. Items not reclaimed within agreed rental period are liable to be disposed of without warning.
  7. You still after this? Just seen and checked my post for the ones I’ve ordered and I have a couple of red. Light blue available today. Turnips at 473 here if by chance anyone has bought any.
  8. Chibi Robo and the official component video cable for me. Them Donkey Konga bongos I've been keeping are going to shoot up soon too I'm sure And this sealed must be worth at least a superyacht...
  9. Redd here with a real Common painting if anyone needs it.
  10. Yeah, that's spot on method for cloning. Plant it so that it's not touching any other colour variety of its same species in an adjacent space (including diagonally) water it each day and hopefully a clone will pop up soon. If you're getting loads you can plant a big bunch together as long as it's not two of the same species next to each other. Like this below was my hybrid cloning patch area back when I was farming them. The ones in the dirt what I'd planted and all that days new clones that'd spawned...
  11. No probs. I’ll flog it to the Nooks Just got the tool shelf in white or blue here sorry @Stevo Woohoo! Not a bad haul for a little bug hunting session…
  12. Weirdo! Stone axe FTW Flimsy/stone are functioning the same yeah @wev just the stone lasts longer. I go for them cause I can’t be bothered buying/crafting more flimsy ones. As said the proper one chops them down on the third hit and you might find it useful to leave a couple of chopped trees stumps about the island too BTW. If you’ve not got it yet then check out the Nintendo Online app for your phone/tablet. You can chat in-game if you’re visiting online with the keyboard. Typing in that is easier quicker than doing it in the game. Also can check your catalog for see what items you’ve had. Claim and redeem Nook Points for some special items only available through the app. 600 points I’ve collected now! Mayor Mori is a YouTuber who pumps out pretty regular vids keeping you informed of what’s changing and things to look out for, events etc. Also, still got this gold armour DIY card for @deKay
  13. If you're about and want to visit mine I can give you a nugget. Also you could grab the DIY's from the Nook shop to allow you to craft the tools needed to access the other areas of your island. Don't think we're Switch friends yet, but if you want add me and visit @deKay I've still got that gold armour DIY you were after.
  14. I does. Unless one of the residents nabbed it
  15. Welcome If you want to speed up the iron nugget collecting, rather than wait for your island rocks to refresh tomorrow you could complete some Nook Miles tasks to earn a bunch of them, then cash them in at the Nook Stop ATM machine thingy in Resident Services for tickets to go visit some mystery islands where you'll be able to smash more rocks for their materials and maybe get a different fruit than your native type for taking home and growing more different trees of. If you've got the Nintendo Online sub and want to visit one of us lot you can get a selection of all the other fruits for taking home to plant, plus other bits from the shops etc.
  16. Got Mr.Redd with... Jolly & Scary paintings - Fake Beautiful statue - Fake Mystic statue - Real Oh and DIY's... Gold armour Medium cardboard boxes Tiny library Golden flooring Iron doorplate Iron closet Shell arch Tulip surprise box Stone table Tree standee Pond stone Modern wood wall Tropical vista Bamboo flooring Tulip wreath Wooden-mosaic wall Mum cushion
  17. Just spotted there is a couple of Summer Solstice items availabe in Seasonal tab until the 21st.
  18. I've got up to step 4 completed ok and it's downgraded to 3.60, but step 5 "Install Henkaku" is giving me troubles maybe. I went in the browser to the henkaku site and selected the install options where it appeared to do its stuff. But I'm supposed to now have a molecularShell bubble on my home screen...I don't It seems to have installed the Henkaku though, as when I go into the settings it's showing now as Henkaku settings? Step 6 for installing Enso starts off with "launch molecularShell or VitaShell". I don't have molecular, but do still have VitaShell from one of the previous steps. Am I cool to just try carry on without molecularShell and use VitaShell?
  19. After her no show the other night Celeste is here for this eve's light showers of stars. Give us a nudge if you want to pop over
  20. I'll open up about 7:50/55. Shooty stars are due at 20:05, 20:06, 20:16 and 20:29 so try to arrive before then for wishing, or just don't arrive on those minutes and interrupt me wishing I could've missed her, but I just had a jog around and couldn't see Celeste nowhere 7461-7432-8618 is my Switch code @Stevo
  21. It’s yours! My art wing is full cheers, am just missing a couple of bugs now to get the whole thing fully stocked. Can open up some time this eve if you’re about to visit, just let us know what time. I am due some shooty stars this eve too with 4 sets arriving just after 8pm til half past. Not seen Celeste for a little bit so possibly she’ll be around. My boy Bruce completely secure with his masculinity
  22. Redd here with.... Motherly statue - fake Quaint painting - real Graceful painting - real Serene painting - real
  23. So I was thinking of picking up one of those little retro handheld machines for some portable fun, but now also saw this about how it's possible and apparently not too hard to hack a Vita for similar results. I've dug out my Vita and checked it's FW version and it's on 3.67. I saw some links to a vitahacks site some posts back, is it best to leave it on that FW and follow those guides? Only I saw this vid and he's saying to update to 3.73 first and then do the other bits... I've just got a 16gb card in it currently, but I'd be looking to get the microSD adaptor and chuck in a bigger card. Will my games and stuff on the Sony card stay safe through the hack process and be able to get transferred or redowloaded onto a microSD when I get that?
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