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  1. Thank HUKD - I got it from their pre-order thread
  2. If you go via Amazon Smile you can order... https://smile.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/DF93B094-A534-4D89-8DF1-8DEC008203D4?ingress=0&visitId=8593bd04-61c9-4562-8fef-1efbbcb90840 (Had to pick a charity or it wouldn't let me put it in my basket!)
  3. I've got the game installed on an external SSD on my PS4 for this reason, it does improve things quite a bit.
  4. I'm pretty sure they boosted everyone's gear up to a base level of 750 some time back, so I'm not sure what's happened there!
  5. I've been getting back into this a bit recently, finally finished off the Iceborne campaign a couple of weeks ago and over the last few days I unlocked the siege and have been trying to farm it for mats and weapons with randoms. With that and all the event quests I've got plenty to catch up on!
  6. I'm pretty sure the patch notes said on PSVR you can use a Dualshock to control the game. PC seems to just be motion controls though, unless they just haven't made it clear.
  7. Ah, well in that case I'm not sure, but try the ADS or fire buttons.
  8. Hold left trigger (I think) to display the element - works on the character screen too.
  9. Very odd! Have you completed the quest steps to unlock the first forge? I can't remember exactly what you have to do.
  10. The Cosmodrome in Destiny, all snow and rust and echoes of the collapse of humanity's golden age.
  11. Reveal next Thursday! (is this tweet in Cyrillic for anyone else? )
  12. TL;DR - Max effective power during each encounter will be limited initially to ensure people can't overlevel. The game will be made unavailable for two hours when the update goes live to give everyone a chance to get it downloaded.
  13. Hmm, I dunno. Starting at 15 below recommended would be tough but it doesn't sound impossible.
  14. I've hit this reasonably hard with my hunter and hit 683 yesterday, high enough to try tier 3 Reckoning once I've unlocked it. The new vanguard/drifter quest line seems to reward powerful gear too as you progress by the way. Scourge is definitely worth running if you get a chance, big power boost there.
  15. I tried to post my details earlier, but the website crashed and lost my response.
  16. Check the very top left of the map on the select mission screen - I thought it was bugged initially but I had just missed the icon!
  17. Decided to switch from Storm to Colossus for a bit for the last few levels to 30 while I helped my mate do the campaign, and quickly outlevelled my Storm due to Epic drops and a few Masterwork weapons that dropped including a grenade launcher. I think I experienced the start of those server issues trying to hit 30 before bed, as I got repeatedly kicked out of the expedition I started. Gave up and switched off in the end, only to be greeted by the PS4 system repair screen this morning...
  18. Yes, can confirm this is the case, you need to charge the shot to get the detonation.
  19. Never mind, we weren't to know! The GM1 stronghold was good fun though, challenging without feeling unfair, even at the level I was at (26 I think).
  20. Without giving anything away, you've got several tough encounters to go before you see the credits!
  21. Managed to do the sidequests in the Witcher quest last night, just need one more piece to build the Geralt set! Briefly tried the Ancient Leshen with randoms, didn't go too well...
  22. The weapon is a random drop from the final (wave 7) boss. Repeated killings of the final boss increases your odds of getting the weapon to drop, and you can now resume at wave 6 which makes farming the drop rather easier than it used to be!
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