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  1. Even if you do not count the fact you need 100 coins from every level to get a star (granted theres usually more then 100 in most levels, except one or two that only had 101-105 in the whole level) for the hardcore gamer at the time (or readers of N64 or waiting for something else good to be released) Mario 64 did actually save how many coins you got. So for the sake of completion you could search out every single coin. The similarity is in the fact notes are as vastly found as coins. They're hardly a problem to find.
  2. Thank you. I think the frames didn't matter. Talk about gameplay differences, charecter, music, controls, whatever else, but framerate is never an argument I'd say. Ever.
  3. See what thebigboss said. Notes were what coins are to Mario.
  4. I'm NEG If framerates really do that to you, well I'm sorry the frame rates "break the illusion and remove control from the player".I'm sorry, but that sentence is cracking me up. I've only once ever noticed differences in framerates, and thats when I went back to PAL games of the 90s (pre-dreamcast) and discovered games like Mario64 and Sonic 1 to be awfully slower then their recent re-releases. But, I'm perfectly aware that for some people framerates matter. So I cannot argue except to say to me it was never noticed.
  5. You needed 70 stars to fight the last Bowser battle in M64. You needed 94 Jiggies (and 880ish notes if memory serves) to fight Gruntilda. Even though the difference is vaster in more things you need, neither of these games were forcing you to do specific Jiggies. You want to know the one advantage M64 has? Having all your moves from the start, whilst the levels being like tests to see if you're learning those skills. It doesn't make it the better game.
  6. People who judge any game by the number of frames per second annoy me to hell and back. Nevertheless if you want this a graphics match BK had much more as stated in previous posts by other members. Are you saying also that Mario 64 is not a collect-me-doo? Wrong-me-answer. EDIT:Put on Mario 64 on the PAL console after playing the DS version. You will cry. (fraaaaaaames!)
  7. I rather it be called Banjo-Threeie as intended. (And as a running gag to the endings).
  8. I think if both Mario 64 and BK came out at the same time people would be praising BK more then Mazza. I think its because those who are judging M64 to be better is because, quite rightly, your first experence with that game is so amazing, so good and a first of its kind (at the time) that no other 3D platformer can compare to M64's first experence. But even gamers who were PSone owners and played M64 later on said they didn't see what all the fuss was about. M64 was more about getting us used to a new generation and having a excellent time in the process. If you compare BK and M64 side by sid
  9. Yes but that one is: A)Japan Only B)Full Retail Price C)Not Developed By THQ
  10. Wii Wiimote + Nunchuck Classic Controller Zelda Twilight Princess Rayman 4 That will be all unless Monkey Ball gives favorable reviews. Wario Ware just before christmas would be a damn great thing as well. Are there any Zoo Keeper-like games on the way?
  11. THQ confirmed a while back that they're working on Tetris for the 360, but it might or might not be for Live Arcade. I'm just scared of another Tetris Worlds, ergh.
  12. Achievement Unlocked! 5G - Hit the Pong Ball
  13. Earth

    Enchanted Arms

    Havent got the game yet but from reading other forums it seems that once you get an Golem named Omega every battle becomes a piece of cake due to an attack making enemies drop to 1 health. Saddening
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