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  1. My son packed Barnes, he was delighted. Quit moaning about icons you lot
  2. I’ve not played in the weekend league on Fifa 20 but tempted to do it on 19 next week to revive my Neymar and Mbappe strikeforce.
  3. I started PES myclub last night and was surprised when they gave me Maradona at the start. I’ve not tried online yet, just a few offline mode games. Having not played it in years it’s taking time to not play it in a fifa style.
  4. Not even those player pick rewards can tempt me to do the weekend league for the first time on Fifa 20. Going to give PES a proper go for a few days and see how I get on.
  5. @Mitchellmaking us all emotional with the memories of when we got to use real players in online team play
  6. Result! He’d spent £164.91 on packs but after escalating it with Microsoft all of it was refunded to his bank account. As a punishment he’s been made to buy the new football boots he needed with his own cash.
  7. I’ve requested a refund through them, will see how it goes
  8. Yep, he’s spent over £100 on packs Now I know why he’s not keen to buy new football boots with his bank card! I’m gonna see what the bank say but I’m not holding out much hope.
  9. Turns out my son (he’s 12) has spend loads of his own money on Xbox Fifa points, has anyone been successful in trying to get the money back?
  10. Didn’t take them long to take the SBC down but when it’s an issue with gameplay or rewards they drag their heels...
  11. Ben Yedder POTM is up. Get in quick and do the 86 squad as it’s got a glitch that means you only need it to be 80 rated. @Timmobeat me to it by seconds
  12. Retro Bowl by @sireadfrom here is out now on iOS/Android. 5 game trial for free and it’s only 99p to open up the whole game. Good wee game just like the New Star titles.
  13. His Xbox account will be the only way I get to use a TOTY player, I’ve kinda given up on my PS4 club after losing interest over Christmas.
  14. My son strikes again Premier league upgrade pack
  15. Yeah but if the options are available I’ll go with two holding midfielders. Quite like the look of TOTGS Partay to go alongside Vidal. I have FUTMAS Williams on the bench.
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